Executive meetings

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A new Executive Committee was elected at the last AGM held on March 26th 2006, and officially took over office on April 20th 2006.

The Executive Committee meet once a month at the Milliken Park Community Centre which is provided to us at no charge. Our thanks go to Gord Glynn, Recreationist, Parks & Recreation, Toronto, for his assistance in accommodating us with excellent boardroom facilities for our meetings.
Thanks to all the members for their continued support in 2006. The past year has seen our membership grow from 432 members in April 2006 to an astounding number of 516 members as at the end of December 2006 and applications for membership continue to come in at a steady pace.

We record with regret, the passing away of our members – Bertha D’Costa, Stan Nunes, Rita Dias, Jacinto Fernanades and Amro Fernandes. We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the deceased.

TEGSA thanks the City of Toronto for making the facilities at the Commander Recreation Hall available to us for holding our events.

Toronto - Kanadaning sharqiy qismidagi shahar. Ontario provinsiyasining maʼmuriy markazi. Axoliyey 2,4 mln. kishi (2001, shahar atrofi bilan 4,6 mln. kishi). Transport yoʻllari tuguni. Ontario koʻli sohilidagi port, okean kemalari ham kira oladi.

The Recreation Hall is fairly large and allows us to comfortably accommodate most of the members interested in attending our events. Our special thanks to

Fiona Young, Manager Commander Hall, and her staff for their cooperation and assistance at all times. A special thanks to Netto Noronha for all his help and assistance with the arrangements at Commander Hall.

The City of Toronto has given us a grant of $2,000 for the year 2006, which is required to be used within the framework of the City’s policy and guidelines.

The Income and Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet for 2006 are included in the AGM package. Our thanks to our Treasurer Valentine Viegas in handling all the finances including the membership fees and to Max Menezes for his time and assistance to Val in reviewing and finalizing the accounts. Our thanks also go out to our Auditors Pelagio De Souza and John Barretto for auditing the books.

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The Executive would like to thank all members, volunteers, and generous donors for their overwhelming support and attendance at our events creating memories of fun and laughter. 2006 has been an extremely successful year for TEGSA with sold-out events – we couldn’t have done it without you! Your continued support to the Association is greatly appreciated.

A special thanks to Vicki D’Souza, our Social Secretary and her sub-committee for all their hard work to ensure that all the events ran smoothly, everything was on schedule and organized to perfection – what an amazing team! Thank you to all those who danced and sang at our events. We certainly hope that you enjoyed in participating as we were happy to have you join us! And what would our functions be without great music – a very big THANK YOU to Francis D’Souza and his band FOCUS for their most enjoyable and lively music and to DJ Godfather for their excellent toe-tapping tunes – all this provided free of charge at most of our events WOW!

(a) Dinner Theatre – May 4th 2006
The newly elected Executive’s first event a dinner theatre held on May 4th 2006 at Commander Hall was a resounding success. A sold-out event, more than 200 members and guests were treated to a scrumptious dinner served by our new executive and a host of volunteers.

Social Secretary, Vicki D’Souza, then introduced the main event – a live, long hour performance entitled ‘Popcorn Princess’ sponsored by the Wishing Wells Lions Club. Shawna van Omme &

Kevin Etherington of the Smile Theatre held the members spell-bound with their acting and singing which included old favourites such as ‘Moonlight Bay’. The Smile Theatre Company has been bringing professional musical theatre to seniors in Ontario for over 30 years.

(b) Anniversary Dance – May 27th 2006
Elegant, entertaining and enjoyable best describes TEGSA’s 2nd Anniversary dance. Over 230 people graced the festive evening at the Empire Banquet Hall to enjoy a scrumptious 8-course sit-down Chinese dinner and music provided by Focus Band and DJ Godfather.

Our chief guest for the evening was the Hon. Bas Balkasoon, MPP for Scarborough Rouge, who President Al Andrade thanked for all his guidance and support. In his eloquent speech, Mr. Balkasooon brought greetings from the Government of Ontario, on behalf of the Premier Dalton McGuinty. He emphasized the Government’s strong commitment to the seniors and encouraged members to get involved and support the political process in the province. He was very happy to meet and mingle with many of his constituents in the gathering.

