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  • 00 ielts speaking Part Topics in 2016, 2017 & Band 0+ Sample Answers

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    Band 9.0 Model Answer
    When it comes to an old thing I keep in my family, I want to talk about 
    the transformer that I got from my parents on my 10th birthday. 
    On that day, my parents bought me a transformer as a birthday gift. When I 
    opened the gift box, I was really astonished by what I was seeing in front of me. 
    It was an awesome transformer that I had been dreaming about for ages. The 
    moment I saw this transformer, I fell in love with it. It was pretty huge and looked 
    like a hip yellow car, and it could be shifted from a car to a robot action 
    figure and back again. The transformer had a really nice color scheme and 
    finish. And it came with a nice handgun like the weapon and different 
    accessories. It was super cool! And with the transformer, there was a card from 

    my parents saying, "Sweetie, you mean everything in the world to us and you are 
    forever the apple of our eyes. Happy Birthday! Love parents." I am telling you, 
    although I was pretty young at that time, those words impressed me a lot. 
    Until today, I still keep this toy. It has been over ten years since I got it. I love it not 
    only because of the toy itself, but also because of the sentimental value it has for 
    me. The value is irreplaceable. 
    Describe a creative inventor or musician
    You should say: 
    Who this person is 
    What this person does 
    How he knew this person 
    And explain why you think this person is creative 
    Band 9.0 Sample Answer:
    I’m going to talk about a musician/songwriter that I admire, called Adam 
    He’s also a singer who plays the guitar and writes his own songs. I think 
    he recorded his first album about 10 years ago with his band called Maroon 5, and 
    he’s released several other CDs since then. 
    He became successful after many years of writing songs and performing live in 
    small venues all over the country. Gradually he built a following of people who liked 
    his music. I think the key to his success was one of his songs that was used on a 
    TV advertisement. This meant that more people became aware of his music. 

    I found out about Adam because one of my friends got tickets to see him in concert. 
    I had
    n’t heard any of his music before, but I went along to the gig and really enjoyed 
    it. After that I bought the first CD, and now I’ve got all of them. 
    The reason I'm into Adam is that he has worked hard for his success: it takes years 
    of practice to become a good singer and guitarist, and he spent several years 
    playing to very small audiences before he became successful. I also like the fact 
    that he writes his own music. I admire people who have worked hard to get where 
    they are. 

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    00 ielts speaking Part Topics in 2016, 2017 & Band 0+ Sample Answers

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