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  • Chapter 2: Python Programming –

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    Chapter 2: Python Programming –
    This programming language can be installed on several operating systems. This chapter
    will discuss the installation procedures for three major systems: Unix, Windows, and
    For Linux
    Python is commonly a built-in program for most Linux devices. However, there may be
    some features that you want to apply but are not included on your original package. For
    this situation, you can conveniently use the most recent version of Python from its official
    For OpenSolaris
    If you want to install the latest version of Python on your OpenSolaris computer, install
    “blastwave” (you can get it from HYPERLINK “http://www.python.org”
    ) and enter pkg get python in the prompt box.
    For OpenBSD and FreeBSD
    For users of OpenBSD – you can go to the HYPERLINK “ftp://ftp.openbsd.org”
    website, click on “Packages”, and choose Python from the menu.
    That will give you the Python version 2.5.1.
    For users of FreeBSD – get the “blastwave” file from Python’s official site and then
    enter “pkg add i python in the prompt box.

    The Windows Operating System, unlike Unix, does not preinstall Python versions.
    Because of this, the development of Python compiled installers for Windows. They have
    released a corresponding Windows format for every Python version available.
    Since Python is still being developed, some platforms that were previously supported are
    no longer compatible with the language.
    The actual installation process for Windows is fairly easy. You just have to visit the
    HYPERLINK “http://www.python.org”
    website and click on the link that
    says “Installing on Windows.” Download the installer appropriate for your version of
    Windows and open it. Just follow the installation wizard to finish the procedure.
    If you need to get step by step instructions, just visit the Help page of the Python website.

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    Download 337.24 Kb.
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