• Pocket MSN MSN Messenger Hotmail
  • Support for pluggable third-party DRM and codecs** Smart look-up technology
  • Microsoft Voice Command**
  • Connectivity Integrated support for Bluetooth Support for Bluetooth 2.0 Stereo**
  • Security FIPS 140-2-Compliant
  • Additional Features Support for integrated hard drives**
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    Microsoft Office programs for Windows Mobile 5.0

    Manage your office life from your mobile device. New and more advanced mobile versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint let you send e-mail*, work on documents, create charts and even rehearse presentations, all while on the go.

    Pocket MSN

    MSN Messenger


    One-touch access to Hotmail and MSN Messenger allows you to connect to your mail, friends and colleagues.*

    Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

    Support for WMA, WMV and MP3 files

    Support for Windows DRM 10 encrypted files
    Support for pluggable third-party DRM and codecs**

    Smart look-up technology

    Play videos, watch TV shows recorded on your Windows XP Media Center Edition PC and listen to your music on your device. Windows Media Player 10 supports copy-protected files from sites such as MSN Music and Napster and allows for easy navigating of your media library.

    Internet Explorer Mobile

    Support for HTML, XHTML, CSS, JScript 5.5, WML 2.0, IPv6 and Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Imaging

    Default, Full Screen and One Column viewing modes

    New Download Progress Bar

    Browse full HTML sites from your device.* Take advantage of several viewing modes, including Default, Desktop, and One Column, which renders all the text on a page into one easily readable column to reduce the need for horizontal scrolling. In addition, there is a new progress bar and the ability to save images.

    Microsoft Voice Command**

    Select devices will ship with Voice Command, enabling safe, hands-free navigation of your device by spoken word.

    ActiveSync 4.1

    ActiveSync 4.1 provides a variety of advancements, including task synchronization, improved error handling, data compression, synchronization of your pictures between Outlook Mobile and Outlook on the desktop, and integration with Windows Media Player.


    Integrated support for Bluetooth

    Support for Bluetooth 2.0

    Stereo**, Handsfree and Headset profiles.

    Bluetooth Wizard

    Connect to a variety of Bluetooth devices, including laptops, printers and wireless headsets. Certain devices will support Bluetooth 2.0, a decision made by the device-maker, which will allow for blazing fast file transfers over Bluetooth.

    Infrared and Bluetooth file transfer

    Send files, contacts cards and more with other devices over Bluetooth and infrared.

    IPSec/L2TP with multiple VPN support

    Windows Mobile provides the support for Internet Protocol Security/Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (IPsec/L2TP), the Microsoft virtual private network (VPN) standard for connectivity. Multiple VPNs are supported.

    Phone Features


    Set down your device and enjoy hands-free calls with the integrated speakerphone feature.

    Short message service (SMS)

    Send text messages to friends and co-workers.

    Multimedia Message Service (MMS)

    Send pictures and video clips to friends’ devices.


    FIPS 140-2-Compliant

    Windows Mobile 5.0, based on Windows CE 5.0, is FIPS 140-2-certified, meaning it meets the stringent U.S. government security requirements for IT products.

    Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) support.

    Enables connection to secure wireless networks that use WEP and WPA authentication.

    Remote API restricted mode support (RAPI)

    Enables device-makers to develop devices that will play only RAPI applications.

    128-bit encryption strength for CryptoAPI

    Enables independent software vendors and corporate developers to develop additional security for the Windows Mobile platform.

    Additional Features

    Support for integrated hard drives**

    Devices that Windows Mobile partners have built with included hard drives allow you to bring multiple GBs of e-mail, music, PowerPoint files or any data with you on your mobile device.

    Landscape and Portrait viewing modes

    View your applications and Today screen in standard Portrait mode, or switch to Landscape mode for a new perspective.

    Persistent storage

    Designed to prevent losing data on your, device, devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 provide persistent storage: Even if your battery dies, the device stores all your files, applications, settings and device data.

    3G network support**

    Windows Mobile 5.0 adds support for 3G networks such as Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) and allows for simultaneous use of voice and data.

    Multiple e-mail account support

    Windows Mobile 5.0 supports up to eight separate IMAP and POP3 e-mail accounts so you can stay connected to all your e-mail from one device.

    Games: Bubble Breaker and Solitaire

    Two classic games to pass time and have fun.

    Bold features are new to Windows Mobile 5.0.

    * For connected devices, connectivity and over-the-air synchronization solutions may require separately purchased equipment and/or other wireless products (e.g., Wi-Fi card, network software, server hardware or redirector software). Service plans are required for Internet, Wi-Fi and phone access. These products and services may need to be purchased separately. Features and performance may vary by service provider. See device manufacturer, service provider and/or corporate IT department for details.

    **Features may vary depending on the device-maker or operator offering the device.

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