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    Server Configuration

    Utilising the hardware already available at OPOCE , the proposed configuration/solution is to use a SUN Fire SFx800 server and assign resources to each layer using the Solaris Resource Manager. The advantages of this configuration can be summarised as follows:
      1. Hardware Infrastructure

    The layers that constitute the system should be initially identified before distributing the available hardware resources between them. The first layer is the Application server, which will provide the Webtop interface to the clients. Furthermore, it can support any other enterprise components that will be developed with respect to the Plan-JO (e.g EJBs, JMS for the DEMED integration etc.). The next layer is the Content server. The Content server provides resources for the DocBroker and mediates all the requests of the Webtop to the Repository. The Repository conceptually consists of three distinct parts. The first one is the file repository itself, which will be hosted on the Content server and the metadata repository which will be stored in the Database server. Finally, the third part is the Indexes store. It holds all the indexes that will be build on the documents and they are used for the search capabilities of the system. A detailed illustration of the Repository is provided below:

    Figure 2: The Documentum Repository

    To provide the necessary resources for the above components, it is proposed to use two boards in a Sunfire SF4800 or SF6800 enclosures. Each one of the boards will have the following characteristics:

    • 4 CPUs Ultra Sparc IV+ running at 1.5 GHz

    • 4x8MB Ecache

    • 4 banks of 2GB memory options (16 x 512MB DIMMs, 8GB total for the board)

    It is proposed to separate the resources as presented below:

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    Hardware Architecture Document

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