• Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Current Masters Research
  • Experience Vecna Technologies
  • AirVentions Inc.
  • International Development House
  • Webmaster
  • Spanish
  • Mit address Jonathan E. Abbott

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    MIT Address Jonathan E. Abbott

    550 Memorial Drive, 13B4 jabbott@mit.edu

    Cambridge, MA 02139 Portfolio: http://web.mit.edu/jabbott/www/

    MechE with comp sci seeking full-time benevolent engineering work starting Jan 2016


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, MA

    - Masters in Mechanical Engineering, GPA 4.9/5.0 Feb 16

    - Undergrad in Mechanical Engineering with Economics Conc., GPA 4.9/5.0 Feb 14

    Cambridge University in England, Cambridge-MIT Exchange Spring 13

    Current Masters Research Cambridge, MA / India

    Indian Beekeeping Researcher for MIT Tata Center Summer 14 - Present

    - Use computational fluid dynamics for modeling hive ventilation and entrance designs

    - Designed, prototyped, tested electromechanical entrances and a novel weight mechanism

    - Improved quality control for manufacturer of 30k boxes/yr and provided consulting to $100k NGO

    - Interact with key stakeholders: beekeepers, manufacturers, researchers, government, and NGOs

    - Supervised three students and coordinated running experiment in India


    Vecna Technologies Cambridge, MA

    - Coded Python application for technicians to safely calibrate hydraulic robots Summer 13

    - Linked with both Hardware and Software teams to make extensible solution still in use today.

    CINVESTAV Mechatronics Group thru MIT MISTI Mexico Mexico City, Mexico

    - Compared two haptic teleoperation interfaces with teammate, coded Android app Summer 12

    AirVentions Inc. Boston, MA

    - Designed, modeled, and documented airport belt loader sensor layouts to prevent collisions Jan 12


    MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program Cambridge, MA

    - Learned theory and practiced engineering leadership focusing on teamwork Sept 13 - May 2015
    International Development House Cambridge, MA

    - Drafted strategic and implementation plans, treasurer of annual $1.2k Fall 13, Sept 11 - July 14


    MIT MechE 2.017 Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems, 20 students, 12 hrs/wk Spring 14

    MIT ESG 8.012/8.01 TA, Mechanics, 8 students, 5 hrs/wk Falls 11 - 13

    MIT Physics 8.02 TA, E&M, 25 students, 10 hrs/wk Spring 12

    PHA Gave Excel workshop to local teachers, made gradebook now downloaded 6k/yr Feb 12

    MIT+K12 Physics of Unicycling video, over 8k views, see website Jan 12

    web.mit.edu/deflorez, ihouse.mit.edu, mens-ult.mit.edu, pts.mit.edu, adviseme.mit.edu (MIT only)

    Awards, Skills, and Activities

    Computer - SolidWorks, Excel, Ansys Fluent, Creo, Abaqus FEM, Mastercam, PowerMILL, some ROS

    Code - Python, MATLAB, Java/Android, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Verilog, WordPress, OpenCV

    Spanish - Moderately proficient

    Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, MIT Beekeepers Club President

    MISTI Class of ‘61 Fellowship, ESG Community Service Award May 12

    Church, Distance Running, Ultimate, Juggling, Unicycling, Blogging, Trumpet for MIT Jazz Combo

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    Download 15.82 Kb.

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    Mit address Jonathan E. Abbott

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