• Summary
  • Programming under Windows
  • I use under Linux / KDE
  • 20.02.2000 - 17.04.2002: SimiGon Ltd. Windows-programmer
  • 02.02.1997 - 01.02.2000: ALORMAN Advanced Medical Technologies Ltd. Windows and Real time Programmer.
  • 12.1995 - 08.1996: Weizmann Institute. Software Engineer.
  • Military Status
  • Curriculum vitae

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    Vitaly Eremenko


    Software Engineer



    Made Alyah:


    The Identity Card:

    3 1073559 2


    3 / 4 Frug Shimon, Netanya 42234, ISRAEL




    Home: 09-832-9765, mobile: 052-432-5856 Preferable time 9:00-22:00

    Portfolio of my works in Hi-Tech see here: http://www.violtan.com/Vitaly/
    I would prefer job on a Part time or work from Home through the Internet.
    I search job place in Netanya, Hertzlia, Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Gan, Bney-Brak.


    • Web-Programming and design for sites. HTML4, PHP 4 / 5 with Object Oriented design, CSS , JavaScript, MySQL, SQLite,
      - Under Linux (SUSE10.x with KDE): KDevelop, Kate, NVU, KolourPaint, Gimp, Krusader, YaST, OpenOffice. I use Apache web-server for my sites.
      - Under Windows-XP / 7 Pro with .NET Framework: MS IIS web-server, MS Visual Studio .NET, Macromedia Dreamwaver, PHP Master Editor, Adobe PhotoShop.

    Programming under Windows : MS Visual C++ / MFC, Win API.

    • Programming in Real Time: Intel PL/M-86 MS DOS and IBM PC BIOS

    Work Experience:
    Since 09.2002: Programming for web-sites - server and client sides.
    Under Windows-XP Pro with IIS 5.x and Linux SUSE 10.x (KDE) with Apache web-server:
    PHP4 / 5 OOP, GD - Graphical Library, Perl 5 / CGI.
    For Internet Browsers (IE6, FireFox, Netscape Navigator and others): HTML4, CSS, JavaScript.
    I use under Linux / KDE: PHP4 / 5 with OOD, Apache web-server (localhost), KDevelop (analog MS Visual Studio), Kate, NVU, KolourPaint, GIMP (analog of PhotoShop), OpenOffice (analog MS Office) etc..
    Under Win-XP with .NET-Framework: PHP4, MS IIS 5.1 web-server (localhost), MS Visual Studio .NET (v7.0), PhotoShop.
    P.S. In my opinion PHP 4 / 5 can be applied as a part of projects with C# .aspx.
    I make manual HTML-coding to reduce web-pages size and loading time.

    My Internet-projects:

    1. www.Alvitan.com



    In all my web-projects:
    I use almost 100% manual code with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScipt, WebGL, SQLite DB
    My new version of e-Store will based on new SQLite internal embedded data base (fast movable to localhost or to some web-server with PHP 5.2x. All my web-projects are easy movable to any web-hosting with PHP4 / 5 and GD. I make debugging for all my code with localhost on my local PC before publishing on the real web-server.

    20.02.2000 - 17.04.2002: SimiGon Ltd. Windows-programmer:
    VC++/MFC, OOP, MS Visual Studio 6, VSS, GUI, STL, Grid Control, DLLs, Access, С++ Coding Standard of the Company. I worked in programmers' brigade with huge projects for training pilots and for analysis of results after real flights. Approx. 90% my code for GUI and program support for Access data base with flights data. I have created and debugged 15 DLLs with 120 VC++ and MFC-based classes.

    02.02.1997 - 01.02.2000: ALORMAN Advanced Medical Technologies Ltd. Windows and Real time Programmer.
    I have developed and debugged 6 projects with 95-100% my code, 30,000-50,000 lines in each (VC++/ OOD, MFC, Multimedia and Windows API libraries, My COM module) The projects under Windows-9x are include my code for Data Acquisition in Real time from 1-12 sensors on a patient body, Mathematical Statistics, Signal Processing, GUI and graphical output, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Cross-Correlation, Mathematical Regression, Data Smoothings, Calibrations of sensors on a Signal to Noise Level etc. My code for Data Input via port RS-232, Game Port (Joystic), and also Standard NIDAQ Laboratory card for data Acquisition in a Notebook PC. As a visual bio-feedback (with OpenGL) I have created Multimedia object modules for management of sensors on a body (choise and commands on/off for sensors, calibration signals etc.). I have used COM and Multithreads, Windows Sockets, TCP / IP, MMI API, VC ++ / MFC 6 classes, Win32 API.
    P.S. ALORMAN Start-Up company has been closed in Feb-2000.

    12.1995 - 08.1996: Weizmann Institute. Software Engineer.
    I have developed 100% and debugged 4 Projects (20,000-30,000 code lines in each on Borland C++ / OWL / OOD with Win32 API ). The projects make processing and GUI for Experimental raw Data in Neurobiology Laboratory. I have applied methods of Signal-Processing, FFT, cross-correlation, Data Spectrum and other methods of Statistics and Mathematics.

    07.2003 - 09.2005: Real time programmer in R.Z.G. advanced Techonologies Ltd. (in Israel).
    I have continued projects for Robot-duplicator of records on floppy-disks. Almost all my code in Intel PL/M-86 and BIOS-Int for x386 processor. Latest version on C++ / OOD. I have developed and debugged code for 52 hardware special input-output ports with 6 IRQs My code managed of all exact mechanics and electronics of Robot: Loader, Sorter, Step-motors, Magnetic heads, Mini-LCD etc.
    This Start-Up company has been closed in 1995.

    08.1974 - 02.1993 Russia (USSR), Grozny, Industrial and Research Institute of Automated Control Systems
    I worked in positions from programmer to manager of programmers brigade.
    Last projects in C, PL/M-86 and Assembler.
    My part of work was in Real time data Acquisition, processing and pseudo-graphical User Interface. We made alyah in Feb-2003 before war in Grozny (with Chechnya).

    Permanent Self-Education up today.
    1981 - 1984: Russia. Institute of Industrial Automatization in Grozny. Scientist Degree in Automated Control Systems.
    1978 - 1981: Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Industry. PhD in Mathematical modeling of technological processes on computers.
    1967 - 1974: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Postgraduate degree (Engineer) in Theoretical Astrophysics.

    Military Status: none in Israel, chief lieutenant in Russia.
    Languages: Russian - native, Hebrew (talk-read), English (read-write).
    I have recommendations from RZG Ltd., Weizmann Institute, Alorman Ltd. and SimiGon Ltd.
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    Curriculum vitae

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