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    Cyber Warfare and National Security Challenges

    UN cyber security index 2017

    India has been ranked 23rd among 165 countries by United Nations global 
    cyber security index – measuring country’s commitment to cybersecurity – 
    in the “maturing” category between the 50th and 89th percentile. The 
    “maturing stage” refers to the 77 countries that have developed complex 
    commitments, and engage in cybersecurity programmes and initiatives. With 
    higher score 0.683 India ranks one stop higher than Germany, which has 
    scored 0.679 while China is nine spots below India.

    Cyber Europe 2016
    On 14th October,2016, EUROPE concluded six months long 'Biggest ever' pan-European cyber-
    security exercise on. Engaging 28 EU Member States plus Switzerland and Norway, the fourth 
    annual exercise involved thousands of cyber-security experts. It was was inspired by threats to 
    critical national infrastructure (CNI), the internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing, using 
    threat vectors as diverse as drones, innovative ex filtration methods, mobile malware and 
    ransomware. The motto of the exercise is “Stronger Together” and the key to success is 
    cooperation at all levels to stymie transnational threats. 
    Ransomware attack 
    On 16th May 2017 the WannaCry ransomware attack hit about 150 countries globally, including 
    Russia and the US. In India, five or six isolated instances were reported in States like Gujarat
    Kerala and West Bengal; though any substantial disruption to country’s IT backbone was denied 
    by the IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan. 

    Events of Cyber Attacks

    In 1998, the United States hacked into Serbia's air defense system to 
    compromise air traffic control and facilitate the bombing of Serbian targets.

    In 2007, an unknown foreign party hacked into high tech and military 
    agencies in the United States and downloaded terabytes of information. 

    In 2009, a cyber spy network called "GhostNet" accessed confidential 
    information belonging to both governmental and private organizations in over 
    100 countries around the world.

    In October 2010, "Stunext" a complex piece of malware designed to interfere 
    with Siemens industrial control systems was discovered in Iran and Indonesia 
    leading to speculation that it was a government cyber weapon aimed at Iranian 
    Nuclear programme 

    July 2011, the US Deputy Secretary of Defense mentioned that a defense 
    contractor was hacked and 24,000 files from the Department of Defense were 

    In October 2012, the Russian firm Kaspersky discovered a worldwide cyber-
    attack dubbed “Red October,” that had been operating since at least 2007.The 
    from government 
    embassies, research 
    firms, military installations, energy providers, nuclear and other critical 

    In a major Cyber-attack in 2012,
    hackers advertised details of 117 million 
    LinkedIn users on darknet. 

    In 2016 Maharashtra Government claimed that railways IRCTC website has been 

    On 2nd January,2017 India's elite National Security Guard (NSG) website claimed 
    to be hacked by the
    Suspected Pakistan-affiliated operatives. 

    Glossary of cyber security terms

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    Reference note no. 35/RN/Ref./July/2017 For the use of Members of Parliament

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