• 6.1Sample overview
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    6Websites assessment

    Profiling of the international retailor companies’ sample is due to the just mentioned limitations restricted to the publically available and obtainable information1. Nevertheless, it gives an opportunity to have an insight on the general characteristics of the websites.

    6.1Sample overview

    Websites of eight top personal computers producers were taken as a sample for the investigation. Market, separated between Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba is being watched closely, as the competition is tight. The figure2 below illustrates the market share held by vendors in personal computer shipment. The data is ranged from first quarter of 2010 to first quarter of 2013.

    Figure : "Global market share held by leading PC vendors"

    As it is seen on the graphic, Hewlett-Packard is leading in the amount of personal computer shipment if the first quarter of 2013, closely followed by Lenovo. The middle place in the amount of shipment is taken by Dell and Acer, both facing slight decline in the shipments. And the last place is shared by Toshiba and Asus, slowly increasing their sales.

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