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  • Brian S. Wilson Build and Release Engineer Configuration Management DevOps Engineer

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    Brian S. Wilson

    Build and Release Engineer - Configuration Management - DevOps Engineer
    Email: wilson96@comcast.net | Mobile: +1 (678) 232-9357 | Linkedin: brianwi1son
    1. SUMMARY:

    An accomplished engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry. Knowledgeable in the areas of automation, continuous integration/continuous deployment and configuration management. An innovative individual good at problem solving and troubleshooting to ensure goal achievement. Strongly motivated both as an individual and team worker to accomplish delivery goals on time and of the highest quality.

    Languages: C, Bash, KSH, PERL, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, COBOL, FORTRAN, Groovy, Terraform

    Operating Systems: Linux, UNIX, MS‑DOS/Windows XP/7/10

    Tools: AWS, Hudson/Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Subversion, Anthill Pro, CVS, PVCS-Dimensions, CMVC, Sablime, DDS, SCCS, Visual Interdev, Nexus, Jfrog Artifactory, AWS, Docker

    Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 49104

        • M.S. Software Engineering 3.76 GPA (Deans List)

        • B.S. Computer Science (Deans list)

    Additional Education

    Certified Agility Health Facilitator (AHF)

    489 - JavaScript for Web Development: Hands-On

    JavaScript and JSON: Integration Techniques

    470 - Developing a Web Site: Hands-On

    294 - Influence Skills

    BEA WebLogic Server 9/10 System Administration

    542 - XML: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction

    1. Professional EXPERIENCE:

    Insight Global (Georgia Tech. Research Institute) February 2019 – July 2019

    Environment: Linux (Redhat, AWS, Mesosphere DC/OS), Windows 10

    • As a member of the Infrastructure team, I was responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of the clustered working environment, load balancers, build servers, build agents, and the software tools and applications.

    • Designed and implemented the Jenkins CI/CD process. Configured Jenkins with user accounts, Git access using SSH keys, build execution with Agents on Mesosphere DC/OS with Docker images/containers.

    • Implemented Jenkins configuration backups to Git repository.

    • Documented the Jenkins backup and restoration procedures and created Wiki documentation for socialization to the Infrastructure team. Tested these procedure many times when resolving Administrative issues.

    • Used the Mesosphere DC/OS commands to manage containerized applications.

    • Evaluated the Electric Cloud Flow application in AWS and Mesosphere DC/OS environments for Continuous Delivery suitability. Began initial evaluation of Plutora CD application.

    • Chaired the weekly team update meetings to plan and resolve production configuration CI/CD issues and facilitate communications between Developers and Infrastructure team members on all mutual issues and resolutions.

    Anthem Insurance November 2017 – November 2018
    Solutions Engineer Adviser Sr.

    Environment: Linux (Redhat, Skytap, AWS), Windows 7

    • Designed, documented, and provided training roll-out for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process across the Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Strategic Provider System (SPS) projects.

    • Wrote documentation on work processes and procedures and created multiple Confluence pages for socialization to the teams. Organized DevOps related Confluence pages for easier access.

    • Performed manual audits of PLM and SPS user access. Managed setup of Avatar/SailPoint for SOX audits.

    • Defined and managed implementation of the SNOW ticket system user access form for PLM/SPS (streamlined the user access process for both projects). Documented the new User Access Request process.

    • Managed and socialized deployment support personnel list for monthly production deployments.

    • Assisted with user access debugging and supported users, managers and development teams as needed.

    AutoTrader September 2015 - September 2017
    Senior Software Engineer (Contractor: Veredus & Direct Hire)

    Environment: Linux (Redhat and AWS), Windows 7

    • Installation and maintenance of multiple Jenkins CI/CD build engines, and build debugging on in-house proprietary build engine as needed.

    • Wrote documentation on work processes and procedures and created training video documents.

    • Managed multiple Nexus artifactories including conversion updates.

