• Zenodo and Open Aire in Europe, Cyberleninka in Russia
  • Main directions of the conference
  • Purpose and format of the conference
  • Time and place of the conference

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    Time and place of the conference: April 27-28, 2023 at Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi (in online and offline formats).
    Conference working languages: Uzbek, Russian, English.
    Articles and theses accepted for the conference will be placed in the international databases Index Copernicus in Poland, Zenodo and Open Aire in Europe, Cyberleninka in Russia, in the scientist.uz platform and will be indexed in the international search engine Google Scholar!
    Each article and thesis will receive a separate DOI number!
    Conference participants will receive a certificate, a reference on indexing, a voucher for 15% in the international scientific journal "Science and innovation", a PDF version of the indexed article! Conference proceedings will be published in electronic and printed form!

    Main directions of the conference

    1. Internet of Things IoT

    2. Artificial intelligence

    3. Big data and cloud computing

    4. Smart Grid Communication SGC

    5. Wireless and network

    6. Optical communication and network

    7. Computer and software security

    8. Network management and services

    9. Computer systems and means in public health and medicine.

    10. Satellite communication systems

    11. Ad-Hoc mobile networks and AdHoc sensor networks

    12. Intelligent transport systems ITS

    13. Digital signal and image processing.

    14. Smart city and social media design

    15. Remote sensing, geoinformation systems and applications.

    Purpose and format of the conference
    The purpose of the conference is to discuss the problems of widespread use of digital technologies as one of the priority tasks for the consistent socio-economic development of Uzbekistan. It is digital technologies that are the effective tool that can ensure the qualitative reform of economic sectors and spheres of public life. This will be the basis for a broad discussion of various issues of practical application of digital technologies..
    The report of the results of scientific work in the form of a presentation allows each speaker to demonstrate the results of their development at the exhibition. The format of the conference determines the exact start time and duration of each report.
    The most important task of the conference is to involve not only scientists and doctoral students in its work, but also students who are interested in the problems of introducing digital technologies, as well as commercial organizations that are ready to cooperate with research teams working on the creation of modern technologies and their design.

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    Time and place of the conference

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