Kickstart File Generation Process

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Kickstart File Generation Process

  1. Copy the ks3.jar file to a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X machine. You must have Java Version 7 or higher installed.

  2. Check that port 8080 is available, and open port 8080 through the firewall. The target machine must be able to route through your network to the kickstart machine.

  3. Double-click the ks3.jar file.

  4. Select the appropriate version of Red Hat.

  5. Fill in the form with the following information:

    • Select the keyboard layout of the recorder server

    • Select or type in the timezone of the recorder server

    • If you have a corporate NTP server specify its IP address or fully qualified domain name. If you leave the entry empty the tool picks a suitable public server.

    • WARNING: Because good time synchronisation is so vital you must take care with this setting and test that it is working after installation.

    • Fill in the address and netmask for the first NIC.

    • Specify the address of the default router, which must be in the same subnet as the address that you specify for the first NIC.

    • Specify the hostname, preferably as a fully qualified domain name (e.g.

    • Specify the IP address of a DNS server

  6. Click Generate Script.

  7. Review the script carefully.

  8. (OPTIONAL) If you need to edit the script for any of the reasons below, check the Allow Edits box and make the changes.

  9. Click Run HTTP Server. You can test that the script is ready by using a browser on a different machine to connect to http://IPaddressOfDesktop:8080/ks.cfg.

  10. If you prefer to save the file, click the Save As button. You can then create a CD or DVD to store the ks.cfg file, or save it to a thumb drive if you wish

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