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    Other Requirements

    1. Data Requirements

    DB-1: The information used in the Android application must be stored in the existing EDGE databases.
    DB-2: The data used must be consistent with the EDGE website application so they can be used together.

      1. Reuse Requirements

    RU-1: The components of the Android FACETS application shall be reused when adding additional tools to the application.
    RU-2: The session management section of the Android application shall be reused across all FACETS tools implemented in the system.
    Appendix A: Glossary

    • Moderator – The person who administers or controls the session.

    • Participant – A user that contributes to the session.

    • Problem Statement – The issue that the brainstorm session is generating ideas for

    • Session – A timed period for when users can enter ideas/needs. It is where all of the information is kept for the related topic.

    • Teaser – An idea that is used to spark users imagination to generated additional ideas.

    • Grouping – The phase where similar/duplicate ideas/needs are grouped together.

    • Node – An entry the user creates in a session. Can be a group, idea, need, etc.

    • Tool – One of the available FACETs applications users participate in.

    • Stakeholder Representative – Represents a user from a stakeholder group to generate requirements for.

    Appendix B: Issues List

    Bug_Tracker.xls – This is a list of the outstanding bugs that are left at the end of the project.
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    Other Requirements Data Requirements

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