• ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.5 (Released: May 2005) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.4 (Released: May 2005) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.3 (Released: March 2005) ENHANCEMENTS
  • BUG FIXES: *
  • ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.2 (Released: February 2005) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.1 (Released: February 2005) BUG FIXES: *
  • ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 (Released: December 2004) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 3.2.2 (Released: Hot fixes during Q3 and Q4 2004) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 3.2.1x7 (Released: September 9, 2004) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 3.2.0x13 (Released: July 20, 2004) Note: Some changes in this section were first available as 3.1.2 hot fixes. ENHANCEMENTS
  • Extremez-ip 2 readme version 2x166 July 19, 2011

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    * Group Logic does not suggest that volumes be added or removed while the ExtremeZ-IP service is under heavy load - doing so can potentially cause some or all connected users to disconnect. This issue is currently being addressed, and will be fixed in a future release of ExtremeZ-IP.

    ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.5 (Released: May 2005)

    * Added ServerUsesDefaultTypeCreator registry key to allow administrators to return to pre-4.0.3 behavior for files with unknown type and creator. See below for more information. [#4996] [4.0.5x03]


    * Fixed a problem where Unicode characters above U FFFF (e.g. Deseret) would not display properly in the Finder on OS 10.4 (Tiger). [#4935] [4.0.5x04]

    * Fixed a problem where changes could be lost when reducing the size of a test file with BBEdit 8. [#4978] [4.0.5x02]
    * Fixed a problem where Quark Publishing System could crash or fail to check files in and out against an ExtremeZ-IP volume. [#4948] [4.0.5x02]
    * Fixed a problem where generic services on a cluster were incorrectly identified as being ExtremeZ-IP. [#4681] [4.0.5x02]
    * Fixed a problem where files saved from LinoColor 6.0 to an ExtremeZ-IP volume would not contain a preview image. [#4898] [4.0.5x01]
    * Fixed a problem where files could fail to open or save if inside a folder with a name over 32 characters and containing an extension. [#4907] [4.0.5x01]

    ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.4 (Released: May 2005)

    * Updated EZIPUTIL to support cluster-enabled ExtremeZ-IP services. [#4378] [4.0.4x10]


    * Fixed a problem where files could fail to save properly when saved inside a folder ending in a space or period. [#4897] [4.0.4x15]

    * Fixed a problem where users could be incorrectly notified of password expirations when passwords were set to never expire. [#4865] [4.0.4x14]
    * Reduced CPU usage during weekly pruning of Macintosh file IDs from >90% to 20-50%. [#4347] [4.0.4x12]
    * Fixed a problem where various file system operations would report the wrong error message when the disk was full, or a disk quota had been reached. [#4815] [4.0.4x10]
    * Fixed a problem where owners could lose their ability to change permissions for a folder by giving themselves less than full control to that folder. [#4814] [4.0.4x10]
    * Fixed a problem where clients could hang while performing a search. [#4652] [4.0.4x10]
    * Fixed a problem where files containing certain characters (omega, Apple sign, Euro sign) would appear "munged" on OS 9. [#4555] [4.0.4x10]
    * Fixed a problem where ExtremeZ-IP would fail to accept new clients if SFM was started after ExtremeZ-IP was already attached to port 548. [#4515] [4.0.4x10]
    * Fixed a problem where ExtremeZ-IP could fail to display all available volumes for a user if ExtremeZ-IP had more than 255 volumes configured, but the user had access to fewer than 256 of them. [#3384] [4.0.4x10]
    * Fixed a problem where ExtremeZ-IP could crash when the server time moved an hour due to daylight savings time. [#4767] [4.0.4x08]
    * Fixed a problem where ExtremeZ-IP could crash after missing notifications from the file system. [#4784] [4.0.4x08]
    * Fixed a problem where a file or folder’s owner and group could not be changed by OS 10.3 clients. [#4694] [4.0.4x06]
    * Fixed a problem where searches on volumes that were at the root of the physical drive would fail to return most results. [#4699] [4.0.4x04]
    * Improved Gigabit performance (implemented asynchronous I/O, optimized processing of certain commands). [#3082] [4.0.4x04]
    * Fixed a problem where folders configured as write-only (drop boxes) via the "Adjust Macintosh Permission" Explorer plug-in would fail to work properly for ExtremeZ-IP Macintosh clients. [#4688] [4.0.4x03]
    * Fixed a problem with case sensitivity of Unicode filenames - dropping in a file that differed only in case from an existing file could fail if those filenames contained Unicode characters. [#4653] [4.0.4x03]
    * Fixed a potential crash when the logon message was greater than 128 characters and clients logged in from OS 9. [#4683] [4.0.4x02]
    * Fixed a problem where files on an ExtremeZ-IP server could not be checked out in the Quark Publishing System. This had to do with a limitation in the partial path support for the FPCreateFile and FPCreateDirectory commands. [#4682] [4.0.4x02]
    * Fixed a problem where "munged" files on OS 9 (filenames that contain Unicode characters that cannot be displayed on OS 9) could not be copied between volumes. [#4656] [4.0.4x01]
    * Fixed a problem where a file's size would be reported as 17,408 TB if the user did not have permission to access that file. [#4675] [4.0.4x01]

