• ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1x9 (Released: December 2, 2003) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.0x20 (Released: September 30, 2003) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 3.0.2x10 (Released: June 20, 2003) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 3.0.0 (Released: April 8, 2003) ENHANCEMENTS: 1
  • ExtremeZ-IP 2.1.1 (Released: 2002) BUG FIXES
  • ExtremeZ-IP 2.1.0 (Released: 2002) ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 2.0.0 ENHANCEMNTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.2 ENHANCEMENTS
  • ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.1 ENHANCEMENTS
  • Extremez-ip 2 readme version 2x166 July 19, 2011

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    * Fixed problem where directory names longer than 31 characters could not be found with Mac Panther client. [#2853][#2854][3.1.2x22]

    * Fixed problem where node name comparisons would crash from NULL name pointers [#2780][3.1.2x21]
    * Fixed problem where disconnected sessions could not reconnect, sometimes forcing the Mac Client to reboot. [#2772][#2776][3.1.2x21]
    * Fixed problem where processing session exceptions and disconnecting the session would cause other sessions to hang and disconnect from the volume. [#2772][2776][3.1.2x21]
    * Fixed problem when removing child nodes from a NULL node would crash [#2760][3.1.2x21]
    * Properly disconnect sessions that are or have been sleeping. [#2693][3.1.2x20]
    * Properly handle session exceptions (for example, I/O errors during a write). Shut down the session rather than having the entire application crash. [#2716][3.1.2x20]
    * Fixed problem where password expiration notifications would only be sent if debugging was enabled and then disabled. [#2520][3.1.2x19]
    * Fixed problem where clients performing a rename or delete could cause the server to hang for up to 15 minutes before reverting to a normal state. [#2694][3.1.2x18]
    * Fixed crash where fast creation/deletion/creation/deletion of same file was mishandled [#2632][3.1.2x08]
    * Fixed bugs where a volume's connected Macs would all disconnect. [#2617] [#2630][3.1.2x08]
    * Fixed possible hang when the Administrator Files dialog was kept open while the service was running. [#2610][3.1.2x08]
    * Fixed possible hang during heavy server load. Previous behavior was that all currently active sessions would hang, and new connections could not be made. [#2564][3.1.2x03]
    * Fixed bug in critical section monitor where critical section monitor logging could be incorrect if a thread entered a single critical section multiple times before leaving. [#2557][3.1.2x01]


    * [Replaced as of 4.0]: New Registry key 'DebugLogPrintAccounting' for tracking Print Accounting information. [#2944][3.1.2x32]

    * [Replaced as of 4.0]: New Registry key 'DebugLogThrowThreadException' for testing whether Dr. Watson crash logging is configured. This is a string value with the following possible values: "AfpCatSearch", "AfpSessionMainThread", "AfpSessionSendThread", "AfpSessionATMainThread", "RascalQueuePAPThread", "RascalSessionMainThread", "RascalSessionLprThread", "WaitForDirectoryChangesThread", "ForkFlusherThread". Contact Group Logic for recommended usage. [#2927][3.1.2x30]
    * [Replaced as of 4.0]: New Registry key 'DebugLogCloseHandle' added for enhanced debug logging on CloseHandle calls [#2899][3.1.2x26]

    * When 'RenameLogAtStartup' and 'UseCriticalSectionMonitor' are both enabled, if the server hangs, a copy of the debug log will be made automatically at 30 seconds, 2 minutes and 10 minutes after the hang is detected [#2855][3.1.2x24]

    * CPU usage (average / current) Memory Usage: (RAM / virtual / current load) added to Date line in debug log [#2754][3.1.2x21]
    * Date, time and minute log entry added to the debug log on a per-minute basis. [#2749][3.1.2x21]
    * New registry key 'RenameLogAtStartup' added so that clients will automatically get a log ready to send to GLI after restarting the server. [#2750][3.1.2x21]

    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\DebugNonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: RenameLogAtStartup

