Diploma Thesis

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This Chapter is aimed to serve as the general introduction to this thesis, reviewing the essence and modern concept of marketing and establishing the connection to online marketing concepts.

1.1Modern concept

Marketing – a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others” (P. Kotler, 2005 p. 6)

What is to understand under the term “Marketing”? Many wrongly consider it to be solely sales and advertising. Truth is, sales are only the tip of the marketing iceberg and one of its numerous modern concepts.

Marketing appeared as a respond to the need to provide more close control over the sales management of the enterprises. Formation of marketing as a science started at the beginning of XX century as a subject in leading US universities, making the main focus on commerce and advertising. The result of practical implementation of marketing theory was the creation of the marketing department in large enterprises to conduct marketing research and provide services.

The modern concept of marketing implies a wide range of functions, along with sales and advertising, targeted on a deeper understanding of the cause and gaining of effective result. The chart of the core marketing concepts (P. Kotler, 2005 p. 6), shown below, illustrates the way all the marketing concepts are interlinked between each other, forming the closed circle, the general concept of marketing.

Figure : "Core marketing concepts"

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