In his welcome address, President Al Andrade reiterated his theme for the next two years – ‘Working together as a family’- “We must do all we can to develop our Association’s family spirit and enthusiasm and a desire to share our many blessings. We must then bring these ingredients into a position of organized action, which we do so well” he said. He commended the founding members for their tireless efforts and remarkable contribution in laying the foundation of TEGSA. The President also extended a special welcome to the Presidents of our sister senior associations and expressed the possibility of working together in some projects.

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“One of the main keys to the future of our Association is our ability to attract and develop dedicated members to our executive. I feel privileged to be working with a dedicated group of professional men and women who readily give of their time and talents for the Association” said President Al and he then introduced members of the Executive and their spouses. The ceremonial cutting of the anniversary cake by President Al and his wife Jean followed, to the tune of ‘Congratulations’. Our two MCs Vicki D’Souza and Charles Fernandes did a remarkable job in keeping the spirit lively.

(c) TEGSA Annual Picnic – July 23rd 2006
Our annual picnic held on July 23, 2006 at Miliken Park, Scarborough, was a huge success despite the inclement weather. Warm sunny weather gave way to heavy rains when all gathered under the huge rented shed to enjoy a delicious potluck lunch of biryani, goan sausages, masala chicken and other delicacies. The rains stopped and the glorious sun came out for all to enjoy games of marble and spoon race, mixed throw ball, and mini bowling and two free games of Bingo.

A picnic is never complete without a sing-a-long and a group of enthusiastic musicians – Francis D’Souza, Brian Feldman and Evelino Braganza showed off their talents. Dancing followed to the music provided by DJ Godfather and everyone went home very happy.

This year we hosted the picnic and invited the 55 Plus West End Seniors to join us. Next year the West End group will host the picnic.

(d) Fish Curry Nite – September 8, 2006
After a short summer break, Commander Hall reopened to a sold-out event – the Fish Curry Nite, was a fun-filled evening complete with true authentic goan fish curry, rice, spicy fried king fish, mixed vegetables and fruit trifle.

To top this all, entertainment was also provided - and cultural dances of Dekhni and Lancers were performed by our TEGSA Group and our Young Adults followed by solo singing performances in Konkani and Portuguese and exhibition dances like the Merengue, & Cha Cha Cha. Live music provided by our acclaimed goan musicians and D.J. Godfather kept everyone hopping on the dance floor.

(e) Karaoke Night – September 22nd 2006
TEGSA seniors were elated as they were enthusiastically treated to a musical stroll down memory lane by Fit As A Fiddle. The group led by Margot Glatt opened the evening with an exercise session to upbeat live music. With her positive attitude and vigorous enthusiasm, she was soon able to captivate the audience and get them all participating.

The Sing Along that followed evoked a lot of memories of yesteryear, which was evidenced from voices that came from all corners of the hall. The old favourites which were made famous by the legendary divas, like “You are my Sunshine”, “Que Sera Sera”, “She’ll Be Coming Down The Mountain”, were delightfully rendered by three professionals with live fiddle and guitar music.

TEGSA this night saw a new Elvis in Victor Hilary D’Souza. Truly a great night to remember for TEGSA members ………. the beat goes on………

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(f) Mixed Bowling Extravaganza – October 29, 2006
What Fun! Such Excitement! Great Atmosphere! These and similar sentiments echoed the feelings of 60 enthusiastic bowlers as they enjoyed the first Mixed Bowling Extravaganza for TEGSA members. This as a ‘members only’ sold out event as 60 players participated in a 5 pin – 12 lane – 3 games of 10 frames each Bowling Competition at the Markham Bowling Centre. Rented exclusively to TEGSA, members took full advantage of the lounge facilities, the cash bar, and enjoyed the delicious Haka Chinese dinner, Halloween chocolates and of course, the bowling.