    • Created, managed, and tested HA/HR Nexus artifactory and Docker instance in AWS environments with S3 bucket backups (VPC, IAM/Security Groups, Load Balancer, EC2, S3, ELB, Terraform). Performed testing and debugging of the environment with docker images, Text files, and executable files.

    • Scripted automated deployment process for Oracle team processing incoming revenue stream.

    • Support for users and development teams as needed.

    Short Term Contract Roles:

    Crystal Equation (at AT&T) July 2014 – Sept. 2015
    Build Engineer/ Configuration Manager

    Environment: Linux, Windows 7

    • Packaged applications (built using GIT, Subversion, and Jenkins or Hudson). and wrote deployment scripts for Tomcat, JBOSS, AJSC, and WebLogic servers in test and production environments.

    • Completed maintenance rewrite of the Linux packaging and deployment documentation and scripts to allow improved detection of failed operations and support RPM package creation.

    • DevOps Admin role required diagnosing Yum/RPM installation, configuration, and system maintenance of new and existing Build servers and associated software (i.e. Java, Jenkins, Maven, media transcoders, OS Updates, etc.).

    Ask Staffing (at ADP) March 2014- July 2014
    Build Engineer/ Configuration Manager

    Environment: Windows 7, Linux

    • Wrote scripts for Jenkins, automated deployment from Nexus repository to WebSphere server using the JASS interface for all environments.

    • Wrote an audit of all Jenkins jobs to ensure conformance to requirements; executed audits and modified jobs as required. Created Subversion branches and setup automated merge process from previous release to the new branch, extensively revised branching process documentation for clarity and accu­racy.

    • Debugged Ant/Maven builds. Documented the build and deployment processes.

    • Worked with VMware virtual instances on workstations for test­ing environment configurations.

    Bar Tech (at Verizon) Nov. 2013 – March 2014
    Release Manager

    Environment: Windows 7, Linux

    • Performed builds (using shell scripting and Jenkins) and deployments to test systems, used Mediation Zone to examine Workflow processes, administered the Subversion code repository, and updated the Jenkins plug-ins.

    • Analyzed the business processes and suggested improvements such as using Subversion’s external options to share source directories between overlapping releases, hook scripts to improve defect identification when committing code changes, wrote scripts to help automate the manual build processes and report generation.

    • Documented the build and deployment processes.

    Bridge2 Solutions June 2013 – Nov. 2014
    Build Engineer/ Configuration Manager

    Environment: Windows 7, Linux

    • Performed build executions using Jenkins, Subversion, and Git.

    • Responsible for JIRA, Jenkins, FishEye/Crucible, Agile, Confluence, Crowd, and associated plug-in administration and updates.

    • Documented the build, branch, tag, and merging process used in the product Lifecycle.

    • Setup Agent VM servers for Jenkins builds and configured Puppet for deployments of the build artifact to Tomcat servers.

    Northrup Grumman (at CDC) June 2012 – June 2013
    Configuration Manager

    Environment: Microsoft ASP/.NET development, Windows 7

    • Consultant (with security background check), to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of the Associate Director for Communication, Electronic Media Branch. Assigned to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the CDC web page and syndication process.

    • Documented the existing processes, evaluated improvements in tool usage, and recommended changes to business practices introducing the use of automated JIRA ticketing systems, and automated build processes.

    • Documented the Business Contingency Plan (BCP) plans and system diagrams.

    Isis Sept. 2011 – June 2012
    Software Configuration Manager

    Environment: Linux, MS-Windows 7

    • Created and executed automated builds using Subversion, Hudson, Maven, Ant, and WebLogic scripts and shell scripts.

    • Build artifacts were deployed securely using ssh keys and agents to the test and production environments.

    • Administered the Hudson and Subversion user accounts and documented best practices and procedures.

    • Trained new developers in work procedures relating to Subversion usage.