    * Performing a search from the root of a large network volume with catalog search enabled will cause the Finder to become unresponsive until the search has been completed. To alleviate this problem, catalog search operations now default to being disabled. Changes to the Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” search user interface will default clients to searching the root of network volumes and, due to an apparent bug or design change, may not return any search results with catalog search disabled unless the search target is changed to a specific volume subfolder by the user. If your environment includes 10.4 “Tiger” clients, you may choose to re-enable catalog search through the Settings window of the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator. This will however increase the likelihood of Finder unresponsiveness while searching. While restricted by the design of Mac OS searching, we plan to address these issues with search enhancements in a later release of ExtremeZ-IP.

    ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.3 (Released: March 2005)

    * The service version number now appears in the lower right corner of the main Administrator window. [#4571] [4.0.3x02]

    * Volume information is now duplicated in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters\Volumes so that applications and scripts that depend on volumes being present in the 3.X location can obtain information about volumes without code changes (volume information was moved in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\Volumes as of 4.0). [#4597] [4.0.3x03]
    * Added the ability to delete the 4.0 mapping stream (containing Macintosh file IDs) from within the Administrator. [#4572] [4.0.3x01]
    * Added the ability specify a single IP address for ExtremeZ-IP to use (on machines with multiple NICs) when ExtremeZ-IP runs on a non-cluster machine, or in Active-Passive mode on a cluster. [#4429] [4.0.3x01]


    * Fixed a problem where the parent modification date would not be updated quickly enough after changes occurred with that folder. This could cause some applications to believe certain actions, like file copies, did not succeed. [#4600] [4.0.3x05]
    * Fixed a potential crash when users attempted to open suspended volumes. [#4646] [4.0.3x04]
    * Fixed a problem where a folder could be moved inside an empty folder and not appear unless the Finder view was changed (e.g. from icon to list view). [#4630] [4.0.3x03]
    * Fixed support for Macintosh PBCatMove file API. [#4608] [4.0.3x03]
    * Fixed a potential crash when a user performed a search on a volume where that user had only "list folder contents" or other limited permission to some portion of the volume. [#4598] [4.0.2x08, 4.0.3x02 and above]
    * Fixed a problem where some files copied to the server could fail to copy without any error. [#4609] [4.0.3x02]
    * Fixed a problem where folders configured as drop boxes (write-only) from a Macintosh client would not function properly. [#4485] [4.0.3x01]
    * Fixed a problem where the first letter of messages sent to OS X clients would be cut off. [#4491] [4.0.3x01]
    * Fixed a problem where accented characters contained in messages sent to OS X clients would not display properly on the client. [#4491] [4.0.3x01]

    ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.2 (Released: February 2005)


    * Added the ability to specify a default domain for all logins via the DefaultDomainName registry key. [#3294] [4.0.2x02]


    * Fixed a problem where locked files inside read-only folders could not be copied to the local machine. [#4487] [4.0.2x06]
    * Fixed a problem where files would sometimes disappear from the Finder after saving (from many applications, including Quark and Illustrator). [#4482] [4.0.2x05]
    * Fixed a problem where files containing characters that are not available in the MacRoman character set were not accessible on OS 9. [#4329] [4.0.2x02]
    * Fixed a problem where the Administrator would report that debug logging had been turned off after the log had wrapped. [#4461] [4.0.2x01]
    * Fixed a problem where performing a Sherlock search (OS 9) could lock up the Finder and/or cause ongoing file copies to stall. [#3941] [#4340] [4.0.2x01]
    * Fixed a problem where opening the Files dialog in the Administrator could cause an "Out of Memory" error window to be displayed if a client had locked a file that the SYSTEM user did not have access to. [#4440] [4.0.2x01]
    * Fixed a problem where the Finder would report an error when attempting to rename a file by only changing the filename's case. [#4470] [4.0.2x01]
    * Fixed a problem where the trash could not be emptied if the client had deleted two files with the same name. [#4472] [4.0.2x01]

    ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.1 (Released: February 2005)


    * Fixed a problem where debug logging would automatically disable itself when the ExtremeZ-IP log wrapped. [#4396] [4.0.1x08]
    * Fixed a problem where browsing with Finder would become very slow in some instances. [#4402] [4.0.1x08]
    * Fixed a problem where a folder could be moved to the root of a volume and still appear in its original location. [#4432] [4.0.1x08]
    * Fixed a problem where ExtremeZ-IP volumes at the root of a drive would appear empty to Macintosh clients. [#4447] [4.0.1x08]
    * Fixed a problem with opening and saving files with Word 2001 on OS 9, Rampage, and BBEdit on Mac OS X [#4380] [4.0.1x04]
    * Fixed support for servers running Windows 2000, pre-Service Pack 4. [#4381][4.0.1x03]
    * Fixed a problem with linked files in Adobe Illustrator 10 on OS 9. [#4371][4.0.1x02]

    ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 (Released: December 2004)

    * New Product Architecture: introduces a new architecture that eliminates delays for indexing at start up and provides high performance and scalability while maintaining efficient memory usage. [#2771]

    The new architecture delivers the following benefits:
    * Immediate startup: eliminates delays for indexing at startup and shutdown, improving availability and providing immediate failover in clustered environments. NOTE: If you install ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 over a previous version, it will automatically convert the previous index the first time it starts. This process will take approximately as long as indexing did for your particular server using the previous version. After this one-time conversion, startup will be immediate.
    * Dramatically reduced memory usage: uses significantly less memory than previous versions, which improves the performance of the ExtremeZ-IP File Server as well as other server applications and removes memory as a limit to the number of files that can be shared.
    * Share an unlimited number of files: easily shares millions of files to hundreds of users in heavy production use.
    * Tune memory usage per volume: provides the flexibility to allocate memory to optimize performance for individual volume requirements.
    * New fine grain locking: improves performance of the server under load by migrating key bottlenecks from a "single lock" approach to a fine grain locking strategy
    * Kerberos Logins: Adds support for the Kerberos standard for single sign-on authentication, making it ExtremeZ-IP the first and only Windows AppleShare (AFP) server to support this powerful security and productivity feature. Kerberos provides single sign-on authentication between Mac OS X clients and all Windows file servers managed by Active Directory. With this new feature, a user signs into Mac OS X by entering their username and password only once, and then has access to all other Kerberos compatible file servers managed by Active Directory without having to sign on again. [#3127]
    * Active/Active Clustering: ExtremeZ-IP now offers optional support for Active/Active Clustering under Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Advanced Server. The new architecture of 4.0 provides fast failover with no delay for indexing at startup to provide the most possible uptime. Clients running Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) will “automatically reconnect” to the file server after failover, maximizing user productivity. ExtremeZ-IP File Server 4.0 supports clusters with multiple nodes (2, 3, 4, & beyond). Further, the product supports multiple virtual servers on each node with each virtual server running in its own memory space, enabling advanced configurations required for server consolidation and other virtualization strategies. [#3879]
    * Added the ability to simultaneously open and use multiple windows within the Administrator. [#825]
    * Added an option to the Administrator's user interface to allow configuration of the option to "Notify Mac Clients of Password Expiration". Previously this was controlled via a registry key [#1386]
    * Can now sort by any column in the following Administrator windows: Users, Volumes, Print Queues, Files. [#2622]
    * The EZIPUTIL command-line interface supports two additional options: /Suspend and /Restart options. Enter "EZIPUTIL VOLUME /INFO" from the command-line for information more information. [#2690]
    * Removed the debug logging user interface. Debug logging is now controlled entirely by registry entries. [#3379]
    * Added an option to disable logging of the message "Memory settings for this server are not optimized correctly". [#2274]

    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    Key: LogMemorySettingsNotOptimized