Winners of the tournament were: Tony Fernandes, Doreen Mendes, George Siqueira, Flavia D’Souza and Audrey Pereira and each was presented with a bottle of wine. A prize was also awarded to Rose Fernandes – the highest lady scorer. Random lucky numbers were drawn and winners were given gifts. Markham Bowling presented a collectors cap to the first two bowlers who made a strike and the winners were Doug Fernandes and Anthony D’Souza.

A special thanks to Charles Fernandes our executive member for organizing such an enjoyable evening and by popular demand we are looking forward to a repeat in 2007.

(g) Comedy Night – November 17th 2006
Well over 200 patrons attended the “All you Can laugh” Comedy Night held on November 17th 2006 at Commander Hall, to have fun, to laugh and be merry. The evening started off with a very tasty Thai dinner served by our lovely lady volunteers, and music provided by our members Jerry Luis, his wife Eva and Anthony Saldanha.

Our star performer, Mel Collie, with his banjo by his side, kept us in stitches of laughter. Mel, also a talented musician, entertained the crowd for over an hour with his jokes and banjo playing. Mel Collie emigrated from India some 53 years ago and is not only a talented musician, but also a resident comedian at Herongate Theatre in Pickering.

The floor was then opened to members wishing to entertain the crowd with jokes of their own, followed by Bingo and a raffle with name brand appliances offered as prizes.

(h) Yuletide Serenade – December 1st, 2006
TEGSA helped us get into the spirit of Christmas with an evening of fun, enjoyment and carol singing on December 1st 2006. Ho! Ho! Ho! Even Santa did not want to miss such a fun evening and made his appearance with his sack full of goodies.

The evening started off with a delicious goan meal of sorpotel, pulao, turkey and mixed vegetables, and followed later in the evening with a generous serving of caramel custard and hot apple cider. Members had an opportunity to purchase some authentic goan sweets and pickles which were on sale at the Goan Bazaar.

The entertainment got off to a flying start with performances by the well known Canorient Choir and a group of TEGSA members and young talent who specially formed a choir for the yuletide serenade.

The enticing music provided free of charge by FOCUS and DJ Godfather had everyone on the dance floor and asking for more!!

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(i) Christmas Dance – December 16, 2006
Nostalgic sounds of Christmas Carols, flickering candlelight from the tables, and Christmas decorations in red and green welcomed the members as they entered Kally’s Banquet Hall for TEGSA’s Christmas dance.

After the grace led by TEGSA’s first President, Claude Gomes, the evening began with a sit down meal with two complimentary bottles of wine at each table.

In his welcome address to a capacity gathering of 300 members and guests, the President Al Andrade thanked the members for their active participation, enthusiasm and involvement. “I have been in a unique position to personally see the sacrifices made by the members and their families, who give unselfishly of their time and talents to ensure our success” he said, and especially thanked each member of the executive for their innovative and creative ideas and for their sincere dedication and commitment.

Members applauded the Executive’s decision, when the President announced that they had sponsored 300 nutritious meals to the needy and destitute people at the Good Sheppard Ministries in Toronto, to coincide with our Christmas meal.

The Ramblers provided the music with old hit songs and new favourites interspersed with rock and roll and jive numbers. More than thirty prizes were given away during the evening. The MC Aelred Pecus did an excellent job of keeping the spirits and mood lively. A special volunteer of the year award was presented to Angela Coutinho by Social Secretary Vicki D’Souza.

A big thank you to Zena Vaz, our Cultural Secretary and her sub-committee for their hard work and excellent organization in bringing together the cultural events for 2006 and to all our members for their attendance, support and assistance at all the events.
(a) Mega Whist Drive – May 11th 2006

A very special thank you to Joe Lobo and Christine Rodrigues for their help and assistance in organizing the Mega Whist Drive held on May 11th at Commander Hall. The evening started with dinner and this was followed by whist. We had an excellent attendance of 150 members for a total of 30 tables for the Whist. The evening was a huge success and enjoyed by one and all.

