“Mark Hadjipateras” – Retrospective exhibition – Paintings, sculpture , photographs & installation - Municipal gallery of Athens , Pireos str

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2008 “Mark Hadjipateras” – Retrospective exhibition – Paintings, sculpture , photographs & installation
- Municipal gallery of Athens , Pireos str.

2007 “Building Hope” – installation at Zappion playground Athens 2007 part of “Topoi” exhibition curated by Dennys Zacharopoulos

Mark Hadjipateras-Photography”, Citrone Gallery, Poros, Greece

Home ‘n Friends”, Installation, Municipal Gallery of Rhodes.

Affordable Solutions for a Better Living”, Denise. Bibro Fine Art, New York

IN TRANSIT”, a.antonopoulou.art, Athens, Greece

2005No Visa”, a.antonopoulou.art, Athens, Greece

2004Recent works on paper”, Denise Birbo Fine Art, New York

2003Recent work and 28th Street Installation”, Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York

2001Sections”, photosculpture, Gallery Kalfayan, Thessaloniki, Greece

Once upon a box…”, paintings, installation, Artio Gallery, Athens, Greece

2000 One Time, One Dream”, paintings & monoprints, Gallery Kalfayan,

Thessaloniki, Greece

Glance upon a time-Once upon a glance”, Art Resources Transfer, New York

1998XERO OUR TEN AM”, mixed media installation, Art ResourcesTransfer,New


1997Photo-Sculpture”, Ileana Tounta Art Center, Athens, Greece

Lost and Found”, assemblage sculpture, Artio Gallery, Athens,Greece

1995 “Sculpture”, Artio Gallery, Athens, Greece

Monotypes & Sepia Photographs”, Gallery K, London, England

1994 “Photo-Sculpture”, Littlejohn/Sternau Gallery, New York

1991 “Syros Sculpture”, Artio Gallery, Athens, Greece

Kiddie City”, mixed media installation, M-13 Gallery, Project Room, New York

1989 “Paintings”, Asuka Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Paintings” ,Lousie Hallett gallery , London ,UK

1986 “Recent paintings”, Dracos Art Center, Athens, Greece

1984 “Recent paintings”, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York

Group exhibitions

2012 Creativity in a Time of Chaos” (three person exhibition), ACS College Athens

Polimorfies”, Ekfrasi gallery, Athens

Art Wynwood 2012” Denise Bibro Fine Art booth, Miami

2011 “House”, Texnopolis, Athens, Greece

2010 “The collections of the Municipal Gallery” , curated by Nelly Kuriazi inaguaral
exhibition at the new Municipal Gallery of Athens building. (Leonidiou str.)

Tracing Istanbul”, curated by Iris Critikou – Sismanogleio megaro,

Hellenic consulate, Istanbul.

Istanbul Istanbul - Turkiyadagi eng katta shahar, Istanbul elining maʼmuriy markazi. Aholisi 6 536 862 kishi (2011-yil oʻrtalari). I. Marmardengizi va Bosfor boʻgʻozining past-baland sohillarida joylashgan. Boʻgʻoz shaharni ikkiga - Osiyo (kichikroq qismi) va Yevropa qismiga boʻlib turadi.

Peri iroon kai ...”, curated by Iris Critikou – Municipal Gallery of Kalamata,


Scupltures on the Garden”, curated by Bia Papadopoulou – Installation at the

Botanical Garden of the Foka – Kosmetatou Foundation, Kefalonia.

2009 ``With white or red ” curated by Xanthipi Skarpia – Hoipel &Maria Triantafillidou

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art – Thessaloniki, Greece

2008 `` Art & Nature 2008 `` curated by Yannis Bolis – Villa Kazouli –Athens, Greece

``Silent dialogues`` curated by Megakles Rogakos – ACG art gallery – Athens,


``Digital romance`` curated by Aris Stoidis – Vilka ARTFORUM – Thessaloniki,


``Spaghetti ala aaart`` – a.antonopoulou art gallery - Athens, Greece

``Art Athina`` - Helexpo - Athens, Greece

Ikastiko Panorama” – Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, Greece

2007 “Genethlios Topos” Benaki Museum Pireos str.Athens curated by Iris Criticou

Topoi” – Benaki Museum Pireos str. Athens curated by Dennys Zacharopoulos

Re-start”, Art Athina Helexpo, Athens, Greece

In-situations”, Municipal Gallery of Kalamata, curated by Megakles Rogakos

Ithaca Regained”, Kouros Gallery, New York, curated by Dr. Irving Sandler

2006Tattoo my art : a.antonopoulou.art curated by Nantia Argyropoulou

Masquarades”: Femininity, masculinity and other such uncertainties”,

a mixed media installation at the State Museum of Contemporary Art,

Thessaloniki, Curated by Syvago Tsiara.

