• Designation : Senior Web Developer
  • Total Leadership Online, CA
  • Designation : Sr. Web Developer
  • Designation : Sr. Software Engineer
  • Web cam integration Project, Sharpdezine, UK
  • Designation : Software Engineer
  • InfoExperts

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    Richardson, TX 75083

    Tel: 972-671-1500 Fax: 972-671-1505

    Email: admin@infoexpertsusa.com

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    • 6 years of experience in Analysis, Design and Development of Web based N-Tier applications using LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) and Java Technologies.

    • Strong experience and sound knowledge of PHP 4.0/5.0, MySQL, Linux, Apache 2.0, Java, XML, XSLT, HTML, XHTML, Perl, Shell Scripts, C#, ASP.NET, Web Services, SOAP, ASP, MS SQL Server, Payment Gateways (Paypal, Authorize.net, Verisign, Secure Pay, 2Checkout), E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solutions, FedEx, USPS and Regular Expressions.

    • Extensive experience in Design and implementation of presentation and application business logic for complex enterprise applications.

    • Exposed to the quality oriented methodologies and processes with Rational Unified Processes (RUP) ‘Inception’, ‘Elaboration’, ’Construction’ and ‘Transition’ phases.

    • Securing a strong expertise on Object Oriented N-Tier Enterprise Applications and Web Applications using PHP 5.0, MySQL, Linux, Java, C#, ASP.NET, XML Web Services etc.

    • Worked extensively with other members of the development team to incorporate a user-centered design approach to software development. Also worked directly with product management, support and marketing organizations to agree upon product design and functionality.

    • Hands on experience working with architectures like Model View Controller. (MVC)

    • Administration and configuration of Redhat/Fedora Linux Servers. Good knowledge of Webmin and CPANEL/WHM.

    • A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

    • Excellent Interpersonal skills and an innate ability to provide motivation, and open to new and innovative ideas for best possible solution.


    • Securing live design/development experience under Healthcare, Telecommunications, Financial and Ecommerce business domains with LAMP and Microsoft technologies.

    • Worked on the highly customizable and extensible web products, stand alone applications and client-server applications.

    • Experienced working with backend such as SQL Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers etc with Oracle (PL/SQL), SQL Server.


    • B.S. Computer Science.

    • Dip. In Software Engineering (With Honors).

    • Total Web Software Professional (TWSP) certification from GLOBSYN TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Calcutta.


    • Internet/Intranet : PHP 4.0/5.0, Java, XML, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, AJAX, XSLT, Java Script, Perl, ASP 3.0, AWT/Swing, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Cascade Style Sheet (CSS), C# and ASP.NET.

    • O/S: Linux 2.2 (Redhat, Fedora, FreeBSD), Windows NT/98/95/2K, Sun Solaris 2.7.

    • RDBMS/DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/7.0, MySQL, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, Microsoft Access , FoxPro 2.6

    • Web/Application Servers: Apache 2.0, IIS 5.0, Cold Fusion 4.5, Samba.

    • Web Designing Tools/IDE: Zend Studio 4.0, DreamWeaver MX 5.0, Macromedia Homesite 4.5/MX 5.0.

    • Version Control Tools: WinCVS, Microsoft Visual Source Safe.

    • Other tools and technologies: Zend Optimizer, cPanel/WHM, Webmin 1.2, LoadRunner, Smarty 2.6. PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository), CURL, Sendmail 8.0, POP/IMAP, Turck MMCache. ImageMagick® 6.2, GD Library.


    Total Experience: 6 years as elaborated below.

    • InfoExperts, TX, US.

    • Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SEI CMM 4 Level Company) - Sunnyvale, CA.

    • IndiaNIC Ltd, Ahmedabad, INDIA.

    • Mitla Infoway Pvt.Ltd - Bombay, INDIA.


    Comparison Shopping for Health – Healthia Inc, CA.

    Duration : May 2005 – Aug 2005
    Designation : Senior Web Developer

    Healthia (www.healthia.com) provides America's first comparison shopping and research portal for consumer driven healthcare, enabling businesses and their employees to choose health plans and ancillary health benefits objectively and transparently.

    Healthia provides tools to Select and Compare health plans in various region of United States and budget the users health insurance purchases. Healthia lets user to compare the HSA providers from around the country, and one of the best fits their needs. Bessemer Venture Partners is the lead investor in Healthia Inc.
    The second phase of the development projected to include shopping of group insurance plan and data collection and automatic electronic claim processing of HCFA & UB92 claim forms.

    PHP 4.0, MySQL 4.1, Apache 1.2, Fedora Linux, Pear DBObjects, Smarty 2.6, WinCVS.


