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Airline Security
On Christmas Day last year, three months after the attacks on New York on September 11th, a group
of passengers was waiting to board a flight from Baltimore to Dallas-Fort Worth. One of the passen-
gers was a secret serviceman, who was on his way to guard President Bush at the "Western White
House" in Texas. 
Because he was a secret serviceman, the man was carrying a gun. He wanted to take the gun with him
onto the plane, so he had to fill in a special form. He filled in the form but he made some mistakes, so
he had to fill in the form again. He made some mistakes the second time too. The airline staff at the
check-in desk asked him a lot of questions. They also searched his bag. The man’s name was Walied
Shater, an Arabic name. His parents were from the Middle East. In his bag, the airline staff found a 
Airline Security


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book on Arab history. They asked him more questions. Mr Shater became very, very angry. The Secret
Service had confirmed that he was a secret serviceman and he did not know why the airline staff were
asking him so many questions. In the end they decided that he could not board the plane and he was
left at the airport in Baltimore.
There are many questions about this case. Some people say that Mr Shater was not allowed to board
the plane because he was an Arab-American and that, after September 11th, people of Middle Eastern
appearance are checked more carefully at airports. They say that this is not fair and that this is against
civil rights. The airline, American Airlines, says that this is not true and that Mr Shater was not
allowed to board the plane because he was angry and aggressive and because he made mistakes when
he filled in the form asking for permission to take his gun onto the plane.
Now there is a big discussion in the United States about this question. Some airlines now check pas-
senger lists for Islamic names and many people of Middle Eastern appearance have not been allowed
to board planes. The airlines say that this is for "security" but critics say that this is racist and should
not be allowed. It is a very difficult question.

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