• 19.6.2 Provisioning and Configuration
  • 327 chapter 19 Cloud Management and a Programming Model Case Study C

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    Cloud Computing
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    FIG 19.4: Three perspectives of cloud service management
    Business Support
    Customer Management
    Contract Management
    Inventory Management
    Accounting and Billing
    Reporting and Auditing
    Pricing and Rating
    Provisioning / 
    Rapid Provisioning
    Resource Change
    Monitoring and
    SLA Management
    Portability / 
    Data Portability
    Copy data-to-from,
    Bulk data transfer
    Unified management
    System Portability
    VM image migration,
    Application Migration

    Cloud Management and a Programming Model Case Study
    2. Contract management: Managing service contracts with customers may include the 
    negotiation, initiation and termination of the contracts.
    3. Inventory Management: This works to register the service or deals with the service catalog 
    management where all the service providers are listed.
    4. Accounting and Billing: Activities that come under this head are related to the management 
    of customers’ billing, like preparing and sending billing statements, processing received 
    payments, tracking invoices and so on.
    5. Reporting and Auditing: Auditing user operations and generating necessary reports also 
    plays a part in business support activities. 
    6. Pricing and Rating: Activities under this head include determining the pricing of different 
    cloud services after proper analysis, rating customers and plotting pricing rules based on 
    customer’s profile and so forth.
    19.6.2 Provisioning and Configuration
    Provisioning and configuration activities can be considered the core of all cloud service 
    management activities by the providers. Activities like SLA management and/or metering of 
    services also fall in this section.
    1. Rapid provisioning: This activity takes care of the automatic and rapid deployment of 
    cloud systems depending on the consumer’s request. 
    2. Resource changing: This happens when replacement of existing physical resource 
    component is required for repairing or up-gradation. Necessary adjustments in the 
    configuration are also required when physical nodes are introduced into the cloud.
    3. Monitoring and Reporting: This activity includes the monitoring of cloud operations, 
    monitoring virtual resources and generating reports about the system performance.
    4. Metering: Metering is one of the basic attributes of cloud computing. Metering of different 
    types of resources (like storage, bandwidth, processing etc.) at different levels of cloud 
    services are managed under this head. 
    5. SLA management: This takes care of different aspects of SLA contract made between the 
    providers and consumers like its definitions, continuous monitoring on the feasibility of 
    the agreements and ensuring the enforcement of SLAs according to defined policies.

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    327 chapter 19 Cloud Management and a Programming Model Case Study C

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