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    Windows Me

    Better living in the digital world

    Windows® Millennium Edition, or Windows Me, is the new home operating system for PC's that brings the richness and convenience of the digital world to your home. Windows Me will be available from September 14th 2000

    The Best in Digital Media: New technologies and features make it easy to share digital photos, videos, and music. Windows Me includes Movie Maker, Windows Media Player 7, new imaging technology for digital still cameras and scanners, and superior 3D graphics and sound support.
    Improved User Experience: Advanced help functions make it the most trouble-free operating system for the home. System Restore lets users easily return their systems to a working state, and System File Protection safeguards key system files. Help and support resources are easily accessible from a single location, and AutoUpdate lets users easily schedule automatic updates from the Windows Update site.
    Rich Internet Experience: Internet Explorer 5.5 improves the online experience with faster browsing and easier printing. Outlook Express and MSN Messenger Service keep you connected with friends, and family around the world. Internet-ready versions of classic games let you participate in online gaming fun.

    Enhanced Home Networking: The improved Home Networking Wizard simplifies the process of setting up a home network, and Internet Connection Sharing allows users to share a single Internet connection across multiple PC's. There's a new TCP/IP network protocol for improved reliability and security on the Internet, and also support for Universal Plug and Play - the next generation of smart devices.

    Windows Media Player 7: You can download favourite music from the Internet or record music from CD's you already own. Create custom play lists, transfer music to portable devices, and listen to Internet radio stations.
    Windows Movie Maker: Easily create, edit, and share movies over the Internet using content from sources such as camcorders, videotape, and digital still cameras. Supports the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) standard for wireless connectivity.
    Online Games: Play online versions of classic games like Backgammon, Hearts, Reversi, Spades, and Checkers with easy access to well-matched online opponents.
    Internet Connection Wizard: The Internet Connection Wizard is designed to make a first time connection to the Internet simple.
    AutoUpdate: An extension of Windows Update that let's users easily schedule regular, automatic updates of their Windows Me PC.
    DirectX: Adds depth to multimedia and gaming experiences by increasing the realism and quality by providing better imaging, built-in support for Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) and MMX technologies. Also supports force-feedback controllers.
    Help and Support Centre: All help and support resources, whether on the web or the local PC, are easily available from the new Help and Support Centre.
    Home Networking Wizard: An improved Home Networking Wizard simplifies the process of setting up a home network with easy step-by-step instruction. Windows Me supports popular ways of creating a home network, including Ethernet, HomePNA, and RF.

    uite of Tools for Internet Communication:
    Includes: Outlook Express, an e-mail and news reading client; Microsoft NetMeeting, Internet conferencing; Windows Media Player, streaming multimedia services, and more.


    Windows Image Acquisition (WIA): WIA is the next generation of imaging device support for Windows. It lets users obtain pictures from cameras and scanners, and perform simple operations on those pictures without additional software.

    MSN Messenger Service: Find out which of your contacts is online, and send and receive messages instantly with MSN Messenger Service.
    Smart Menus: Smart Menus minimize the amount of clutter on the desktop and adapt to the way a user works, showing the most frequently used features and programs.
    Support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP): UPnP will enable the next generation of smart networking devices. Windows Me has built-in support for UPnP so its ready to work with these devices as they become available.
    System File Protection: This built-in safeguard prevents users or applications from deleting or overwriting key system files.
    System Restore: Restore your system to a working state in the event of a significant problem, and quickly get back to using the PC.
    Additional Features: Windows Maintenance Wizard, Accessibility Enhancements, Automatic Skip Driver Agent (ASD): Client Support for Virtual Private Networking, Display Settings Features: Dr. Watson Utility, Improved ScanDisk and Defrag, Internet Connection Sharing, Multiple Display Support: New TCP/IP stack, PCMCIA Support Power Management Improvements, Smarter Error Messages, Support for Intel MMX processors, Support for the Latest Hardware, Major hardware standards supported, Troubleshooters, Web-Aware User Interface, Windows Driver Model (WDM) support, Built-in Support for the Infrared Specification & Windows Scripting Host.

    Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition Upgrade

    Launch: September 2000

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    Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition Full

    Launch: September 2000

    ESP: £139.99

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    Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition Promotional Step Up (98 Users)

    Launch: September 2000

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    System requirements

    Note: Information is preliminary and subject to change.

    • Pentium or equivalent, 150 MHz or higher processor. 32 MB of RAM. (More memory improves performance).

    • Typical installation requires approximately 270 MB of available hard-disk space, (includes 100MB average for backup files during installation) but may range between 220 MB and 410 MB (includes 125MB for backup files during installation), depending upon system configuration and options selected. VGA or higher resolution monitor, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.

    • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.

    For Internet access*:

    • 28.8 modem or fax modem

    *Internet access may require payment of a separate fee to an Internet Service Provider.


    Connect time charges may apply.

    For sound:

    • Sound card and speakers; or headphones; or speakers.

    For DVD Video:

    • DVD-ROM drive and compatible DVD decoder card (or DVD decoder software). For Windows Media™ Player: 4 MB free hard-disk space per stored song, portable music player for downloading music.

    For Windows Movie Maker:

    • 300 MHz or higher processor (400Mhz or higher for digital video camera), 64 MB of RAM, compatible audio and video capture devices,

    • Internet connection and e-mail application.

    © 2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT and Windows Media are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and /or other countries. All information is correct at the time of going to press. Information and data can change without notice. Errors and Omissions expected.

    Download 41.56 Kb.

    Download 41.56 Kb.

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    M new icrosoft® Windows Me

    Download 41.56 Kb.