Accessible apps for android devices

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Accessible apps for android devices

This is a list that was compiled by doing some research on the internet. We at BESB have not personally tested these apps for their accessibility using an android device. These results are from other blind users who have experimented with the apps.

You can download all of these apps directly onto your android device through the market app or by visiting Google play.

Navigation of this document

This document has been structured for easy navigation for screen reader users. Major sections are heading level one. Subsections are heading level two and the individual app names are heading level three. You can navigate to these using the quick navigation keys for your particular screen reader.

For JAWS users, when using quick keys in Microsoft Word, you will first need to turn quick keys on. You can do this by pressing insert Z. then you can navigate the headings by pressing the letter H. to jump to a specific heading level, do the following:

For headings at level 1 press 1

For headings at level 2 press 2

For headings at level 3 press 3

For Window-Eyes users, there is an app that comes with the program called wordNav. This allows for quick navigation of Word documents with headings, etc. to turn on wordNav press insert Z. to navigate the headings, do the same as you would for JAWS users as mentioned above.



An open source screen reader for Android devices.

TalkBack, KickBack, and SoundBack are apps for the Android Accessibility Service to help blind and vision-impaired users use their devices more easily.

You need to enable them by turning on the accessibility features on your device.


Works wih Talkback to provide braille interaction with braille displays and android devices.

Mobile Accessibility by Code Factory

12 accessible apps in one

Screen reader for android devices

Includes web browser

There is a 30 day trial available

Download for a fee through the market app

Digital Book Readers

BARD Mobile

Read NLS books on your device.

Go Read

Reads Bookshare books on your portable device.

Cool Reader

A free eBook reader.

Darwin reader

A free eBook reader designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired.


Buy, download, and read books on your device

The app itself is free

Ideal Group Reader

Read Bookshare books and more

Learning Ally

Read books from Learning Ally ( formerly RFB&D.)

Audio Books from Audible

Read Audible books on your portable device.

Requires paid subscription to Audible book service.

Education and Reference

Braille Tutor

Learn the braille code on your portable device.

Braille Helper

A simple app for learning English braille.

Google Translate

Translate words and phrases into different languages.

News and Information

NPR News

News from National Public Radio.

CNN News

CNN’s latest news right on your phone.

iBlink Radio

Listen to music, get news and information right on your phone.

From Serotek.

Independent Living Apps

Real Magnifier

Enlarges print and has the ability to take snapshots.

Your Magnifying Glass

Full-featured magnifying app.


Turn your mobile device into a magnifying glass.

Classic Sharp Talking Clock

Modeled after the classic sharp talking clock/calculator.

Download from the market for a fee.

Award Wallet

Keep track of all of your customer loyalty cards.

Color Identification Apps

Color Detector

A color identifier for the blind.

Color Blind Assist.

For those who have trouble with seeing certain colors.

Detects Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Purple.

Color Reader

Another good color identifier.

Color ID

Free Color identifier for the blind.

Recognition Apps


Take a picture of something and find out what it is.

Note: this app uses real people to identify your pictures so don’t send pictures of sensitive items. such as credit cards.

IDEAL Item Identifier

Barcode reader for identifying groceries, household items, etc.

Google Goggles

Object recognition and simple text recognition.

KNFB Reader

Scan and recognize text on your phone.

Download from the market for a fee.

See Say - Picture to Speech

Take a picture of text and hear it read aloud.

Money Identifiers

IDEAL Currency Identifier

Identify your paper money with your phone.

Darwin Wallet

Allows blind users to scan and identify money.

Health and Safety Apps

Guard My Angel

Automatically sends alerts to contacts in an emergency.

Uses the maps feature to give your exact location.

Travel and Mobility Apps

Talking Location

Just shake your phone to find out your approximate location.

Google Maps

Get directions to anywhere.

Talking Compass

Use if your device has an internal compass.

Walky Talky

Gives you turn by turn instructions as you walk.

Speaks nearby addresses as you pass them.

Intersection Explorer

Speaks names of streets as you drag your finger on the map.

Sendero GPS LookAround

Self-voicing GPS app for the blind.

Download from the market for a fee.

Around Me

Access points of interest around you.

Nearby Explorer

From APH, this app allows you to explore your surroundings while you travel.

Find points of interest and even transit stops for many metropolitan areas in the US and Canada.

Pick a point of interest and follow vibration feedback to that point.

Download from the market for a fee.

Text Editors and Utilities

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

There is a lite version and a full version which costs money.

Eyes-Free Shell

Provides one-touch access to many common functions.

Big Launcher

Make your homescreen easier to see and use.

Accessible Keyboard

Designed especially for the visually impaired user, this app makes the key you select a larger size and displays text in its own large print display.

Blind Accessibility Keyboard

Design your own custom keyboard so you can see it.

Includes special keys for editing and navigation.

Checkmark Calendar

Full-featured calendar app.

Quick Calendar

Places appointments in the notifications bar.

Free Accessible Contact Manager

make your contacts easier to access.


An app for taking notes and more.

Drop box

File sharing and storage.


Share contacts, photos, and apps by bumping phones with another bump user.

IDEAL Web Reader

An accessible gesture-based browser.


Gesture based browser from Mozilla.

K-9 Mail

An accessible email program based on the native Android app.

Enhanced Gmail Reader

Reads Gmail messages for you.

Aqua Mail

Easy to set up Yahoo, Gmail, and other popular email accounts.

There is a free version and a paid version.

Dictation Apps


Dictate and index your notes.

Download from the market for a fee.

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Use voice commands to send messages, dial numbers, etc.


Another app that lets you accomplish daily tasks with your voice.

Weather apps

Accessible Weather

Get accessible weather forecasts for anywhere in the world.

Weather Notification

Forecast and weather alerts.

Simple Weather Alert

Stay informed with weather warnings and watches.

Social Networking


The official Facebook app.


The official Twitter app.

Tweetings for Twitter

Another popular way to access your Twitter account.


A free twitter client.

Google Plus

Google’s social media app.


The official Linkedin app.

Entertainment Apps

Rock Lock Player

Simple media player for the blind.

Accessible Music player from Code Factory

An easy interface for playing your favorite tunes.

Download from the market for a fee.


Listen to your favorite music on your device.

There may be some subscription cost but the app is free.

Tune In Radio

Listen to radio shows on your phone.

I Heart Radio

Listen to live shows or create custom stations.

Amazon MP3

Stream or download media on your mobile device.


A memory game for the blind that is similar to the classic Simon game.


A fast-paced accessible game.

Download from the market for a fee.

More Information on Android Devices and Apps

More information on TalkBack and other accessibility features on Android devices:

More information on mobile accessibility

this is a link to the list of apps on the inclusive android site for people with disabilities.

This is a link to information provided by Google on the accessibility of their products:

Here is a link to Android Access, accessible apps and news for the blind and visually impaired: /

Note: Google offers a 15 minute refund for purchased apps. If you buy an app and decide it doesn’t meet your needs, you can get your money back.

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Download 48.91 Kb.

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Accessible apps for android devices

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