• Internet Marketing Strategy
  • The Role of the Website
  • Planning and Building a Web Presence
  • Campaign Planning Process
  • 1st Year/ Second Semester
  • Analytics and Testing’s
  • Growing your brand and business
  • Masters Course: 50 Credits

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    Masters Course: 50 Credits

    1 Credit Hour: 16 Hours

    Duration: 2 Years

    1st Year/ First Semester

    Course Name: Internet Marketing Overview

    Course Code: GWO101

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Fundamentals of internet marketing

    • History of internet marketing

    • The internet marketing Model

    • Key subject matter areas of internet marketing

    Course Name: Internet Marketing Strategy

    Course Code: GWO102

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Digital marketing mix and strategy

    • Unique value propositions and calls to action

    • Target audience identification

    • Common internet market tools

    Course Name: The Role of the Website

    Course Code: GWO103

    Credit Hours: 2

    • Websites features and placement

    • Requirements for effective writing

    • Search engine compatibility

    • Successful website strategies

    Course Name: Planning and Building a Web Presence

    Course Code: GWO104

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Creating a website and blog

    Course Name: Campaign Planning Process

    Course Code: GWO105

    Credit Hours: 2

    • Metrics, KPIs and success factors

    • Launching and measuring online campaigns

    • Sales funnels

    • Methods of campaign tracking

    • Advanced strategies and tactics

    1st Year/ Second Semester

    Course Name: Strategic Search Engine Marketing

    Course Code: GWO106

    Credit Hours: 4

    Course Name: Analytics and Testing’s

    Course Code: GWO107

    Credit Hours: 4

    • History of Analytics

    • Typing results to gold

    • Implementing A/B and other method

    • Creating reports

    • Determining trends, outcomes and new trends

    Course Name: Growing your brand and business

    Course Code: GWO108

    Credit Hours: 4

    • Elements of a social media policy

    • Benefits of crowd sourcing and crowd funding

    • Content Calendars

    • SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)

    Download 114.02 Kb.
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    Download 114.02 Kb.

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    Masters Course: 50 Credits

    Download 114.02 Kb.