    • Involved in the design, development, testing, debugging, bugs fixing and documentation of the overall system.

    • Proposed a MVC frame work model and created a Smarty template engine based coding strategy to achieve this goal.

    • Coded the business component object to place the company, employee and dependent details and Request for a Quote.

    • Worked along with the team of designers to get done the UI and navigation aspects of the core site.

    • Involved in developing the authentication and registration modules for user entities like Insurance agencies and Employees.

    LeadBranch® - WorkFlow Technologies Inc, CA

    Duration : January 2005 – April 2005
    Designation : Senior Web Developer

    Workflow technologies Inc. is a tech solution provider who sells and supports its technology mainly in the real estate, mortgage and print industry through various service providers who already established in various industries and vertical markets.

    LeadBranch® - is a high-end web based lead generation system that Mortgage and Lead Companies are seeking to establish HIGH-INTEREST-CLOSING LEADS. The mortgages lead system that delivers CLOSING OPPORTUNITIES to Loan Officers by pre-qualifying prospects and borrowers. All leads delivered are guaranteed and are processed through a certified call center before the staff spends valuable time and effort interviewing potential customers.

    PHP 5.0, MySQL 4.1, RedHat Linux 2.2, Apache 2.0, WinCVS.


    • Worked as a Module leader in LeadBranch® mortgage suit project, involve in various project planning and management activities, team briefings, customer communication and co ordinate with system analyst and network administrator.

    • Helped in formulating the business case for the site, designed the logical and physical structure of the application.

    • Created a well tuned and sophisticated MySQL 4.1 database to handle complex queries, which include Transaction SQL, Data backup queries, Sub queries and indexes.

    • Coded various structured modules for Lender/Lead providers subscription, Earnings management and Lead collection/distribution process using PHP 5.0, Pear Data Access libraries.

    • Implemented business logic as PHP 5.0 Objects and used Smarty Template engine to separate the presentation layer from the actual business logic.

    • Defined standard XML DTD and CSV structures for bulk uploading the Lead data as either XML or CSV formats. Coded modules to parse these documents and store the information to the database.

    • Used centralized SOAP based web services to Register New Member, Member Authentication and Member Credit Limit Inquiry operations and to Get Alert about the lead posting/closing events, which are frequent operation carried out by the rest of the applications.

    • Developed a scheduler to create the backup and archiving of the MySQL database and monitor the performance of the overall system.

    Zoid Product Research Engine – Zoid Inc, CA.

    Duration : June 2004 – December 2004
    Designation : Senior Web Developer

    ZOID is basically a web based product research engine integrating various third party services from Amazon Web Service, EBay, LinkShare, Feedster and SearchFeed etc. System maintains a very huge and ever increasing database of keywords and the similar and related keywords to those keywords are attained by querying the Google sandbox, Yahoo keyword database etc.

    ZOID integrates the product information, price comparison, EBay Auction list, News feeds, Blogs, Product Review section and a Directory list for each keyword requested and for the best suitable product listed. A Smarty based caching engine is created to generate the search result pages and caching it so that next time the page is requested it will be served from the cache.

    PHP 4.3, MySQL4.1, Apache 1.2, Fedora Linux, XHTML, XML, XSL, CURL, Smart 2.6. Flash MX 5.0


    • Involved in designing and developing a prototype application using PHP 4.3 and Smarty based on MVC Framework.

    • Created a well tuned and sophisticated MySQL database to handle complex queries, backup queries, sub queries and indexes.

    • Worked on developing the components to integrate the services like Amazon Web Service (AWS 3.0), eBay Auction service and SearchFeed etc.

    • Developed the unique caching engine to store and serve the already requested product result pages.

    • Made use of XML/XSLT to display the similar category products from the Amazon XML response data to customize and directly display with pagination.

    • Setup and administered the Fedora Linux Server for the various additional apache and PHP module like Apache Rewrite, Curl etc.

    Diz4Biz Print site Studio – 4over Inc, CA.

    Duration : November 2003 – June 2004
    Designation : Senior Web Developer

    Diz4biz is an online web site design tool that takes away all the technical hassles involved in designing a high quality professional online print shop web site. It is fast, affordable, flexible and does not require the skills of a web site designer or programmer. One can choose from over a hundred templates and customize them according to his/her business compulsions.

    Additionally diz4biz offer a Flash MX 5.0 based online design center to design, customize and create the print products like Business cards, flyers, Envelopes and Letterheads etc. on the fly and create an EPS/PDF version of the designed products and send it to the print brokers.
    A control manager is available for the print brokers for the selection and pricing of various print products and set the print properties. Additionally, orders can be viewed and managed from the control manager.


