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Answered Questions (55)


1. Q: What date do we have to be in Konstanz for?

* A: Moving in dates with Seezeit will be 1+2, 5+6 October. OriPro starts on 7 October.

2. Q: I filled the OLA back then in July when I thought it was absolutely necessary to do before August 15th. The course list of Uni Konstanz wasn't updated back then - should I create another one now, or just keep the half-baked one (with invalid courses) and deal with it after arrival to Konstanz?

* A: As the Learning Agreement is a document required by your home university, we would recommend to ask your home university if they accept a updated version already now, or if you can do this later.

3. Q: What is the deadline for the Learning Agreement?

* A: There is no specific deadline. You should hand it in before you start your exchange at any time. Please note that this document is for your home university, so any question regarding this document should be directed to your home university.

4. Q: can we choose any date among october 1,2;5,6 ? or anyway how do we know ?

* A: You need to arrange this date with Seezeit, just like Frank explained. They will give you an appointment.

5. Q: How are we going to do the oripro if we have to stay in quarantine for 15 days?

* A(privately): We will stream and give you the possibility to interact online

6. Q: Will there be a tuition fee in the University of Konstanz?:)

* A: There are no tuition fees for exchange at the University of Konstanz. You only need to pay the social contribution fee of 90€.

7. Q: okay so i just send an email to seezit

* A: Exactly!

7. Q: what things include the 45€ payment in the residen e?

* A: All for the bed: pillow, douvet, sheets etc

8. Q: I juste joined the webinar. Do we are going to get back our deposit our deposit at the end of our "journey" in Konstanz?

* A: Yes, if your room is tidy and clean and there are no damages and open rents, you will receive the 500€ back. 50€ war always deducted as a service fee.

9. Q: How do we cancel the accommodation? Just send an e-mail to Seezeit?

* A: Yes, send an e-mail to Ms.Isele:

10. Q: thank you!

* A: You're welcome ;-)

11. Q: Is the OriPro going to happen in person or online?

* A: Both, Frank will get to this later :-)

12. Q: Is Revolut accepted as an EUR account or not?

* A: Wait for the next slide ;-)

13. Q: Does my bank account have to in German bank institute? Unfortunately, I cannot open the German bank account from abroad. I have the EUR bank account, but not by German institute.

* A: It does not have to be German, it only needs to have SEPA. Like those companies you see just now on the slide.

14. Q: Is it possible to change your bank account to a new one, once you´ve done the SEPA with Seezeit?

* A: Seezeit needs a bank account with SEPA for the whole semester, because your rent will be deducted from it. If you want to change it and it still has SEPA, you can inform Seezeit on your new bank account. But it needs to have SEPA to work out.

15. Q: I can't see the presentation. Is Frank reading more or less everythig that appears in it? Thanks

* A: This is odd... Does is depend on your browser or your computer maybe? The presentation should be visible...

16. Q: is it possible to work inside the campus ?

* A: As the university will still be in conditional on-side operations, it might be more difficult to find a job on campus. But as an exchange student you can work anywhere up to 450€/month. There will be one web seminar on this topic during orientation.

17. Q: Is there exist in Germany a website where we can buy things that people sell a second time (like a bycicle)?

* A: Yes, for example, or try to look for a group on Facebook like "Verschenks Konstanz"

18. Q: I think it is because of the internet. Don't worry, I'll watch it again when the recording is uploaded :)

* A: Okay, that is also a solution. At least Frank has a nice voice and we hope it is helpful for you now anyway :-)

19. Q: Will there be a Facebook group for Wintersemester created?

* A: Yes! I believe Frank will come to this point by the end of the presentation! :-)

20. Q: Hi! I made a WhatsApp group in case anybody wants to join :)

* A: great idea

21. Q: is it possible to access the career service at KonstanzUNi as an Erasmus+ student?

* A: Sure! There is one wonderful colleague who is dedicated in helping international students. I believe they are mostly working from home, but they also have online appointments. See here:

22. Q: What happens if I can't be present in Konstanz on the 7th?

* A: Why wouldn't you be present?

23. Q: Does the university deliver german courses for very beginners ?

* A: Yes, usually they do every semester. During orientation we will help you in finding the courses and after taking the German test you will find out which courses might suit you.

24. Q: Can you also show a (recent) certificate from a language centre at your home university?

* A: No, because the test is to find out which level would be accurate for a course here in Konstanz. It is related and they do not accept any other tests. I'm sorry!

25. Q: Before this Webinar, I understood that OriPro would be 300 Euros. It is free now?

* A: GO Konstanz is 300€ because of the intensive German language course. We had to cancel this program. OriPro is free of charge.

26. Q: Does the german courses bring some ECTS ? I didn't find 'em on the programme of courses of the university

* A: Yes, usually it is 6ECTS per semester. We will help you with finding the courses during orientation.

