• Chromatography
  • Biomochemical substances
  • Dendrimers
  • Flotation-is the removal of liquid foam from a surface. Phytoalexins

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    Flotation-is the removal of liquid foam from a surface.
    Phytoalexins-are genotypic components and components that reduce the development of pathogens in plant disease systems.
    Phytoregulators- are natural and artificial preparations that affect the growth and development of plants without the influence of fertilizers and herbicides.
    Filtration- is the retention of the desired substance in the filtrate.
    Chromatography- is the transfer of substances onto paper.
    Growing of living- material in vitro under sterile conditions on artificial nutrient media. Growing of natural material in vivo
    Antigen- is a substance that the human body perceives as foreign or potentially dangerous and develops its own antibodies against it.
    Biomaterials- are artificial materials that are adapted to the cells and tissues of the body.
    Biomochemical substances- are the ability of an object or device to perform its function without causing adverse reactions in a living organism.
    The blood-brain barrier is a semiconductor barrier between blood and nerve tissue that prevents large or polar molecules from entering the brain and blood cells, including the immune system
    A hybridoma- is a hybrid cell (a line of proliferating cells) formed by combining two different cells to produce antibodies against B-lymphocytes and myeloma of cancer cells. Cell aggregation is mediated by membrane-disrupting agents such as polyethylene glycol or Zion virus.
    Dendrimers- are branched synthetic polymers with a symmetrical structure.
    Differentiation- is a process in which differences arise between the same cells and tissues, resulting in changes in tissues and cells as the body develops, resulting in the formation of specialized cells, tissues and organs
    Immunology- is a branch of biological and medical sciences that studies the body’s defense reactions, their structural and functional integrity, as well as their biological individuality.
    An implant- is a medical object (structure or device) that is surgically inserted into the human body as a prosthesis (replacing a non-existent organ) or as an indicator (for example, a chip inserted under the skin that provides information about pets). ).
    Macrophages-are a heterogeneous group of cells in the body’s immune system. Colloidal particles from blood and all cells capable of absorbing microorganisms

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    Flotation-is the removal of liquid foam from a surface. Phytoalexins

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