• What’s Bad About It
  • So Should You Ignore It
  • What Can A Workshop Do First, Focus on What Works—Not What Might Be Possible
  • Drive Traffic to Your Site(s)
  • What Do We Put On It
  • I. The Internet: What is it really?

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    I. The Internet: What is it really?
    Networked Computers…Including Yours

    Most of this is obvious, but there are some gems in the assumptions that we have about the Internet:

    • 24-7 Connection to Communicate Your Message

    • Relatively Ease to Look Good:

    • “Free” 4-Color

    • “Unlimited Content”

    • Easy To Target Multiple Audiences/Multiple Messages

    • World-Wide Reach

    What’s Bad About It

    • Everybody knows about it!

    It’s free, unless you need to compete.

    • It’s open ended

    The standards are still being set

    • And all the stuff no one talks about

    It’s confusing

    You need a plug-in! (special and changing requirements)

    So Should You Ignore It?

    Only if you want to go out of business…

    It’s a new telephone—would you pass on your directory listing?

    It’s replacing brochures and other materials—for smart businesses

    It’s even serving as a “store counter” and business tools

    One recent report indicated that 34 percent of the households now have a Web connection. That’s more than 1/3 and it’s climbing every day. More importantly, an even higher percentage of businesses are now online.

    What Can A Workshop Do?

    First, Focus on What Works—Not What Might Be Possible

    Establish a Web presence—GET A DOMAIN NAME. Today.

    Build a Web site with pages to emphasize your key goals

    You may need multiple sites or at least separate, categorized pages for business & “services”

    Drive Traffic to Your Site(s)

    Yes, search engines do matter

    But build the site right first


    Keywords in content

    Content content content! (Not smoke and mirrors!)

    Submit to directories and search engines

    Submit to local/regional/topical directories—including “pay” directories

    Exchange links and submit to related sites

    E-mail: not bulk e-mail spam but your present contacts. Start building an e-mail list TODAY.

    Incentives and contests

    But Most of All—use that URL on EVERYTHING you send out…and dream up new excuses to send it out again!

    Letterhead, brochures, news releases, yellow pages, advertisements
    What Do We Put On It?

    It depends…. but here’s some thoughts

    List of Services


    Case Histories


    Who we Are

    Virtual Tour

    “More Information Request” form

    News releases

    Ask your customers what they need to know!

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    Download 40.5 Kb.

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    I. The Internet: What is it really?

    Download 40.5 Kb.