    PHP 4.0, Flash MX 5.0, MySQL 4.1, Apache 1.2, Fedora Linux, ImageMagick 6.2, SWF Tools, Smarty 2.5.


    • Involved in the design, development, testing, debugging, bugs fixing and documentation of the overall system.

    • Developed of additional modules to the current site building tool like Pricing tool, Integration of InterShipper APIs and FLASH based ODC (Online Designing Center) to create the various print products real time with various customizing tools.

    • Installation and setting of Linux Web Server with ImageMagick 6.2, Ghostscripts and SWF Tools.

    • Extensively used the ImageMagick APIs like convert, merge along with the flash XML out put data to create the PDF and EPS output of the print design formats of the ODC.

    Total Leadership Online, CA

    Duration : August 2003 – October 2003

    Designation : Senior .NET Developer

    This is an E-leaning system developed using C# and Flash 5.0. The purpose of the site is to provide a workspace for the users to create diagnostic profiles and conduct the various diagnostics and to track the statistics. The site has various questionnaires and diagnostic methods populated by the backend administrator. The stakeholder maps and graphs are generated through flash and saved as web images using C# for later usage.


    The primary responsibilities are to designing and development of various application using ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2000 and FLASH MX 5.0.

    • Responsible for interaction with users and the client and prepared a system plan for migrating offline training data to a web based learning management system.

    • Designed n-tire application architecture and developed design document.

    • Responsible for designing database tables and backend programming

    • Worked along with the team of developers to create C# code behind scripts and user controls

    • Worked developing the GDI components to draw and visualize the diagnostic data and symbols from a Flash program.

    iGlobalMall – Multi Store Ecommerce integration

    Duration : April 2003 – August 2003
    Designation : Sr. Web Developer

    Efashionhouse (www.efashionhouse.com) is a showcase platform for multiple B2C ecommerce stores. All the stores have common backend control area to make ease managing the various entities like inventory, orders and users. E-commerce front end integrates the third party payment gateway Autherize.net and logistic service module like FedEx and USPS.

    PHP 4.0, MySQL, Apache 1.3, RedHat Linux, XML 1.0


    • Coordinate and manage web development projects between design and programming staff through web development process.

    • Developed reusable class components to provide the functionality of synchronizing the site inventory data with the corresponding yahoo store sites through the XML (objinfo.xml) or CSV.

    • Integrated the Autherize.net payment gateway and logistic service APIs like USPS and FedEx.

    • Extensively used apache mode rewrite functionality to generate search engine friendly static URLs with a reference of product keywords. Backend has support for QuickBooks importing and backing up the database periodically. GD library used to customize the product images.

    Price Comparison Portal – PriceShark.com, CA.

    Duration : January 2003 – April 2003
    Designation : Senior Web Developer

    Priceshark (www.priceshark.com) is an online price comparison search engine that allows merchants to advertise their best products with real time prices. As a user you can quickly and easily find the best price on hundreds of products helping to make an informed buying decision


    PHP 4.0, XML, Apache Mode Rewrite, MySQL 4.1, Apache 1.2, Fedora Linux.


    • Coordinate and manage web development projects between design and programming staff through web development process.

    • Developed reusable class components for the dealer module to provide the functionality of synchronizing the site inventory data with the corresponding yahoo store sites through the XML (objinfo.xml) or CSV.

    • Coded script for performing multiple product upload, listing and edit functionalities.

    • Integrated third party payment gateway LinkPoint and implemented the SSL for the whole payment process.

    • Build the prototype as per functional specification received from client to show the navigational aspect of the project.

    • Extensively used apache mode rewrite functionality to generate search engine friendly static URLs with a reference of product keywords. Backend has support for QuickBooks importing and backing up the database periodically. GD library used to customize the product images.

    Hedge Fund Tools™ - HedgeCo Networks, FL

    Duration : October 2002 – December 2002
    Designation : Senior Web Developer

    Hedge Fund Tools™ www.hedgefundtools.com is a full online platform for professional service needs. Buyers seeking services post their project in the Marketplace, and service providers bid to do the work. Buyers choose a service provider based on bids, profile information, work samples, and Feedback ratings from previous Hedge Fund Tools™ buyers. Public and private message boards help assure full confidence in both parties before the project begins. After a bid is accepted, the buyer and service provider can then use Work Space to communicate, schedule deadlines, exchange files, and deliver the final product. Once a project is complete, the service provider invoices the buyer through Hedge Fund Tools™ and buyers can use Hedge Fund Tools™ Billing and Payment to send payment to service providers around the world. Both buyer and service provider then enter Feedback ratings, shown on their respective profile pages.


    PHP 4.0, MySQL, Apache 1.2, Fedora Linux, Smarty 2.6.