27. Q: Very random question but what is the average temperature in Konstanz? (in order to plan what type of clothes is clever to bring) :DD

* A: Haha, that's a good one! During Winter we very rarely have temperatures below 0°, but in November it is quite foggy and wet and cold. So bring a Winter Jacket (or just buy one here), but it is, in general, quite mild for German standards. October can be beautiful and quite warm still.

28. Q: My university ask me to fill the erasmus+ learning agreement before my arrival in Konstanz in fact

* A: Okay, perfect, so there is still time to do this!

29. Q: Are the subjects schedules uploaded yet?

* A: Did you already browse our course catalogue?

30. Q: Do all German language courses have the same number of ECTS? Because I don't know what to write in the Learning Agreement and I have to fill it in few days

* A: It is usually 6ECTS.

31. Q: So no cable connection in Seezeit accomodation?

* A: I think there are also cable connections possible and it might even be easier than wifi... But this really always depends on your residence and we do not have an overview of all apartments ;-(

32. Q: Where can I find official information about the hybrid organization of classes that I can send to my home university?

* A: You mean for each course? It should somehow be available in our course catalogue: If not so, you will learn more during orientation and with the exchange days with the departmental coordinators.

33. Q: Do I have to pay anything for the buddy programme?

* A: No! :-)

34. Q: I heard from different German friends that their classes are postponed to November... Is this also going to happen at Universität Konstanz?

* A: Yes, we have informed all exchange students on this quite a while ago. Classes will start on November 2nd.

35. Q: Thank you! Then I have a tricky question... does anyone have experience with Swiss carriers and their data signal in Konstanz? On the maps, I saw Salt has poor signal 1-2km behind the borders, Sunrise rather decent LTE and Swisscome good LTE/5G.. but they are only maps :)

* A: It often happens that you have swiss signal here in Konstanz "by accident". But I wouldn't count on always having a good signal in different parts of town. And i would suppose that it is more expensive than German tariffs, but I do not have much experience.

36. Q: Oops.. I missed this somehow! Can I find this info somewhere online?

* A: (a bit confusing, but you can see all changes)

37. Q: Do you recommend to have a German simcard for telephoning during the stay?

* A: Yes! Absolutely

38: Q: why is necessary sepa account?

* A: Seezeit needs to deduct the rent for your room monthly from your bank account. They are only able to do this with SEPA.

39. Q: If the lectures dont start until 2nd November, is there anything that we can be doing since the OriPro starts on 7th? Like are there any other activities scheduled inbetween

* A: We are currently still planning all those details, but yes, this is the idea! We will share more information as soon as the details are finalized.

40. Q: We were asked to send an excel file with the courses we want to take, in order to earn a spot in the class (exchange students may be favored to earn a spot in english courses). Do I need to register again for those classes?

* A: Yes, because the study proposal list for non-Erasmus and Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ is not a guarantee to join the course. You will have to register via ZEuS once you have the access codes that you receive on first day of OriPro (or quarantine)

41. Q: Will the end date of semester be affected by the postponed beginning?

* A: No, it will not, see here:

42. Q: I mean the general information that the winter semester will be conducted in a hybrid form. My university asks for this information before arrival.

* A: All non-EU must have received such certificate from us by email. If you haven't received it, please request it at:

43. Q: Do you also have to bring a tenancy contract from a private accomodation for this checklist?

* A: Yes! This is always useful.

44. Q: Can we connect to Eduroam Wi-fi before 7th of October?

* A: Yes, we are currently planning how we could provide you with eduroam before arrival, but unfortunately organizing this is a little complicated. We will get back to you about this soon!

45. Q: Do you know where this presentation will be available?

* A: Webinar will be available at:

46. Q: Do we have to bring IBAN bank details from our country? Or can we open a bank account in Germany?

* A: For Seezeit you already need to deliver your bank details (with SEPA). So it would be best if you could open the bank account before you arrive in Germany.

47. Q: I'm from Spain and here they cannot give us the results in English or German, what can we do?

* A: Please have it translated or make test in Germany directly after crossing border at airport for example

48. Q: Do you think that we have to enter quatantine if we aren't coming from a risk area?

* A: No, it is only for those who come from risk areas

49. Q: Could you please recommend an institution where the personal liability insurance is the cheapest to purchase?

* A: You can get one on first day of OriPro (will be in your welcome folder)

50. Q: Is it better to have a german phone number or an european one is sufficient?

* A: European SIM card should be sufficient. PLease check your tariff and maybe change it to a better one for use in Germany (no roaming fees etc)

51. Q: Do students from non-EU countries that hold TRP in EU country for study purposes still should apply for the TRP in Germany? As for my calculations the semester lasts for 4 months, right?