    Default: Off

    Refreshable: No
    * Added code to log when processing large folder hierarchies (dropped in an ExtremeZ-IP volume from the Windows server) takes a long time. This logging will allow us to help diagnose future client hangs. [#2697][3.1.2x18]
    * Added more logging for tracking notification processing
    * [Replaced as of 4.0]: Added new registry key (DebugLogFileAndLine) for tracking what portions of the code have executed. [#2685]
    * Added different critical section logging registry key "CriticalSectionMonitorLogFrequencyInMilliseconds", so that we have finer control of granularity. The old registry key "CriticalSectionMonitorLogFrequency" was in minutes and has now been deprecated.
    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\DebugNonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: CriticalSectionMonitorLogFrequencyInMilliseconds

    Default: 60000 (one minute)

    Refreshable: Yes

    * [Replaced as of 4.0]: Added support for logging of volume enumeration via registry key (DebugLogVolumeListing). [#2556]

    * Enhanced critical section monitor to provide information about whether a thread is stuck inside a critical section, or is stuck waiting on a critical

    section. [#2558]

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1x9 (Released: December 2, 2003)

    * Improved performance over a WAN (wide area network) connections, especially ones with high bandwidth and high latency. [#2513]


    * Fixed problem with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) where reading from the server was very slow. [#2496]

    * Fixed problem where files with Unicode characters were not accessible from OS 9 if they were placed on the server from OS X. [#2478 and #2534]

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.0x20 (Released: September 30, 2003)

    * Most enhancements in 3.1 relate to printing and are listed in the ExtremeZ-IP Print Read Me file.

    * Added full support for Windows 2003.
    * Reduced consumption of server resources by reducing the number of threads per volume.
    * The EZIP server will update its Bonjour (Rendezvous) registration on the network dynamically.
    * Removed volume deletion thread and combined it with another thread to reduce memory usage. This feature can be configured from the following registry entry -- enabling this key will revert ExtremeZ-IP to pre-3.1 behavior:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\NonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: UseSeparateVolumeDeletionsThread

    Default: Off

    Refreshable: No

    * Added support for Mac style permissions. Enabling this feature will cause ExtremeZ-IP to limit the permissions on folders to an owner, a single group, "Everyone" and the SYSTEM user. The default behavior of ExtremeZ-IP (and Windows in general) is to allow any number of users and groups to have permissions to a particular folder.
    General (lot. generalis - umumiy, bosh) - qurolli kuchlardagi harbiy unvon (daraja). Dastlab, 16-a.da Fransiyada joriy qilingan. Rossiyada 17-a.ning 2-yarmidan maʼlum. Oʻzbekiston qurolli kuchlarida G.
    By default, changing group permissions from the Macintosh client will change permissions for the primary group only -- any other groups with permissions to that folder will not be changed. Users that wish to restrict access to only the primary group should enable this new feature.

    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\NonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: UseMacStylePermissions

    Default: Off

    Refreshable: No

    * Fixed a potential error that the installer could encounter when installing over a previous version. This could occur if AdjustMacPermissions.DLL or ShareWithEZIP.DLL had been loaded and Windows Explorer was not closed before re-installation.

    * Fixed a bug that caused print support not to install properly if the trial version had previously been installed.
    * Fixed bug where Register Server on AppleTalk Network setting would be lost after upgrading.

    * Fixed crash when Mac client sent commands to EZIP after logout.

    * Fixed problems with creation and modification dates on Mac OS X. These dates would appear different from the dates appearing on Windows and OS 9 by one or two minutes.

    * Fixed issue with some UNICODE characters -- copying, deleting or moving files with certain UNICODE characters could fail.

    * Fixed support for Unicode characters in file and usernames. Previously, files with names containing Unicode characters that were placed on the server from OS X could not be accessed from Mac OS 9.
    * Fixed problems with volume names containing characters over ASCII 127 (e.g. "ü"). These volumes were not accessible from OS X.
    * Fixed a bug that caused files with certain Unicode characters (over character #65,535) to be displayed improperly and fail to copy.