    • Involved in the design, development, testing, debugging, bugs fixing and documentation of the overall system.

    • Coordinate and manage the re design, development and maintenance process.

    • Developed authentication and registration modules for user entities like Service Providers and Service Buyers and integrated the payment process.

    • Involved in coding the modules for the whole process of project posting which involves different units like Post projects, Receive proposals, Choose provider, Send payment and Leave feedback.

    • Designed and developed the entire control manager area with better automization facilities and easy navigations.

    HedgeCo.net LLC – Hedge fund Platform

    Duration : July 2002 – October 2002
    Designation : Sr. Software Engineer

    HedgeCo.net http://www.hedgeco.net is a hedge fund community database, providing platform for hedge fund managers and investors to place the funds and make investment. The database has tools integrated to post the fund returns and assess the fund statistics and performance.

    PHP 4.0, MySQL, Apache 1.3, Fedora Linux, VB 6.0, XML 1.0


    • Coordinate and manage the re design, development and maintenance process.

    • Developed supporting modules for additional user entities like Service Providers and Fund managers

    • Involved in coding the fund statistics calculator reading the fund returns posted by the fund managers

    • Rewrote and redesigned the entire control manager area with better atomization facilities and easy navigations.

    • Integrated a third party news content provider through the XML service

    • Developed the component tool using VB 6.0 and XML for generating the fund return statistics and to assess the performance of the funds and update the database

    Online Conferencing/Web Presentation system – ConferenceCall.com, TX.

    Duration : June 2002 – July 2002
    Designation : Senior Web Developer

    The Objective of the ConferenceCall.com project is to build a real time web presentation service showcase for people or organization involved in cost effective conferences or meetings. Live presentation and chatting module integration has been achieved using Java and PHP Sockets.

    Conference administrator user can upload and automatically convert a PowerPoint presentation for use in the meeting.  Users can add and store specialty slides such as web pages, polling slides, or desktop snapshots! Various functionalities like Conference creation, Scheduling and Notification have been built-up with the control manager area of the admin entity.

    PHP 4.0, PHP Sockets, MySQL, Apache 1.2, Fedora Linux.


    • Assisted in application designing.

    • Build the prototype as per functional specification received from client to show the navigational aspect of the project.

    • Created the server socket and client socket components using PHP 4.0 sockets for live web presentation.

    • Worked along with group of developers to create a control panel for conference administrator and site administrator to manage, schedule and track real time web presentation.

    Web cam integration Project, Sharpdezine, UK

    Duration : December 2000 – May 2002

    Designation : Sr. Software Engineer

    The project was positioned at the convergence of several exciting, dynamic and fast-growing trends shaping the internet today: Web Conferencing, E-Commerce, Personal Broadcasting, and Broadband Multimedia Streaming. With a webcam-equipped PC can use this platform to offer live or prerecorded web-conferencing and streaming products or services, ranging from online advice and expertise to entertainment.

    The system integrates free web cam software for capturing and streaming of live video data, a central authentication server to verify the access credentials of the users (Cam hosts and Cam Viewers), a chat server and an online archiving server for archive the live stream data once the live telecast is on.

    Java, JMF 2.1.1 (Java Media Framework), JDBC, RTP/RTSP, SUN JPEG Codec, PHP 4.0, Red Hat Linux, MySQL


    • Involved in the System as Member of High Level Application Architecture team, the team is responsible for designing the concrete Application Architecture based upon the system requirements document for further software developments.

    • Developed the complete application named ‘Desktop CamDevil Host’ using java JMF 1.1 and Java swing technologies, which manages capturing, telecasting video data from the webcam software installed at the Cam hosts desktop pc.

    • Developed the applet to load at the Cam Viewers browser using Java 1.2. The applet manages displaying the live video data in the client browser. The applet has functionalities to zoom and magnify specified locations of the video data.

    • Extensively used the multithreading capability of Java (Java Thread)

    • Designed and developed PHP based components and scripts to communicate with the Java controls and components and build up a web based presentation layer.

    General Billing and MIS

    Duration : Sep 2000 – Nov 2000
    Designation : Software Engineer

    The system was a general billing and inventory system for the large resorts, recreational clubs and restaurants having multiple branches across the nation.

    VB 5.0, ActiveX Controls, Data Reports, SQL Server 7.0, Windows 2000 Pro, Microsoft Package and Deployment Wizard, Visual Source Safe

    • Involved in carrying out the analysis of application with the system analyst

    • Coded quote entry, bill print, change table, duplicate bill print and order modification modules

    • Involved in customer communication regarding system integration with their existing accounting application

    • Involved in application testing, installation and maintenance

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    Download 82.59 Kb.

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    Download 82.59 Kb.