(b) Ladainha (Litany) - October 20th 2006

The beautiful tradition of the Ladainha was celebrated on October 20th 2006 for an attendance of approximately 100 members. Thanks to Bruno Saldanha for leading the ceremony with pomp and solemnity. The Litany was sung in Latin and the hymns sung in Konkani. The musicians consisting of Anthony Saldanha on the guitar and Jay Franco on the violin and keyboard led the choir and the congregation through the beautiful evening of prayer and Rosary.

In keeping with tradition, members were served a plate of boiled gram and coconut followed by a scrumptious snack plate. Bingo and Whist Drive were then enjoyed by all.
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(c) Mass for the Deceased Members and their families - November 3rd, 2006

Over 135 members gathered together to pray for the deceased members and their families on November 3rd 2006. We were privileged to have Fr. Edwin Gonsalves, Director, Office of Catholic Youth, Archdiocese of Toronto, celebrate the Holy Mass for us. President Al Andrade placed a Memorial wreath at the foot of the altar and lit a memorial candle in memory of our dearly departed members.

The outstanding choir comprising a professional two piece band of Ligia and Jimmy Van Rosi as well as some very talented TEGSA members led the congregation in song and prayer that set the solemnity for the evening. Mass was followed by bingo and whist. An appetizing snack plate was served to all.

(d) TEGSA helps the less fortunate

In the spirit of caring and showing love and concern for our under privileged brothers, TEGSA sponsored 300 meals to the needy and destitute and less fortunate people at the Good Sheppard Centre in Toronto, to coincide with our Christmas dinner held on December 16th. We also put together for

St. Vincent de Paul hampers and a gift voucher for needy families.
All of this was made possible with the hard work of Zena Vaz, our Cultural Secretary – a special thanks to Zena for coordinating this effort.


Our trips Coordinator, Hilda Vitor and her sub-committee organized three enjoyable trips, all of which were excellently organized with attention to the smallest detail. A special thanks to Hilda and her team and to all the members for their attendance and support. Keep tuned in for more in 2007!!

(a) Niagara-on-the-Lake’s “High Society” - June 25th 2006
A glorious morning greeted the 37 TEGSA members as they boarded the luxury Can-Ar bus at Agincourt Mall on Sunday June 25th, 2006 and headed for Niagara-on-the-Lake. After a brief prayer for a safe trip, everyone participated in a game of Bingo. A free draw was held for two donated prizes – two tickets to the Blue Jays Game and a hamper of Niagara Wine and mini Greaves jams.

The bus arrived just in time for lunch at the Festival Theatre Atrium. After a group photograph outside the Theatre, members were treated to boxed lunches of gourmet sandwiches, salad, fruit, baked cookies and non-alcoholic beverages. There was enough leisure time between lunch and the Play for everyone to pick their favourite activity such as a walk along the lovely flower-laden boulevard, shop for jams and mouth-watering pastries or just relax under a shady tree – some even played Bridge!

At 2:00 pm all the members were comfortably seated as the curtain rose to “High Society”. Members got involved with the story line, laughed heartily at the many humorous lines and moments, and silently sang along with the cast to the tune of “True Love” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. Everyone agreed it was a great play.
At the end of a beautiful day, it was back on the bus. The homemade cheese shortbread cookies together with water or pop, distributed to all passengers, just hit the spot. Everyone appeared to be in a jolly and happy mood as the bus meandered along the highway and arrived safely back in Scarborough.

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(b) TEGSA Members try their luck at Casino Rama – September 24th, 2006

43 members set out on a windy but pleasant day on September 24th for Casino Rama from Agincourt Mall on CarAr Bus Services.

Members enjoyed the complimentary buffet lunch provided by Casino Rama to bus patrons. Although it seems Lady Luck deserted our members, everyone had a great time at the Casino and returned safely home, without gambling away their homes or their children! A happy ending to an exciting day.

(c) TEGSA Paints Las Vegas Red – October 15, 2006

39 enthusiastic TEGSA Members and Guests participated in a Conquest Vacation trip to Las Vegas on Sunday, October 15, 2006.