    * Fixed a potential -50 error on Mac OS X when attempting to copy a file with certain characters in the filename from the client to an ExtremeZ-IP volume (characters 1-31).

    * Fixed problems with certain characters, including "ß" "Å" and "å" -- files with this character could not be viewed properly from OS 9.
    * Fixed possible stall if a large number of files are moved in or out of a shared ExtremeZ-IP volume at a high rate over a sustained period of time.
    * Fixed potential repeated crash when attempting to access certain files.
    * Fixed ghosted session issue - the Administrator would list multiple session from a single client machine, and would never disconnect these "ghosted" sessions.
    * Fixed potential crash when disconnecting a session.
    * Fixed potential crash when shutting down a session.
    * Fixed problem with users being unable to connect to a server that is sharing many volumes.
    * Added support for a separate send thread. This option can help to resolve problems that occur when Mac OS X users copy files from one ExtremeZ-IP volume to another. The problems may appear in the form of Mac users encountering "-36" errors or kernel panic crashes.
    This feature can be configured from the following registry entry:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\NonRefreshable for 4.0)

    Key: UseSeparateSendThread

    Default: Off

    Refreshable: No


    * About Box now shows the version and build number for the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator and Service separately.

    * Administrator indicates when debug logging is enabled
    * Debug log indicates the state of all settings, even for those settings where a registry key is not present.
    * Shows date and timestamp in log when logging the message Debugging Log Enabled By Administrator
    * [Replaced as of 4.0]: Several registry keys related to debugging were added in 3.1 but have been changed as of 4.0. These include: UseCriticalSectionMonitor, CriticalSectionMonitorLogFrequency, DebugLogDetailedNodeConstruction, DebugLogNodeTableLocks, DebugLogDeletedPool, DebugLogAddNotifications
    * Added support for the logging of non-AFP DSI command information.

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.0.2x10 (Released: June 20, 2003)

    * Added experimental support for Windows 2003. Contains a fix for a bug that would cause files to not appear. Windows 2003 is fully supported as of ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.

    * Added support for server to notify clients that their passwords are about to expire.

    * Fixed Windows 2003 issue - Windows 2003 support was not available in demo version of ExtremeZ-IP.

    * Fixed issue with password expirations notifications for domain users - added code to switch to the SYSTEM account to obtain expiration information if the logged-in user does not have permission to retrieve it.

    * Fixed issues with some sessions never disconnecting -- added code to timeout these "stuck" sessions.

    * Fixed potential crash with debug logging when manipulating files or folders with '%' in their name

    * Fixed issue with volume passwords - creating a new volume with no password and then editing the volume to have a password would prevent users from mounting that volume until ExtremeZ-IP was restarted.

    * Fixed Windows 2003 issue - installer could not remove a previous version of ExtremeZ-IP.

    * Fixed minor issues with password notification - notifications did not occur if the PasswordExpirationWarningThreshold was set higher than the system "Maximum Password Age".

    * Fixed conflict between EZIP and DNS servers -- EZIP would listen on port 53, the same port that DNS servers listen on.
    * Fixed Windows 2003 issue - files were not visible to the client.
    * Fixed Mac OS X crash - Macintosh was crashing when attempting to reconnect after network failure.


    * Added symbols to service and administrator executables so that Dr. Watson crash logs can provide more detailed information.

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.0.1x01 (Released: April 18, 2003)

    * Fixed permissions issue -- folders were not visible if the SYSTEM user was not given read permission.

