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    Axborot xati konf. ADU, Mayers- Briggs qo\'shimcha, 36-qo\'shma qaror, 27.04.2022, Oila tushunchasi, uning turlari va shakillari, fHy1I56Pj1m1Sqci4f9q3e28B9S0AiBM, dars ishlanma, 11-21-ALGORITMIK TILLAR VA DASTURLASH, Мустақил ишни ташкиллаштириш, Иқтибослик учун, Документ Microsoft Word, Calendar plan-RAQAMLI VA AXBOROT TEXNOLOGIYALARI (2), статья, Исмаилова Н С , Шагазатов У У Жахон иқтисодиёти ва халқаро (1), A5
    Key words: equivalent, adequate, calque, free translation, borrowing;
    Sport (or sports) is all forms of usually competitive physical activity which, 
    through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical 
    ability and skills while providing entertainment to participants, and in some cases, 

    Volume – 5_ Issue-4_May_2022 
    spectators. Hundreds of sports exist, from those requiring only two participants, 
    through to those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, either in teams or 
    competing as individuals. 
    Sport is generally recognized as activities which are based in physical athleticism 
    or physical dexterity, with the largest major competitions such as the Olympic 
    Games admitting only sports meeting this definition, and other organizations such 
    as the Council of Europe using definitions precluding activities without a physical 
    element from classification as sports. 
    Here are the basic national games and amusements in Uzbekistan. 
    Ulak-kupkari. Ulak-kupkari is one of the most ancient equestrian games popular 
    among the peoples of Central Asia. From the emotional aspect this highly 
    spectacular performance can be compared with the Spanish bullfighting. 
    Traditionally, ulak-kupkari is held at holidays, weddings, in spring, before the 
    opening of the farming season, and in autumn, after the harvest has been reaped. In 
    the course of time this game has grown into a popular sport with its own rules, clubs, 
    federations and competitions. 
    Kurash - wrestling. The Uzbek kurash is one of the most ancient types of 
    traditional wrestling in the world and, probably, the most popular amusement in 
    Uzbekistan. There is no holiday in Uzbekistan that goes without kurash. This sport 
    does not require a special ground or a gymnasium. In the former times people were 
    wrestling on the ground, sometimes covered with carpets. The rules are simple and 
    democratic. Kurash is acceptable to both the young and the old. Holidays often 
    feature wrestling with the participation of grey-bearded old men.
    Sheep fighting. Since ancient times the sheep fighting has been an important part 
    of the Uzbek traditions. There has been no holiday that went without this spectacle. 
    The sheep fighting is an attractive and excitable performance. The spectators boom, 
    whistle and stamp their feet encouraging the contestants.
    Cock fighting. Cock fighting is no less popular than sheep fighting, sometimes 
    being even more excitable. Cocks of a special breed, specially trained for the 

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    Journal of new century innovations in all areas journal of new century innovations

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