• The Msbatch.inf
  • Installing with Msbatch.inf
  • Setup.exe switches
  • Creating the Msbatch.inf
  • Deploying Windows 98 using Batch 98 and Infinst exe Table of Contents

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    Deploying Windows 98 using Batch 98 and Infinst.exe

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents 2

    The Msbatch.inf 3

    Installing with Msbatch.inf 4

    Setup.exe switches 4

    Creating the Msbatch.inf 5

    Microsoft Batch 98 5

    Batch.exe Options 5

    Gather now 6

    General Setup Options 6

    Optional Components 6

    Internet Eplorer 7

    Advanced 7

    Network Option 7

    Infinst.exe 8

    Examples of using INF Installer 8

    Custom.INF 9

    Multiple Machine-Name Save 11

    Msbatch.inf Issues 12

    The Install section of an INF 12

    Adding a Registry entry 13

    Copy files with batch installs. 14

    Custom Network Card Install 15

    Custom Network card Installation for older Legacy Devices 16

    Appendix - Sections of Msbatch.inf 17

    General System and Network Settings 17

    PROTOCOL Sections 19

    Redirector Sections 19

    Optional Components 19

    Adding Printers 20

    The Msbatch.inf

    Msbatch.inf may be used to configure almost all portions of Windows 98 setup for use in corporate environments. Many portions of Windows 98 may be modified using the Msbatch.inf. The settings that can be modified may include network settings, installing protocols and services and installing optional components such as communications and disk tools. These settings help to standardize Windows 98 installation on multiple computers, as in corporate environments. Batch setup settings may also be used to restrict user choices during setup.
    The following is a list of entries that are documented in the Windows 98 DDK that are common to Batch installs.

    Type of INF File Section


    Type of INF File Section


    INF file header.

    The standard header for all INF files.

    Delete Registry sections

    Deletes subkeys or value names from the registry.

    ClassInstall section

    Installs a new class for a device

    in the Class section of the registry

    on a Windows 98 machine.

    Disk Names section

    Identifies and names the disk(s) that are the source of files that are copied to the hard disk during installation. Also names the files that are on each of the installation disk(s).

    Update Autoexec.bat and Config.sys sections

    Manipulates lines in the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files. Note: Some Windows 95 Config.sys settings do not work, such as addDevice Files, Stacks, and Buffers.

    Install sections

    Identifies the other sections in the INF file that describe the resource requirements of a device and which add entries to the registry, copy files, etc.

    Ini File to Registry sections

    Moves lines or sections from an INI file to the registry, creating or replacing an entry under a specific key in the registry.

    CopyFiles sections

    Names the files copied from the source disk(s) to the destination directories during device installation.

    Update Ini File sections

    Replaces, adds, and deletes entries in an INI file.

    Rename Files sections

    Names the files to be renamed when they are copied from the source disk(s) to the destination directories during device installation. Also gives the new filenames on the destination directories.

    Update Ini Fields sections

    Replaces, adds, and deletes fields in the value of a given entry in an INI file.

    DelFiles sections

    Names the files to be deleted from destination directories during device installation.

    Strings section

    Defines one or more names that represent a string of displayable characters.

    Add Registry sections

    Adds subkeys or value names to the registry, optionally setting values.

    Note: The most commonly used entries are documented on Page 11, Common Msbatch.inf Issues.

    Installing with Msbatch.inf

    Windows 98 no longer uses either the Netsetup directory structure from Windows 95 did or Windows 95’s Netsetup program. The network install is now accomplished by copying the contents of the Win98 directory from the Windows 98 CD to a share on a server.

    Steps to install:

    1. Copy the Win98 folder to a share on a server

    2. Create the appropriate inf file(s).

    3. Place all infs in the setup directory or on network boot floppies.

    4. Run Setup on a test machine to make sure the inf does what is desired.

    When running Windows 98 setup with an inf file, by default the warning to remove floppy disks before Setup restarts the computer does not appear. Be sure all floppy disks are removed from drives before starting setup or after the copy files process has started.

    By default, Setup.exe searches for the file Msbatch.inf and uses the settings it contains. To use another inf, put the path to the file after Setup.exe on the command line.

    Setup.exe switches

    Below is an example of a command line argument used to run setup.
    \ /is /iq /iv

    Note: /IW is not necessary anymore because the ShowEula= setting in the [Setup] section of a msbatch.inf file disables the EULA, End User Licensing Agreement.
    When installing Windows 98 with a Msbatch.inf script there are many cases where input is required, one of which is Scandisk. In order to get past these screens without input, the /is and /iq Setup switches may be used. Batch installs cannot suppress some other Windows 98 setup dialog or message boxes, (for example, not enough disk space).
    /IS – Tell setup to skip running ScanDisk. It is recommended that disk maintenance software is run prior to Windows 98 setup. (Warning: running setup without conducting a Scandisk first may be potentially dangerous since there will be no disk integrity check.)
    /IQ – Skip check for cross-linked files

    /IV – Do not display the setup billboards. While the billboards do not require any input, they do take time to load and may make setup take longer.

    Some setup switches that are valid in Windows 95 may not be longer available.

    For more information on other Setup switches please refer to the Windows 98 resource kit, Chapter 2, “Setting Up Windows 98”.

    Creating the Msbatch.inf

    While creating and modifying the Msbatch.inf file may be done manually, and is some times necessary, Microsoft has supplied two tools designed to simplify the process -- Microsoft Batch 98 and INF Installer (Infinst.exe).

    Microsoft Batch 98

    Batch.exe is a tool that makes it easy to create Msbatch.inf files to automate the Windows 98 Setup process. To install Microsoft Batch 98, run Setup.exe from the Windows 98 CD \tools\reskit\batch directory. Each of the System Settings configures a different area within the inf file.

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    Deploying Windows 98 using Batch 98 and Infinst exe Table of Contents

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