Diploma Thesis

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7.4.1Gantt chart

To graphically illustrate the plan of “Living in Brno” website improvement from the current condition to the defined by goals amount of popularity, refer to the Gantt chart below.

As the first step to be taken is the definition of goals, it is planned on the upcoming month. The thorough assessment of the competition should start at the same time as goals definition, as according to the theory of differentiation, one should take into consideration and surpass the advantages of competitors. Analysis of the website overlaps the creation of the sitemap. As it was pointed out in the analysis of general indicators, to increase the amount of pages in the search engine index, the owner should submit a sitemap of the website. It is an important step to increase trust to the website from a search engine.

Define goals

Assess competition

Analyze website

Create sitemap

Update content

Encourage involvement

Monitor success

Task / Time






Table : "Gantt chart"

Content update is scheduled on the time with the estimated least activity of visitors. As have been stated before, the target audience has its features that need to be paid attention to, for example, as international students visitors would be least interested in the website during summer holidays. Along with the content updates comes encouragement of visitors to take part in the development of the website by suggesting places for a review, rating and interacting on the Facebook page. In August international students are already aware of the place of their destination and search for the available information online. September is the month of monitoring performance and success of implemented changes, as well as time of setting new goals.


“Living in Brno” blog was taken for the overview of website analysis process. Alongside with monitoring visitors of the blog, general obtainable indicators were taken into consideration. Analysis has revealed that interest to the website is totally dependent upon the holiday’s schedule, as main visitors are international students. Overview gave an opportunity to create a list of recommendations for the improvement of the blog, illustrated by the Gantt chart spreading the tasks for the next five month.

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