    Sita Setp. 2010 – Sept. 2011
    Software Configuration Manager

    Environment: Linux, MS-Windows XP

    Executed Builds with Maven and shell scripts, supporting the developers, maintained the Build and deployment documentation, and deployed using Artifactories, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), and WebLogic Server.

    DHL Global Mail (Contractor: Bi-methods & Direct Hire) June 2007 – Sept. 2010
    Software Configuration Manager

    Environment: Linux, MS-Windows XP

    • Executed Builds with Maven and shell scripts, supporting Java developers, and deploying using Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J).

    • Developed both shell and Perl scripts to update and audit the Subversion repository individual and group access control files.

    • Created scripts to build, distribute, and deploy java based product to the J2EE testing and production environments securing our environments with ssh key authentication.

    • Company switched to WebLogic and implemented our conversion in all environments.

    • Converted to a direct employee and became the sole Configuration Manager (CM); taking on the additional duties of the two other CM’s when the company downsized the department.

    Previous Experience Includes:

    Newisys July 2006 – July 2007
    Software Configuration Manager

    Environment: Linux, MS-Windows XP

    • Executed builds using Anthill Pro, with Subversion and Star Team source repositories and deploying on Tomcat servers, using an Agile and JIRA ticketing systems.

    • Scripted installation and sanity testing Cron tasks and performed manufacturing update orders for all systems.

    • Created and revised documentation for the SCM build activities and training for usage of Subversion.

    AMD (Contractor: Titan Solutions) Nov 2005 – May 2006
    Software Configuration Manager

    Environment: UNIX, VAX, Windows

    • I chaired the weekly Code Control Board (CCB) deployment meetings, preparing the agenda (list of deployable code change tickets) and minutes.

    • Exe­cuted project builds using WinCVS and Visual Interdev. I coordinate the activities of Devel­opers with releases to our Linux and UNIX testing and pro­duction envi­ronments. I also did various system mainte­nance functions such as maintaining log files, performing installa­tions to our produc­tion envi­ron­ments, and writing documenta­tion on procedures for these activities.

    Bell South Telecommunications Nov 1998 – Sept 2005
    Software Configuration Manager

    Environment: UNIX

    • As Team Lead on multiple projects my duties were planning, exe­cution, and documenta­tion of project builds, coordinating change documents to select source files (C, Java, etc.) for compilation (with Ant or Make), creat­ing executable code, shared or static libraries, and deployment to various test or production environ­ments.

    • Root cause fail­ure analy­sis was done if neces­sary. I coordinated releases with other projects and designed, ana­lyzed, and pro­totyped Build automation improve­ments for a 66% reduction in execu­tion time, and enabled out-of-hours Build execution and instal­lation with results reported via email or web page.

    • I documented SCM Support Team status at staff and project planning meetings, using SQL queries of the SCM data­base, and coordinated the activi­ties of the Sys. Admin. and DB Admin. team mem­bers to meet delivery goals.

    • I was Team Lead on replacing CMVC as our SCM tool, responsible for delegating tasks, and tracking and reporting project progress. Our team estab­lished acceptance crite­ria, reviewed off-the-shelf prod­ucts, and reported our selec­tion of PVCS Dimensions to the Departmental Research Directors.

    • We docu­mented lifecycles, user roles, change documents, work processes, training materials, and future improvements. Implemented SCM rules for our work processes and Change Request life cycle, loaded source files, authored (or reviewed and revised) all training documentation, and wrote and main­tain the SCM trigger (called by Dimensions to for special­ized tasks). Also wrote tools which accessed the Dimensions Data­base views to verify the Build Change Document Dependen­cies, and create needed Baselines and Releases. Work was recog­nized with a departmental award and compensation.

    • Was a member of the SCM Process Manage­ment Team (PMT), Train­ing PMT, and the SCM CMM com­mittee (seeking CMM level three acceptance). I’ve completed training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML/XSL coding; using this to create and maintain the Con­figuration Man­agement de­partmental web page.

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    Brian S. Wilson Build and Release Engineer Configuration Management DevOps Engineer

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