Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizomi

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Finding information. Using reference material. Searching the internet efficiently

Tashkent State Pedagogical 
University named after Nizomi 
Department of applied 
psychology. 2 OTM 201 PS 
group Sadikova Mafrat. 

Finding information. Using reference material. Searching 
the internet efficiently 
1. Search concept; 
2. Information search; 
3. Information search by parameters; 
4. Image search; 
5. Search for music and movies; 

Search System ("search engine" in English) - immmmmm 
reba is a program designed to search for information stored 
on a computer, a computer network, or the World Wide 
Web. Internet search system is derived from Information 
Retrieval system. This system creates a keyword index for 
the database, and as a result, it is possible to display a list 
of results in response to a search query that includes this 
keyword. One of the advantages of a search engine is that 
is to find information or information in a short time from 
the computer memory and deliver it to the user. The main 
tasks and components of the search system are as follows: 
Create and update index (data structure in documents) 
Carrying out search queries 
Display the search result as meaningfully as possible, that 
is, in an understandable form 
Usually, data search is performed automatically, for 
example, Webcrawler on the WWW, and reading all data 
from a list of Indexes specified by the user on a separate 
computer. Search engine types Search engines can be 
divided into types according to several characteristics. The 
following symbols are selected as examples. It is not 
necessary to get all these characters when creating a new 
search engine. 
Type of Information Different search engines can search 
for different types of information. First, you can indicate 
the general type of data, for example, text, image, video, 
audio file, etc. Results are also sorted based on these types. 

When a text is searched, a part of this text with a keyword 
is displayed as a result. Source of information Another type 
of classification is the source of information found by the 
search engine. Often, the name of the search engine 
indicates the source from which it searches for information. 
Web search engine - searches the WWW for information 
Usenet search engine - searches for information on Usenet, 
a medium (tool) of discussions distributed around the 
Intranet search system - searches for information from 
computers in the internal network of a particular 
Desktop search engine - information from the database of 
a separate computer 
The concept of search on the Internet means that each user 
will have the opportunity to find the information or 
material he needs through special search engines. 
The Internet is an endless ocean of information. 
Information is stored on the Internet in millions of Web 
pages. In order to find the web page where the information 
we need is stored, we need to know its address on the 
Internet. But the Internet is enriched with new information 
every hour. Also, some (outdated) information will be 
removed from the Internet. Addresses of frequently used 
Web pages on the Internet are published in special 
directories. But you cannot get complete information from 
them. Because to print the addresses of all the Web pages 

on the Internet, a very large book is needed. By the time 
this book is finished printing, a number of addresses on the 
Internet will likely change. This problem was easily solved 
with the creation of special search engines. 
Internet users can search for websites located in the 
Internet environment, their address and internal 
information. This allows the user to effectively search and 
quickly find the necessary information. 
Search for information. 
The Internet is such an environment that it contains a lot of 
information in different forms and languages. In this case, 
the problem of finding the necessary information from this 
information arises. Every user on the Internet uses queries 
consisting of one or more words in Uzbek, Russian, 
English or other languages to search for information. That 
is, information can be searched by its title or words and 
sentences included in its structure. In this case, the user 
enters a word or sentence related to the required 
information into the search field of the Internet search 
system and the search system is launched. After that, the 
search system searches for information matching the word 
or sentence entered by the user and creates a list of them on 
the computer screen. Finally, the information in the list is 
reviewed sequentially and the necessary ones are saved to 
the computer. 
Search information by parameters. 

As we have seen, every user can search for the information 
he needs through the Internet by its topic and by the word 
or sentence in its content, but the information on the 
Internet is so most likely, the mentioned method may not 
work. In such cases, Internet search engines provide a 
number of additional search methods, such as: 
search for information by its language; 
data search by its type (text, image, music, video); 
data search by region
data search by the date of its placement; 
data search according to the Internet zone in which it is 
secure data retrieval. 
Search for images. Images are graphical or pictorial 
representations of information. There are many types of 
graphic data on the Internet, namely: drawing (vector), 
photo (raster), moving (animation) and compressed 
images. Such graphic data does not contain textual 
It can be seen from this that it is possible to search data in 
the form of a picture only by its name or type. Many 
Internet search engines have a separate section for 
searching information in the form of graphics or images, 
through which you can search for any type of image by 
name. For example, one of such search engines is shown in 
the picture below. 

Search for music and movies. In addition to text or image 
data, the Internet contains many sources of music and video 
data. Every user can listen to music, listen to the radio, 
watch TV programs or video films through the Internet. 
Radio broadcasting and television programs are broadcast 
over the Internet by certain systems (servers) that provide 
these types of services. It is enough to connect to this 
system to listen to the radio or watch a TV show via the 
Internet. But music and movies are stored as separate 
material on computers connected to the Internet. In order 
to listen to them, watch them or copy them to a computer, 
it is necessary to find them first. Music and video materials 
can be searched by their name or description, as well as 
graphic (picture) materials. In order to search for music and 
movies, enter the name of the material or a phrase related 
to its description in the search engine field and start the 
search engine. After that, the search engine creates a list of 
websites with music and video materials that match the 
entered phrase. 

The websites in the list are reviewed by the user one by one 
and the necessary materials are saved to the computer. 
List of popular search engines: 
1. Google – www.google.co 
2. Yahoo - www.yahoo.com 
3. Altavista – www.altavista.com 
4. Yandex - www.yandex.ru 
5. Rambler - www.rambler.ru 
6. Aport – www.aport.ru 
7. National search system - www.uz 
8. Vse.uz - www.vse.uz 

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Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizomi

Download 125,71 Kb.
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