After settling in their rooms at the Imperial Palace hotel, the group set out to explore the sights, sounds and tastes of Las Vegas. The highlight for most of the group was the trip to the Grand Canyon on the 17th. The Grand Canyon, despite its 3 seasons weather in one day (we had rain, snow, sunshine) and the long drive was worth every minute we spent viewing it. Its shapes and colours were awesome and no photographs can do it justice. You had to be there!
And what would a trip to Las Vegas be without the GAMBLING!!! One could meet many a bleary-eyed fellow member in the casino at 3 a.m. playing the slots or the tables! It was quite a trip! The only real complaint was that there was not enough time to take in all the sounds and sights of Vegas.
We look forward to many new exciting trips next year!

Information on all events is provided to members via their e-mail or by telephone (where e-mail addresses have not been provided). This is regularly done through the patience and hard work of our Communications Coordinator, Uvy Lopes and his sub-committee.

Members should provide Uvy or any member of his team with the change in their address, telephone number or e-mail address, to help us keep you informed on the association’s activities.

New members are given a choice on the Membership Form to indicate the method by which they choose to receive information about the Association and its upcoming events. The options include receiving information via e-mail or by telephone. Please ensure that this information is accurate.

TEGSA has continued to update the community on activities through the goanvoice website. Included on the site is information on the event calendar, membership application, and a photo gallery and updates of all events held.


The Lancers under TEGSA’s banner put up an excellent performance at the Roy Thomson Hall. This event is held each year for a few days in August 2006, when many senior groups put up superb performances at a small charge to the audience. Repeat performances by the Lancers were held at Viva Goa, at our very own Fish Curry Nite and at the Canorient Seniors’ Christmas Dance held at the Woodbine Banquet Hall. Well done Lancers!! Thanks go to Elsie & Hilary Fernandes for training the Lancers and coordinating the performances.

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In closing, the Executive Committee would once again like to thank you, all our members, for your attendance, friendship, assistance and support in making our efforts worthwhile and satisfying. We couldn’t have done this past year without you!!

We would particularly like to thank our donors for their generosity during the year.
A special thanks to President Al Andrade, for his creative ideas, hard work and willingness to handle any job no matter how difficult and tiresome. Our thanks to Vice-President, Leo Braganza, for his ongoing liaison with Commander Hall and for organizing the hall and PA system for all our events. Thank you to Charles Fernandes for calling out our Bingo numbers at all our functions – although he has an occasional slip of the tongue it is just to check if we are listening – so says Charles!!

To all the volunteers, committee members and their spouses, sub-committee members and their spouses, for carrying all items large and small to and from every event, for the preparation of the coffee and tea, for service of food with a smile, for all the after-events work and clean-up, and for their time, effort and dedication in ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time – thank you!


Carmelita D’Souza

General Secretary

March 25, 2007



Al Andrade President

Leo Braganza Vice-President
Carmelita D’Souza General Secretary
Valentine Viegas Treasurer
Vicki D’Souza Social Secretary
Zena Vaz Cultural Secretary
Hilda Vitor Trips Coordinator
Uvy Lopes Communications Coordinator
Charles Fernandes Member
Pelagio DeSouza Auditor John Barrett Auditor


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Social Sub-Committee

Vicki D’Souza Social Secretary & Chair

Dorothy Fernandes Member

Joan Menezes Member

Charles Fernandes Member

Gerry DaSilva Member
Cultural Sub-Committee

Zena Vaz Cultural Secretary & Chair

Teresa Faleiro Member

Manny Sequeira Member

Tony James Member
Trips Sub-Committee

Hilda Vitor Trips Coordinator & Chair

Dora Noronha Member

Philu Fernandes Member
Communications Sub-Committee

Uvy Lopes Communications Coordinator & Chair

Zita Braganza Member

Sylvia Mascarenhas Member

Dorothy Fernandes Member

Helen Fernandes Member

Bridget DeSouza Member

Meena Kapadia Member

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Executive meetings

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