    ExtremeZ-IP 3.0.0 (Released: April 8, 2003)
    * AFP 3.1 support is on by default for the server. This can overridden with the registry key:


    (Key moved to \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ExtremeZ-IP\Parameters4\NonRefreshable\SupportAFP3 for 4.0)

    This is a DWORD value and should be set to 0 to disable AFP 3.1 support and support only AFP 2.2

    * Mac OS X computers can use filenames longer than 31 characters.
    * Mac OS X computers can access files larger than 2GB.
    * Mac OS X computers can access volumes larger than 4GB.
    * Added support for Bonjour (Rendezvous) to allow Mac OS X clients to easily find and connect to the ExtremeZ-IP server. Bonjour (Rendezvous) is based on the multicast DNS protocol and does not require AppleTalk on the network. Bonjour (Rendezvous) support can be enabled from Windows 2000 and XP, but not NT.
    * Significant enhancements to the EZIPUTIL command line utility. Type EZIPUTIL.EXE to get help on the commands
    * Enhancements to the "Create Volume" dialog to allow new folders to be created
    * Free disk space reported to Macintosh clients now properly reflects user disk quotas

    * Unicode File Names: With Mac OS X, users can create files using the Unicode character set, which is used worldwide to support the wide variety of characters found in different languages.

    * Optimizations for Enumerating Folders, Catalog Searches: Through AFP 3.1, Mac OS X clients gain improvements that allow applications to discover the contents of folders more efficiently than in previous versions. With this change, the client and server are able to communicate significantly more information with each transaction on the network, which results in improved performance.


    * Users that were connecting but not logged in yet appeared with random characters for their user name.

    * Fixed bug where error codes were not returned properly on Read operations when using newline masks. This was introduced in 2.1 and caused imports by MacManager to fail.
    * ExtremeZ-IP now detects if a client has disconnected but not cleaned up their Network Trash Can Folder, and cleans up the folder itself. This resolves a problem where servers with a lot of users would slowly accumulate Network Trash Can folders and cause logons to slow down over time as clients enumerated all of the trash cans at startup.
    * Removed multiple lock contention issues when using the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator. This could potentially have caused problems if the Administrator failed or locked up, preventing new users from connecting, the service from stopping, or connected users from opening files. This may also have resulted in a build of TCP/IP connections in a "CLOSE_WAIT" state after the Administrator failed.
    * These issues could have occurred when displaying active sessions or open files, when sending messages, when manually closing files, or when manually disconnecting users.
    * Made fixes that significantly improve server responsiveness to client requests, especially when the client is Mac OS X 10.2 or later. This will resolve problems with "slow network performance", for example when saving documents from various applications.
    * Fixed crash in the server that could occur if a Macintosh attempted to close a file that it had open but which had been closed manually using the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator program.
    * Improved recovery of server when the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator program goes down unexpectedly; should improve the ability to re-connect and manage the service without having to restart.
    * Made fixes that allow multiple concurrent API calls, and allow API calls to be simultaneous with use of the Administrator.
    * Fixed a bug in AFP3 support that prevented folders from being copied from server volume to the client.
    * Fixed a bug in AFP3 support that prevented files larger than 4 GB from being copied from client to server.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented the use of international characters in usernames and passwords.
    * Fixed a bug in AFP3 support that prevented files from being locked and unlocked.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented some files and folders from appearing in file dialogs of classic applications running under Mac OS X.
    * Fixed bugs that prevented opening and saving documents from Microsoft Office X applications when AFP3 support is enabled.
    * Fixed a bug in which ExtremeZ-IP Drop Boxes work only if the user that logged in as a member of the Administrators group.


    * The ExtremeZ-IP Administrator now displays the full version number in the About Box (e.g., 3.0x01)

    * The ExtremeZ-IP debug log now contains the full version and build number (e.g., 3.0x01)
    * Numerous debug logging configuration options can now be set from the debug dialog in the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator. Changes to the options now take place by clicking "Enable log" immediately, instead of requiring the ExtremeZ-IP service to be restarted.
    * Improved debug logging for volume startup and indexing to diagnose indexing problems
    * Improved debug logging on memory allocation failures to capture machine memory status
    * Improved debug logging to diagnose slow AFP logon problems
    * Improved debug logging for SLP lookup requests to diagnose SLP network problems
    * Improved debug log timestamps to only log on new lines
    * Improved debug logging of connections / disconnections to diagnose "ghost sessions"
    * [Replaced in 4.0]: Several debug logging options were added in ExtremeZ-IP 3.0 and changed in 4.0. These include: DebugLogUseTimeStamps, DebugLogLimit, DebugLogSecurityACLs, DebugSessionLifecyclesAlways, DebugLogsFindingNodes, DebugLogBasicFileIO, DebugLogLogonInfo, and DebugLogLimit.

