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4.2.2Obtainable indicators

When analyzing the given website, the first look should be devoted to the history of the website and its description, time of loading, authority and trustworthy in “the eyes” of the search engines, amount of the indexed pages, amount of outer links to the website as well as amount of the referrals from social networks, etc. All of those indicators are easily obtainable online and are widely used for the assessment of competitors’ websites.

One of the things to look at is the history of the website. It starts from careful choosing and obtaining the domain name. It is easy to check the date and the time of the creation, as the general information about the domain is public and easy obtainable through the Internet.

Though speed of the modern Internet allows not paying attention to the overall “weight” of the webpage, or graphics in particular, anymore, it is however still important to pay attention to the loading speed of the website. For the estimation of the loading time I have used the Internet connection provided on Vinarska Halls of Residence by “99 Voice and Data Services”1; the Aneta system website2 claims the speed of Internet to vary with 100Mbit at most.

The other easy obtainable online indicator is the website ranking among the other portals in the search results. For example, Google PR is one of the algorithms of page ranking. Every page is being assigned a numbered indicator, showing the “importance” of the webpage in comparison to others. The more links from other “authoritative” resources the website has, the better, the higher the PR ranking is. The number of the assigned ranking can vary from 0 to 10, but the exact meaning and the algorithms of the calculation is not spread by Google.

But not all of the pages of the website may be taken to the search engine index due to various, sometimes not stated, reasons. Therefore, the amount of indexed pages indicator shows how many pages are taken into account by Google bots. It does not reveal as much information as other indicators, but just might indicate the problem with search engine filtering pages with not unique content, for example.

Links and referrals are also connected to the “trustworthy” of the website – the more links from big and frequently updated portals with unique information, the better. This includes referrals from social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and LiveJournal. If the information on the website goes viral, it is possible to spot it through a rapid increase of external links and referrals.

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