• Introduction
  • 1. Supported Platforms
  • 3. Fixes and Improvements
  • 4. Known Issues and Limitations
  • Digi JumpStart™ for Windows Embedded ce 0 R3 Feature Pack 1

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    Digi JumpStart™

    for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 Feature Pack 1

    Release Notes


    3 February, 2011

    © 2011, Digi International



    This document provides information about the Digi JumpStart™ Kit Feature Pack for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3, for the ConnectCore™ family of embedded modules.


    This document contains these sections:

    1. Supported Platforms

    2. Features

    3. Fixes and improvements

    5. Known Issues and Limitations

    5. Support Contact Information

    1. Supported Platforms

    The BSP supports following hardware platforms:
    · ConnectCore™ i.MX51 (PN CC-MX51-CE6)

    · ConnectCore™ Wi-i.MX51 (PN CC-WMX51-CE6)

    · ConnectCore™ 9M 2443 (PN CC-9M-CE6)

    · ConnectCore™ Wi-9M 2443 (PN CC-W9M-CE6)

    2. Features

    2.1 Installer

    Easy installation process that allows to backup the previous installed sources:

    · New features for Digi JumpStart™ Kits
    2.2 New features

    · DbgConsole driver

    o Command prompt will be available on the serial port used as ‘console’

    · BusEnum driver

    o Enhanced BusEnum version for finer control of the boot sequence

    · ROM only File system support

    · Support for HR_LCD on CC-9M-CE6 and CC-W9M-CE6 modules

    · Support for console variable in Windows CE to select debug console interface on the CC-9M-CE6 and CC-W9M-CE6 platforms.

    · RS485 support added to serial port driver (COM1:)
    2.3 Support for new module variants (i.MX51 only)

    Here the list of additional variants that are support now.

    · 55001445-02

    · 55001445-04

    · 55001445-05

    · 55001445-06

    · 55001585-03

    · 55001585-04

    · 55001585-05

    3. Fixes and Improvements

    3.1 Fixes

    · Fixed NVRAM video variable parsing

    · Visual Studio 2005 Documentation minor type error fixes

    · Fixed iDigi Add-In that shows duplicated DeviceIDs if device has several network interface

    · Fixed issue with C# applications using Serial class functions and baud rate higher 115200.
    3.2 Enhancements

    · Wi-Fi driver update for CC-WMX51-CE6

    · Updated i.MX51 display structure to make it easier to add new displays

    · ADC driver changed several function names to improve readability

    · Wi-Fi driver update for CC-W9M-CE6. Implements Rx Calibration.

    4. Known Issues and Limitations

    · It has been observed using the BusEnum2 driver that when the serial drivers are configured to synchronous boot mode exceptions occur on the serial driver.

    5. Support Contact Information

    For any technical support related questions about your development kit, please contact the Digi technical support experts:
    · Digi Technical Support Web Site


    · Online Support Forum


    · Online submission of questions/issues


    Download 23.75 Kb.

    Download 23.75 Kb.

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    Digi JumpStart™ for Windows Embedded ce 0 R3 Feature Pack 1

    Download 23.75 Kb.