• How is the disaster recovery planning associated with recovery point objective
  • Why low-latency network communication is required for High-Performance Computing
  • How can the ‘InterCloud’ concept bring a revolution in computing?

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    Cloud Computing
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    How can the ‘InterCloud’ concept bring a revolution in computing?
    Cloud computing has brought revolution but it is yet to reach its goal. In present-day scenario, multiple 
    vendors are offering cloud services being built-in either as proprietary or based on open technology. 
    But those services are not connected with each other. InterCloud or cloud federation concept talks 
    about establishing connection and communication among different cloud services from different 
    providers. The idea is adopted from networking system where network of internetworks built and 
    owned by different vendors eventually build the world wide internet system. 
    How is the disaster recovery planning associated with recovery point objective?
    Keeping apart the disasters, even a small network interruption can cause loss of data on transition. Or 
    storage failure can cause data loss if back-up is not ready. Hence, data becomes safe only when it is ready 
    with well-planned backups. But backup is not created instantly with generation and primary storage of 
    new data. Backup is taken periodically. What transpires if any disaster happens at the middle of such a 
    period? The data generated since the last back-up point gets lost. There is no way of recovering this data.
    System designers must take a strategic decision on how much of such data can be compromised 
    in case of disasters. The volume of such data is measured in time. For example, designers of some 
    system may decide that it is permissible to loss one business day’s data at the most. In such cases
    periodic backup must happen at each twenty-four hours’ interval. This fact is known as recovery 
    point objective (RPO) in disaster-recovery planning.
    Why low-latency network communication is required for High-Performance Computing?
    High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility is built over distributed computing environments. 
    Requirement of such system is to generate very high computing power for a relatively shorter 
    period of time. During such cases of high-performance computing, tasks execute in parallel at 
    distributed computing nodes and maintain direct communication with each other. This needs a 
    high-speed network communication path with very low latency so that computation does not get 
    disrupted due to slow network communication. 

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    How can the ‘InterCloud’ concept bring a revolution in computing?

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