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.1.1 (Released: 2002)

    * Internal changes to improve performance on servers with many files and/or under heavy load. In some cases, these changes will result in significant gains in file manipulation and directory browsing, and possibly reduced CPU utilization, compared to all previous versions of the server. There will be a slight increase in memory usage in the server compared to earlier versions.

    * Fixed potential crash of the server when Macintosh clients are opening files in QuarkXPress 4.1
    * Fixed problem with server not responding to SLP lookups that include a "previous responders" list

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.1.0 (Released: 2002)

    * User interface provides more status information, control

    * Significantly better support for larger, more complex file systems
    * Enhanced Explorer plug-in for adjusting permissions
    * Command line utility (EZIPUTIL) can remove shared volumes
    * Registry value to specify IP addresses reported to client when connecting via AppleTalk

    * Default SLP scope is now "Local Services"

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.0.5

    * Minor updates for measuring internal performance.

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.0.4

    * Fixed a potential crash when receiving print jobs from Macintosh clients.

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.0.3

    * Fix for password changing on networks with domain controllers.


    * Better logging options for authentication problems.

    * Support for registry key to specify SLP host and scope.

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.0.2

    * Fix memory leak when modifying same file repeatedly.

    * Added support for drop boxes.

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.0.1

    * Sherlock searches with capital letters work correctly.

    * Fixed a problem where read operations beyond the end-of-file might cause the server to appear locked up.

    ExtremeZ-IP 2.0.0

    * Remote Administration

    * Support for optional IP printing services
    * Explorer plug-ins for sharing Macintosh volumes, adjusting permissions
    * Command line utility (EZIPUTIL) for creating shared volumes
    * Much faster directory access
    * Much faster Sherlock searches (support for Catalog Search operations)
    * Access to log information from within ExtremeZ-IP Administrator
    * Better support for certain Macintosh applications (file ID support)
    * Better support for access permissions and restrictions
    * Better move, rename, delete and copy operations
    * Resizable windows in ExtremeZ-IP Administrator
    * Support for longer file extensions for type/creator mappings

    * Support for NTFS volumes with disabled 8.3 names.

    ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.3

    * Better read and write performance.

    * Better use of memory resources.
    * Ability to ignore Macintosh requests to change permissions.
    * Minor installer enhancements for updating existing installations.

    * Fix for situations where type/creator information would not be flushed to disk.

    * Fix for problem connecting to server via the Chooser.
    * Fix for problems starting up if SYSTEM account did not have access.
    * Fix for logging being accidentally left on, causing huge log files.

    ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.2

    * Windows 2000 support enabled by default.

    * Better read and write performance, especially for fast networks.
    * Made TCP port for server configurable via registry key.
    * Better handling of file-modified notifications, resulting in better performance.

    * Better handling of specific AFP user/group mappings.

    * Fixes for problems during index rebuilding that would cause certain files to be unavailable to Macintosh users.

    ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.1

    * More control over security settings.

    * Better status information for volumes.
    * Better write performance, especially on machines with large amounts of memory.
    * Better read performance, especially for Finder copies.

    * Better support for password changing on Macintosh.

    * Better support for viewing and editing permissions from a Macintosh, especially in multi-domain environments.
    * Fixes for problems where files might become invisible to Macintosh users even though they existed on the server.
    * Fix for file/directory names beginning with period (.).
    * Fix for PBHCopyFile routine when destination name is empty.
    * Fix memory leak for threaded copy operations.
    * Support for creating volumes that are already read-only.
    * Fix for deleting nested directory hierarchy on Windows.

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    Extremez-ip 2 readme version 2x166 July 19, 2011

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