• Please do not change any default values during installation.
  • Easy Steps to begin using Natural Log Create an NL Database
  • Enter Station Setup Information Click [Setup][Administrator Controls] [Station Settings]
  • Create Log Templates Click [Logs] [Daily Log Templates]
  • Enter Customers, Copy and Orders Click [Traffic] [Customer Browser]
  • Create Logs Click [Logs] [New]
  • Billing
  • Ready
  • Accounts Receivable
  • End-of-Month Closing
  • Natural Log 9 Installation

    Download 18.16 Kb.
    Hajmi18.16 Kb.

    Natural Log 9 Installation

    Download and save the setup file to any convenient location where you can easily find it, such as My Documents or the Desktop. Please do NOT attempt to run this setup file across the Internet.

    After it completely downloads [may take several minutes depending on your download speed], click [RUN] or use My Computer to find the downloaded copy of the setup file to start the Natural Log 9 installer. If you are prompted whether or not to allow the setup file to make changes to your computer during registration, select [YES] . Note: If you are not logged in as Windows Administrator you must provide an administrator password to install the software.

    Please do not change any default values during installation.

    Click Finish when complete. You can click the Desktop Icon to open the program.

    When you start Natural Log click [CONTINUE EVALUATION] to work in 'Demo' evaluation mode for up to 60 days.

    You may also click [REGISTER/ ACTIVATE] to register the software at any time if you have purchased the software upgrade.

    [Note: If you are going to use the network license (installing NL9 on multiple machines, and accessing a shared database; you will need to install and register the software on the server machine first. After the server has been registered, you will simply be able to click ‘Connect as Workstation to Natural Log Server’ on your workstations.]

    After installing Natural Log 9, you have 3 options.

    1. You can open the Sample database for a quick look around the program.

    2. You can create a New Database, create and set up your own station.

    3. You can Import a Database from Natural Log 8 or Natural Log DOS

    Click [New Database] to create your own new database. Enter the database name and click [Create].

    After creating a new database, you will be prompted to enter Station Setup information

    Click the [Add Station] button to add a station to your database.. Enter your new station name, and click [OK].

    You can then proceed with Station Setup. Be sure to setup desired fields on each document. Any of this information can be accessed/edited later by clicking on Setup/Administrator Controls/Station Settings-Document Formats from the main menu of Natural Log.

    After completing Station Setup, proceed to the Setup menu and continue entering Setup information.

    After Station Setup is complete, you can enter Customers, Copy, Orders and Log Templates. Then you are ready to generate logs!

    Easy Steps to begin using Natural Log

    Create an NL Database When you first start Natural Log, if you have not created an initial NL Database, you will need to create one using [File] [New Natural Log Database]. Simply assign the database a unique name [usually the station call sign].

    Import an NL Database You can import your database from Natural Log by clicking on File/Open Natural Log Database. Then select Import Database, and then Import from Natural Log 8. Browse to the file and click Start Conversion. 

    Enter Station Setup Information Click [Setup][Administrator Controls] [Station Settings] to enter station information and automation setup information, if needed. This is also where you can create your Invoice and Statement formats, return addresses, etc. as well as set default values for data entry. You can now create custom fields under Customers, Orders and Copy via Setup/Administrator Controls/Default Data Values/Custom Data Fields. You can also insert an image in your Notary or Station Certification Text fields under Setup/Station Settings-Document Formats/Invoice. See Natural Log Setup from the Help menu.

    Create Log Templates Click [Logs] [Daily Log Templates] to setup your initial Log templates. If you don't set up initial daily log templates (to tell NL where you want commercial breaks and avails to occur when NL creates your daily logs), your first log will be empty! You can edit the color coding in templates within the template by selecting Editor/Color Coding. See Log Templates

    Enter Customers, Copy and Orders Click [Traffic] [Customer Browser] to view your customer list and to enter new Customers and Orders. Import your list of network spot schedules from Premier Radio Networks via Traffic/Network Spot Scheduler/Import. Copy can now be renamed, and copy can be multi-added to rotators. See Customer Entry and Order Entry


    Create Logs Click [Logs] [New] to create a new commercial log for a day. After it is created using your Log template for that day and the Orders you have entered, it will be displayed in the Log Editor for you to edit if needed. You can [Print] the log or do a [Log Conversion] in the Log Editor to create an Automation Log in the proper format to send to your automation system. Easily generate the next day’s log from an existing log by clicking the Next Log button. Logs are now color coded to display network avails, filled breaks, available breaks and break errors. Unfilled breaks display length of time needed to fill. See Commercial Logs


    Billing At the end of the month, use [Billing][Broadcast Invoices]  to create your invoices and affidavits. In the Billing module you first need to select the month to be billed, then click [Charge Logs] to be sure all logs are charged for the period being billed. NL cannot bill for an item on a log until that log is charged. Any invoices ready to be billed will show an Invoice# of Ready. You can review and correct any invoices that are incorrect before finalizing them. When you click [Final Invoices] all ready invoices will be finalized, printed, and moved to accounts receivable. Pre-Billing cycles are now available to generate invoice for customer prior to order completion.


    Accounts Receivable You may enter payments and adjustments through the [Accounts Receivable] module form the main NL menu. You can also edit existing invoices and reissue corrected invoices. . After all transactions for the month are complete you can use [End-of-Month Closing] to close that month to prevent anyone from changing anything after-the-fact. Deposit slips can be printed in Quickbooks format via Accounts Receivable/Deposits. Final Invoices can be exported to Quickbooks via Billing/Export to Quickbooks. Select desired revenue types to export under Setup/Revenue Types.


    Reports The NL report section allows you to print numerous reports such as invoiced sales, payments, aged AR balances useful for your accountant. These reports can be exported in delimited format for importation into any spreadsheet or database program. Duplex and color printing are supported. Reports can be exported to Excel and as XML.


    End-of-Month Closing After all transactions for the month are complete and you have the reports you need, you can use [End-of-Month Closing] to close that month to prevent anyone from changing anything after-the-fact.


    Data Backup Click [Data] [Backup] to backup your data often to multiple media and locations, daily if possible, so if your computer crashes or there is a natural disaster or fire, you will not have to manually reload all your data. Due to wide range of computer systems in use, the existence of malevolent computer viruses, and the fact that no hardware is completely fail-safe, the Natural Log developers make no warranty of any kind that your data won't be corrupted or lost. Do regular data backups to multiple media and locations! This is your only protection against data loss.

    Activating the software after purchase

    If you have purchased the software license, at any time you can click Register/Activate Natural Log on this Computer if registering on a server or on a single workstation. If you have the network license and have already installed and registered the software on the server, but are adding a machine, you can select ‘Connect as Workstation to Natural Log Server’.

    Download 18.16 Kb.

    Download 18.16 Kb.

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    Natural Log 9 Installation

    Download 18.16 Kb.