    Default: On

    Refreshable: No

    * When a print job fails and takes the queue off-line, selecting Resume Queue Processing now suspends the bad job automatically. [#2587]
    * Improved representation of long file names for Mac OS 9 clients. Previously for files with names longer than 31 characters, ExtremeZ-IP converted the name to an 11-character name (DOS 8.3 format). ExtremeZ-IP now returns a more meaningful name truncated to 31 characters. [#3269]
    * Added ability to configure the size of the node table cache. The cache contains a list of information about files that are being shared. Setting a different cache size allows you to adjust the tradeoff between performance and memory usage. ExtremeZ-IP retains information in RAM for the most recently accessed files, up to the limit specified. If a Mac user requests a file that is not in the node table cache, ExtremeZ-IP goes to disk to retrieve the information and stores it in the node table. If the maximum cache size has been reached, ExtremeZ-IP discards the oldest entry in the node table. You can specify the maximum size in the Cache Size text box of the File Server Settings dialog. It is recommended that you keep the node table cache set to the default 20MB unless advised to modify the setting by Group Logic support. [#3872]

    * ShareWithEZIP.DLL is no longer installed. This previously enabled a context-menu option in Windows Explorer to allow sharing a specific folder. The same action can be performed by navigating to the folder from within the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator [#3767]


    * OS 9 and OS X Classic do not understand Unicode names. This is a shortcoming of the AFP 2.2 specification. Currently ExtremeZ-IP will replace Unicode characters with null characters when providing file and folder names to clients running in these environments.

    * As a side effect of the architectural change that allows ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 to share millions of files with immediate startup, client file search execution times have increased when compared to ExtremeZ-IP 3.2. Major improvements to search speed are planned for version 4.1.
    * When searching the root of a shared volume, the Mac OS client may become unresponsive for the duration of the search if the server-side “Support Catalog Search Operations” option is enabled. This setting will increase search speed but because of the potential client usability impact, it is disabled by default in new installations of ExtremeZ-IP 4.0.4 and later. Installing an upgrade to version 4.0.4 or later will not disable a previous installation’s catalog search setting. If you have a previous version and are experiencing client unresponsiveness, it is recommended that you disable “Support Catalog Search Operations” in the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator server settings.
    * Sherlock searches may hang on OS 9 clients when there are few results to be found and the breadth of the search is large.
    * If Kerberos is being used for client authentication, the password expiration warning capability of ExtremeZ-IP is disabled.
    * When starting ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 for the first time after installing over an existing 3.x install, the initial startup time can be lengthy if the 3.x node table index is large. ExtremeZ-IP must do a one-time conversion of information from the 3.x node table index.
    * ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 periodically (once a week by default) walks its index and prunes entries that are no longer valid. When this occurs the server will display higher CPU usage for a brief amount of time.
    * For ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 to function correctly, the SYSTEM account at startup on the server must have permissions that allow it to access all volumes on the server.

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.2.2 (Released: Hot fixes during Q3 and Q4 2004)

    * Implemented an option for creating hang logs by renaming the log file instead of making a copy of it. RenameCopyDebugLog registry parameter has to be set to 1 in order to enable the feature [#4189][3.2.2x10]

    * Implemented logging AFPWrite commands when AFP command logging is enabled [#4197][3.2.2x10]
    * Implemented storing current version number in the registry (stored in the Version string value) [#4184][3.2.2x10]
    * Further improved Native API logging (suppressed irrelevant messages) [#4020][3.2.2x08]
    * Implemented using a user name as a home directory for filtering out volume root enumeration results. An ExtremeZ-IP volume can be marked as home directory volume in the registry by adding a "HomeDirVolume=1" string to the volume's parameters multistring; when enumerating the root of such volume, the server will filter the enumeration results by the name of the currently logged in user assuming the user has a home directory in that volume and its name is the same as the user name. The UseUserNameAsHomeDirectory registry parameter has to be set to 1 and the ShowInaccessibleFolders parameter has to be set to 0 in order to enable this feature. [#4088][3.2.2x08]
    * Improved browsing / enumeration performance [#3887][3.2.2x06]
    * Improved filtering out inaccessible items during enumeration [#3955][3.2.2x06]
    * Responding to client DSITickle messages is now off by default [#3889][3.2.2x05]
    * Improved debug logging (several logging messages have been discarded in order to make debug logs more informative) [#3894][3.2.2x05]
    * Implemented an option for turning off memory mapping when writing files to the server. Memory mapping is on by default; in order to turn it off, create a DWORD registry value named MemoryMappedWrites in ExtremeZ-IP parameters and set it to 0 [#3776][3.2.2x03]
    * Implemented home directory feature -- initial volume enumerations can be filtered by the home directory stored in a user's profile on the domain controller. In order to enable the feature, the UseProfileHomeDirectory registry value has to be set to 1 and the ShowInaccessibleFolders registry value has to be set to 0. The Home directory stored in a user's profile on the domain controller has to comply with the following format:

    drive:[\folder[\folder[...]]]\volume root\home directory

    if ExtremeZ-IP is running on the domain controller or

    \\server\share[\folder[\folder[...]]]\volume root\home directory

    if ExtremeZ-IP is running elsewhere on the network.