“Once there was Penelope Delta” , Athens College Theater, Curated by Iris


Fun with Ikea” Mixed media installation curated by Alexandra Koroxenidis, at

Imperial Hotel Athens, Greece

Visions 6” exhibitions at Athens Imperial Hotel Athens organized by Kappatos gallery. 2006 Athens, Greece

“Art on the front page II” exhibition at Mpenaki Museum pireos str curated by Katerina Koskina.

Blender” curated by Cordy Ryman Sundaramtagore gallery New York.

2005Art Athina”, -Hellexpo. Athens, Greece

2004The Emfietzoglou collection-Greek American Artists” Halandri Art`

Center Athens, Greece

Summer Exhibition” Denise Bibro Gallery New York.

Athina by Art” outdoor installation in Thision area, Athens (for Olympic Games ), Greece

Summer group show of gallery artists” a. antonopoulou art , Athens, Greece

Art Athina, contemporary art fair” . Helliniko Airport.

2003Coup de Coeur”, Ethousa Texnis Athinon, Curated by Evgenia Alexaki

Conversation exhibition with Phyllis Ideal”, ArtResources Transfer, New York

2002In Search of The Olympic Idea”, Municipal Gallery of Athens, Greece

2001A Vindication of Tlon-The Fantastical in Photography”, Photosyngyria 2001,

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

19th Annual Wreath Interpretations Exhibition”, Arsenal Galley , New York

2000Modern Odysseys”, State Museum of Cont. Art, Moni Lazariston,

Thessaloniki, Greece

1999Modern Odysseys”, Queens Museum of Art, New York

New Faces”, Foundation for Hellenic Culture, New York

1998Heinz Project”, Visual Arts Gallery, County College of Morris, N. J.

1.516.ARTISTS”, Yellow House, Greenport, New York.

Footfalls ‘98”, Installation on Mitchell Dock, Greenport, New York.

1997 “Artists as Collector”, Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland.

1996 “Monoprakta”, Santa Marina, Mykonos, Greece

Christmas Show”, Artio Gallery, Athens, Greece

Summer Show”, Kouros Sculpture Center,Ridgefield Connecticut

1995 “Chess and Checkers”, Exit Art, New York.

National Showcase IV”, Alternative Museum, New York.

Benefit Exhibition”, Storefront for Art & Architecture, New York.

Summer Group Show of Gallery Artists”, Artio Gallery, Athens, Greece

Kiss III”, Gallery K, London, England

1994 The Landscape“ – “Manahatta“ installation, Steinbaum/ Krauss Gallery, New


Kiss II”, Gallery K, London, England

Bridge”, CitiBank, Athens, Greece

1993 Socrates 93 NEW YORK 50 (TERRAIN), Socrates Sculpture Park, New York.

1992 “Drawings by Sculptors”, Kouros Gallery, New York.

Environmental” Sculpture (CASTAWAYS), Kouros Sculpture Center, Ridgefield


1991 “Summer Group Show”, M-13 Gallery, New York.

This Art is for the Birds”, Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston

Selections from the Permanent Collection”, B.&E. Goulandris Museum of

Modern Art, Andros, Greece

1990 “New Voices in Greek-American Art”, Cooper Union, New York.

Diversity in Environmental Sculpture”, Kouros Gallery Sculpture Center,

Ridgefield Connecticut

1989 “Lexis”, curated by Theodore Stamos, Cultural Center, Lefkada, Greece

1988 “Black & White”, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore

First Art Symposium”,Minos Beach, Agios Nikolaos - Crete, Greece (Brussels


Group Exhibition”, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore

1987 “Chevalier, Farthing, Hadjipateras”, Albert Totah Gallery, New York

Gallery Artists”, Albert Totah Gallery, New York

1986 “Discoveries”, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York

The March Hare Show”, Lasser gallery, New York.

1985 “Transfigurations”, Ericson Gallery, New York.

Gallery Artists”, Dracos Art Center, Athens, Greece

Summer Show”, Kamikaze Club, New York.

Little Works by Big Thinkers”, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York.

Microwave”, NOW Gallery, New York.

Illuminations”, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York.

1984 “Man and Nature”, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York..

1984 “Bachenallia”, Thompkins Square Library, New York

Racist America”, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York.

Heat”, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York.

Paintings and Paintings”, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York.

1983 “The American Cauldron” (Downtown Energy), Kouros Gallery, New York..

Drawings, Prints, Photographs”, Frank Mario Gallery, New York.

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“Mark Hadjipateras” – Retrospective exhibition – Paintings, sculpture , photographs & installation - Municipal gallery of Athens , Pireos str

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