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    Political environment

    Political decisions influence in a multiple way. Authorities in every market want to

    • protect companies from each other

    • protect consumers from unfair business practices and

    • protect the interests of society against unbridled business behavior

    and their implications will continue to be an important factor in business. Since this area can not be predicted; organizations have to carefully adapt the necessary measures.


    Every company beside the external environment have to understand their internal as well. The core marketing system of the company contains the suppliers / company / marketing intermediaries / customers chain. Kotler also argues that the companies success by two additional groups; competitors and publics.


    Every organisation is a society in a mini scale all the departments have their impact in the final plans and actions. The effective co - ordination is the key point for the best results.


    Any development in the «supplier» environment can have a substantial effect on the company’s operation. Can you imagine a car repair shop without any spare parts? Supply shortages for any reason ( labour strikes) can cause great damages . Two scenarios are involved in this case , a Just In Case (JIC) supply system where you have stock in case you need it and Just In Time (JIT) where you order the stock at the time you need it.

    • marketing intermediates Intermediaries include middlemen, physical distribution firms marketing. Service agencies and financial intermediaries.

    • middlemen are all these that help the company find customers or close sales. There are two types agent middlemen and merchant middlemen.

    • physical distribution firms assist the company in stocking and moving goods .

    • marketing agencies such as marketing research firms, advertising agencies, media firms and marketing consulting firms, assist the company in targeting and promoting its products.

    • financial intermediaries include banks, credit companies, insurance companies finance or insure risk connected with goods and services.


    There are five types of consumer markets

    • I. Consumer markets

    • II. Industrial market

    • III. Re seller market

    • IV. Government and nonprofit markets

    • V. International market

    finally competitors can be analysed into four types

    • Desire competitors

    • form competitors

    • brand competitors

    A basic observation about the task of competing effectively is involved in four basic dimensions the 4 Cs



    Competitors and the

    Company characteristics

    at the end publics is any group that has an actual or potential interest or impact on a company’s ability to achieve the goods.

    Every company faces several important publics

    • Financial public

    • Media publics

    • Government publics

    • Citizen action

    • Internal public


    The basic environmental factors were described in the chapter Macro and micro factors were analysed and their importance was identified s they are closely connected with every business operation

    Revision about lesson1

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