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  • The State of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan and its development on the basis of it problems

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    Conclusions. Based on the essence of IT-entrepreneurship and its situation in Uzbekistan, the following conclusions can be made regarding its development:
    1.Entrepreneurship, which is considered an important direction of business, has a centuries-old history for Uzbekistan, but for many years it has not been significantly developed due to specific objective and subjective reasons.
    2.Today New Uzbekistan lags significantly behind developed countries in terms of organization and use of IT entrepreneurship.
    3.Due to the current state of the national economy, Uzbekistan is taking little part in the formation of a new economic order in the world.
    4.With the strengthening of market mechanisms in the economy, the necessary conditions are created for the further development of the IT-business sector.
    5.In order for entrepreneurs to fully demonstrate their abilities, freedom to choose the types of products and production methods, independent choice of cooperation, freedom to independently spend funds in areas that do not contradict the law, openness of the market, that is, goods, investments, etc. Economic freedoms are given, such as the burden of artificial holes for the movement of data, labor, and raw materials.
    6.Market infrastructure commercial banks, commodity, fund, labor, currency exchanges, commercial risk and property insurance, information and advertising sources, mass media, communication tools, expert bureaus, certificate centers, customs, tax authorities, arbitrations the availability of such infrastructure is ensured.
    7.The system of legal protection of business guarantees will be strengthened.
    8.For new enterprises, the government will give incentives for personnel training, loans, and tax payments.

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    Internet sites
    1.www.gov.uz- the government portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    2.www.lex.uz - National database of information on legal documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    3.http://vww.stat.uz - the official website of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    4.http://www.citforum.ru - an information site on information technologies
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    The State of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan and its development on the basis of it problems

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