* A: I'm not quite sure, what TRP stands for... could you specify?

52. Q: Where can we register for the buddy program? :)

* A:

53. Q: bye bye thank you too

* A: Thank you Giovanni for joining the webinar. Looking forward to seeing you here in Konstanz soon ;)

54. Q: Temporary Residence Permit

* A(privately): do you mean the residence permit you have from Estonia or do you have one for study purposes in Germany?

55. Q: yes the TRP from Estonia

* A(privately): That only allows you to stay in Konstanz/Germany for 90 days (as tourist).You will either need to either apply for visa for study purposes in Germany for entire intended study period in Konstanz or apply for a residence permit for study purposes with us during OriPro. In that case, please upload proof of financial resources (853 EUR/month) to Mobility Online or send to us by email ( More info on financial resources here:

* A(privately): visa application at German embassy/consulate general in Estonia or apply for residence permit in KOnstanz
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56. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: without the second "our deposit"

57. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: what things include the 45€ payment in the residen e?

58. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: awesome

59. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Does health insurance cover the COVID-19 infection?

60. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: When transfering the mo

61. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: sorry

62. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: We cannot be the 7 at the university due to we will be on quarentine, right?

63. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I see. Thank you.

64. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I also may not be able to make it for the OriPro on 7th... is this an issue ?

65. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: *in winter

66. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: alright thank you

67. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar Q: how much is a corona test?

68. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: If I get tested at the Frankfurt airport and pay to have my results the same day, do I have to quarantine myself?

69. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: we have to arrive in Konstabz at leats 5 days before of the OriPro

70. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: In Belgium, there is no posibility to have an English test... Can I also give a Dutch test?

71. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: But does it have to be a official translate? We have the flight to Zurich, not Germany

72. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: if my country is not on the list of the risk area, would i still need to take a covid test before/on arrival?

73. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I am not coming from a risk area but during my travel to Konstanz, I have to pass by one. As a consequence, will I have to do a corona test when I will arrive in Konstanz?

74. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Are covid 19 tests after arriving in Konstanz mandatory for students not coming from a risk area as well?

75. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Would 15th of September be too late to cancel the accommodation? Should we email them before 15?

76. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: do i have to pay for health ensurance even if i come from europe?

77. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I am from Frankreich and there are only some regions which are rich areas. I don't go to them so will I have to enter quarantine?

78. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: If my country is currently not in a risk area, the covid-test should be made anyway, yes?

79. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Do you think there will be checks on the borders if I travel by car?

80. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: If I spend September on a non-risk country (that is, more than 14 days before entering Germany), but I usually live in a risk country, do I have to bring anything that proves that I've spent more than 14 days in a non-risk country?

81. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Frank, one question about the residence, we have to email them asking for the bed, pillow, etc.?

82. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: So if the authorities tell us that we have to quarantine for 15 days even though the test was negative, how are we going to do the Oripro?

83. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I heard there are Covid-19 tests for free at some airports. Is it also available for us?

84. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I cannot provide a test translated in German or English... Is it okay to give the Dutch result (from Belgium) and show a relatable translation site or so for translation?

85. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: If we decide too late not come, will we be able to sublet our rooms in Seezeit?

86. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Thank You for the answer! So just to clarify: if I come from Ukraine to Frankfurt, take a quick test and wait for the result, can I then come to Konstanz and don't isolate (if the results are negative)?

87. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Do you imagine how many cases there should be in a country that would mean that the country will be included in the list of risk areas?

88. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I come from Spain and they told us they can not provide us the results in english. Most of the spanish people flight to Zurich. Do you know if we can we take a test there?

89. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: can you translate for us the test results?

90. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: There is iformation that students from non-EU countries have to proove that they have to be in Germany and can't take courses online to get visa. But most courses are online. So what should we do in this case?

91. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Yeah, I already asked my General Practitionar organising the test...

92. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: There is a way, but we would have to ask to our embassy and they take 3 days to translate

93. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: I think you've mentioned that Seezeit arranges the test in case you come from a risk zone and have to quarantine in your room; do I have to pay for it nevertheless or is it free?

94. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Could you, please, answer this question: If we decide too late not come, will we be able to sublet our rooms in Seezeit?

95. (Delete; answer discussed in webinar d) Q: If you take the test in Spain they can only give you the results in spanish and it takes 2 days. And if we have to hire a translator it takes another day so it is not possible to take everything in time

96. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Frank we have to send an email to the residence asking for the bed, pillows and so on?

97. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: and if we are from a risk are, when do you recommend to arrive in Konstanz? I mean, 1 of october or arter?

98. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Ok, thank you!

99. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: Can you give us your email in order to fix the spanish thing of the results?

100. (Deleted; answer discussed in webinar) Q: thank you!

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Answered Questions (55)

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