Notes from Internet Marketing Class – Oregon Main Street Conference

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Notes from Internet Marketing Class – Oregon Main Street Conference

Today the marketing mix is legacy media (newspaper, TV) with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In). By engaging people and creating a media “buzz”, business recognition grows.

Internet Marketing Tree – humanizes your organization; creates engagement and loyalty

(see attached Internet Marketing Tree visual aid)

Social media

Public relations

Online advertising




Search engine marketing

Directories & listings

e-mail marketing

Outclicks – Members of CBDA linked to our page. We can track how many people we redirect to our members websites. This can be used as a selling point of membership in CBDA.

Keep in mind that a mall means finding what you want in the shortest amount of time. Find a way to do that for your downtown and you will gain customer traffic and loyalty. Make your downtown inviting enough that when they’ve finished their “have to” shopping, they will be enticed to do their “pleasure” shopping in the downtown as well.

Ninety-four percent (94%) of US citizens search the web with multiword phrases. Track keyword searches to our area/site – open a Google Plus account and add “words tracker”. (WebCEO - $15.00 per month).

The SRP (Search Results Page) is a tool to show you:

When people search

When people research

When they pursue interests

Facebook advertising – don’t bother trying to reach mass market through FB unless you have over 500 people who have “liked” your page. Google pulls information about people from their age, gender, location, interest, connections and birthday. Facebook pulls information from people’s profiles so their info is much more limited.
LinkedIn is the most respected site in the demographic from ages 38 to 65. Eighty-four percent (84%) of Fortune 500 company’s human resource departments check LinkedIn as a final determining factor of the hire/no hire decision making process.
There are three types of ‘blog’ style internet marketing tools:

  1. Microblog – tells ‘who’ your company is – (Facebook)


  1. Macroblog – tells ‘what’ you/your company know – your expertise – (company blog sites) Example:;

  2. Website – tells what you DO – and this is what people are looking for in short term internet research. After getting discovering what your company DOES, only then do people generally research what your expertise is and who you are. – (Your company website).

FB should humanize your business – not define it. FB is also used to meet people’s need for social validation. When consumers haven’t enough information to make independent decisions about a company – they hunt for clues on FB about a company’s popularity, trust, and rankings (how many ‘likes’ they have). The average FB user is ages 35-49 – they represent 31.6% of all FB posts regarding business. Their average income is $51,000. FB also represents social badging. People who align themselves with stores and brands that they believe will positively impact how their peers view them.
Making the case for a Google Plus account – you automatically get a better Google ranking (with internet searches, it is optimal for your company to show up in the first 4 items on the first page of results of keyword or phrase).
Putting all your company’s ‘stats’ into three buckets: Awareness (of your company); Engagement (with your company); Conversion (shopping at your company, using your services, etc.). Your internet marketing strategy should ideally result in all your stats being used by consumers to translate their awareness of your company into purchasing your company’s goods and services. This is when your information becomes actionable to shoppers.
On a final note, keep in mind that 69% of all marketers who rely solely on social media (FB) to market their company do not have any written marketing strategy and goals.

Download 8.07 Kb.

Download 8.07 Kb.

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    Bosh sahifa

Notes from Internet Marketing Class – Oregon Main Street Conference

Download 8.07 Kb.