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  • Oltin fond 2021, 1-son

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    Farhod Sultonov, Farruh Bozorboyev. O\'zbekiston hukmdorlari
    Summary of the Process. The process describes an apparatus and method for 
    depositing adhesives, conductive glues, solder paste, solder balls and other viscous 
    surface mount materials onto printed circuit boards (PCBs), flexible circuits, wafers 
    and other substrates. The process can accommodate preexisting surface mount 
    components and materials. The process comprises a stencil with two or more layers 
    and utilizes material reservoirs, relief areas and delivery apertures. 


    2021, 1-son 
    A stencil for applying surface mount materials is disclosed which comprises at 
    least two layers. The layers comprise at least one reservoir pocket and at least one 
    delivery aperture and may further comprise at least one relief area. The delivery 
    aperture delivers surface mount materials from the reservoir pocket to a surface. The 
    relief area provides clearance for preexisting components on the surface so as to 
    allow the delivery aperture to contact the surface. The reservoir pockets, relief areas 
    and delivery apertures can be combined within any number of layers. In a preferred 
    embodiment, the number of layers used is two or three, and the layers are made of 
    metal and manufactured by the processes of chemical etch, laser cut, or 
    electroforming. The layers can be aligned through the use of registration pins and 
    etched registration holes and attached to one another by means of an aqueous dry-
    mount solder mask laminate. The stencil comprises an upper reservoir layer with 
    reservoir pockets; a middle separation layer with relief areas and reservoir through 
    pockets; and a lower contacting layer with delivery apertures and relief openings. The 
    delivery apertures deliver measured surface mount materials from the reservoir 
    pockets to the surface by way of the reservoir through pockets in the middle 
    separation layer which connect to the reservoir pockets in the upper reservoir layer. 
    The lower contacting layer has relief openings which are connected to the relief areas 
    in the middle separation layer. The stencil for applying solder balls in a desired 
    pattern onto a substrate comprises an upper layer with at least one ball drop reservoir 
    aperture; and a lower contacting layer with at least one relief delivery aperture to 
    provide clearance for flux on pad sites on the substrate. 
    The method for depositing surface mount materials onto a surface is described 
    which comprises the steps of: matching relief areas in the stencil with preexisting 
    surface mount components on a surface; affixing the stencil to the surface; applying 
    surface mount materials to the stencil such that the surface mount materials fill 
    reservoir pockets in the stencil; and depositing surface mount materials onto the 
    surface through delivery apertures on the stencil, wherein the delivery apertures draw 
    the surface mount material from the reservoir pockets. 

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