    A home directory has to be located in the root of a volume. This feature allows avoiding full

    volume enumerations which improves performance on volumes with a large number of folders

    in the root [#3531][3.2.2x02]

    * Improved Native API logging (suppressed irrelevant messages) [#3520][3.2.2x01]

    * Fixed a crash in the administrator UI when changing color scheme [#3388][3.2.2x08]

    * Fixed problems with disconnecting a volume that contains drop folders [#3488][3.2.2x07]
    * Fixed service crashes when shutting down with suspended volumes [#4016][3.2.2x07]
    * Fixed losing directory change notifications under certain circumstances [#3907][3.2.2x05]
    * Fixed handling NTFS stream change notifications [#3801][3.2.2x04]
    * Fixed possible corruption problem when transferring files over 2GB [#3431][3.2.2x01]
    * Fixed logging errors that could cause service to crash [#3528][3.2.2x01]
    * Fixed high CPU usage when SLP is not configured correctly [#3603][3.2.2x01]
    * Fixed high CPU usage on multiple processor systems [#3608][3.2.2x01]

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.2.1x7 (Released: September 9, 2004)


    * Reversed separate send thread to off by default -- problem in OS X that occurred when performing a volume to volume copy that the separate send thread feature took care of is fixed as of OS X 10.3.5, so the separate send thread feature is no longer required, unless using an earlier version of OS X on the client side. [#3423] [3.2.1x05]

    * Added registry key called "RespondsToTickles" when set to 0 will change ExtremeZ-IP behavior so that it does not respond to a client-side tickle with a tickle of its own. The default is 1. [#3312] [3.2.1x03]
    * Added option to prevent users from seeing files for which they do not have at least "read attributes" privileges. The "read attributes" property does not imply the ability to read a file, but only to be able to see what the permissions and other attributes of the file are. [#3268] [3.2.1x02]

    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\NonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: ShowInaccessibleFiles

    Default: Off

    Refreshable: No

    * Fixed DHX encryption problem with zero high order byte keys [#3424][3.2.1x05]

    * Fixed memory leak [#3427][3.2.1x05]
    * Fixed problem where restarting a volume from the UI crashed the service [#3390][3.2.1x05]

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.2.0x13 (Released: July 20, 2004)
    Note: Some changes in this section were first available as 3.1.2 hot fixes.

    * Added ability to prevent Mac users from seeing folders for which they have neither read nor write access. [#2911] [3.2x9]

    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\NonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: ShowInaccessibleFolders

    Default: Off

    Refreshable: No

    * Several enhancements in this release relate to printing. Please see ExtremeZ-IP Print README.TXT if you have print support installed.
    * Added ability get server statistics using the EZIPUTIL command-line program. Enter "EZIPUTIL SERVER /INFO" from the command-line to receive information on the number of connected users, number of volumes, total number of files and folders across all volumes, and the average number of files and folders per volume. [#2717]
    * Added ability to set a custom icon for ExtremeZ-IP volumes using the EZIPUTIL command-line program. Enter "EZIPUTIL VOLUME" from the command-line for

    more information. [#2633]

    * Added ability to configure ExtremeZ-IP to convert OS X MacRoman filenames into precomposed Unicode on the server. Enabling this feature will allow MacRoman files to be displayed normally in Windows Explorer, and will allow for compatibility with third party applications such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller. [#2563]

    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\NonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: CreatePrecomposedMacRoman

    Default: Off

    Refreshable: No
    * The default for 'UseSeparateSendThread' is now 'on'. This should eliminate problems when a Mac copies files between two ExtremeZ-IP volumes. However, it also increases the number of threads that will be used, which can cause problems on servers with large numbers of active users and/or volumes. To turn the

    option off, follow the instructions in the Windows Registry Keys section above. For more information about memory and thread usage, see http://www.grouplogic.com/knowledge/index.cfm/fuseaction/view/docID/122 [#2839][3.1.2x24]

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    Extremez-ip 2 readme version 2x166 July 19, 2011

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