A. Public cloud providers  B

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A. Public cloud providers 
B. Private cloud providers
C. Hybrid cloud providers
D. Dynamic cloud providers
57. You are looking to create a fault tolerant colocation site for your servers at a cloud pro-
vider. Which type of cloud provider would you be searching for?
A. PaaS
B. IaaS
C. SaaS
D. BaaS
58. Which allows for the distribution of compute resources such as CPU and RAM to be dis-
tributed over several operating systems?
A. Physical server
B. Hypervisor
C. Virtual machine 
D. Virtual network
59. Which option describes a virtual machine (VM) best? 
A. An operating system that is running directly on hardware
B. An operating system that is running with dedicated hardware
C. An operating system that is running on reduced hardware features 
D. An operating system that is decoupled from the hardware
60. What is the physical hardware used in virtualization called?
A. Host
C. Hypervisor
D. Guest
61. Which component connects the virtual machine NIC to the physical network?
B. Trunk 
C. Virtual switch 
62. Which component acts as a distribution switch for the physical data center? 
A. Top of Rack switch
B. End of Row switch
C. Core switch 
D. Virtual switch

Chapter 1 

Network Fundamentals (Domain 1)
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63. Which is not a NIST criteria for cloud computing?
A. Resource pooling
B. Rapid elasticity

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