• CT 1314 - Sheet1 Multiple choice - Choose the correct answer from the following
  • Hot Replace Processor
  • Ct 1314 Sheet#1 Multiple choice Choose the correct answer from the following

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    CT 1314 - Sheet#1

    Multiple choice - Choose the correct answer from the following:

    1. The small company where you work needs to implement a second server for its accounting system, but does not have the funds to purchase another computer until next year. Which of the following is a solution?

      1. Implement Active Directory.

      2. Use virtualization.

      3. Change to IPv6 with NAT.

      4. Replace the x86 processor in the computer with an x64 processor.

    1. You are the administrative assistant for the Computer Science Department in your college, and they have assigned you to set up a small server to provide basic file services to faculty, staff, and students in that department. For example, faculty will use the server to post and receive class assignments. Which edition of Windows Server 2008 is most appropriate for this situation?

      1. Standard Edition

      2. Enterprise Edition

      3. Datacenter Edition

      4. Datacenter Edition without Hyper-V

    1. _______________ enables a Windows Server 2008 system to run more than one program at the same time.

      1. task managing

      2. power shelling

      3. micromanaging

      4. multitasking

    1. Which of the following can you accomplish with Windows PowerShell?

      1. Install software.

      2. View information about local user accounts.

      3. View a listing of files in a folder.

      4. All of the above.

    1. Your company needs to enable a feature in windows server 2008 so that it can identify computers on a network that do not comply with the security policies. Which of the following options offers enables this capability?

      1. Windows Server Simplicity

      2. Network Access Protection in Windowless Mode

      3. Windows Server Core

      4. GUI Mode

    1. Which of the following would you find in the Active Directory database?

      1. users

      2. shared printers

      3. groups of users

      4. computers

      5. All of the above

    1. Your IT manager wants you to set up three computers to appear to users as one powerful Windows Server 2008 server. What capability in Windows Server 2008 accomplishes this?

    1. merging

    2. NAPing

    3. gateway converging

    4. clustering

    1. A network consisting of one Windows Server 2008 connected to three clients with different operating systems. One of the clients has Linux operating system, the second one has Windows XP and the last one has UNIX operating system. Which of the following features help Windows Server 2008 to work with clients that have UNIX or Linux operating systems?

      1. Network Access Protection in Windowless Mode

      2. Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA)

      3. Power shelling

      4. None of the above

    1. _________is a platform of windows that supports "Hot Replace Processor".

      1. Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition

      2. Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

      3. Windows Web Server 2008

      4. Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition

    1. A Windows Server 2008 administrator wants to activate the Remote Desktop option in the server to allow other administrators located in different locations to access the server. Which of the following options can help him to configure Remote Desktop option?

      1. Virtualization

      2. Multitasking

      3. Server Manager

      4. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

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    Download 48.83 Kb.

    Download 48.83 Kb.

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        Bosh sahifa

    Ct 1314 Sheet#1 Multiple choice Choose the correct answer from the following

    Download 48.83 Kb.