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    All reports from the EuroCompetence project are prepared by the actual work package teams, with a responsible author and contact person for each report. Names of team members and contact persons/addresses are listed on the front page.

    Strategic Internet Marketing

    The EuroCompetence project

    Spring 2000

    A collaboration between TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece and Sor-Trondelag College, Norway

    T. Kargidis, P. Monastiridis and A. Mikalsen

    Course description

    This course is designed to provide students real world Internet and WWW-experience with particular focus on marketing communication challenges. The Internet is changing the practice of marketing and how business is conducted in a globally competitive environment. Strategic applications of integrated marketing communications on the Internet are evolving at an exponential rate. Understanding this rapidly changing phenomenon is critical to the development of managerial skills suitable for the next millennium.

    More specific the course starts with introducing the students to basic marketing concepts such as market analysis, market segmentation, consumer behaviour, marketing mix and marketing strategies. In the end of the first four weeks there is an evaluation in both topics, which students have to pass to get into part 2 of the course.

    Part 2 of the course takes the students into a more advanced level in marketing concepts with special attention to challenges provided by Internet. Through 8 weeks the students are introduced to topics like advanced consumer behaviour, integrating new technologies in marketing, marketing research on Internet and different communication strategies. In parallel with the lessons in part 2 the students will have to work with a project. This project will take place in a company, found by the students, and includes a report making a full Internet communication strategy for the company.

    The material of this course is based on a previous version designed and tried out in the context of the Socrates ODL Project DoODL (http:www.idb.hist.no/DoODL). The material was updated and extended in order to comply with the current trends in the domain of Strategic Internet Marketing

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    For the EuroCompetence team

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