• Quick Server Configuration Guideline
  • Installing Application Components
  • Configuring the base application
  • Terminology / Branding Alternations
  • Final Checklist
  • Notes Joinup Installation Procedures
  • Administrative Support Tools
  • Openray Installation and Setup

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    Openray Installation and Setup

    Note: unless specified, the latest commercial releases of the following Open Source software projects should be installed including patch levels.

    Server Requirements

    Operating System: Linux

    Application Server: Apache
    Scripting Language: PHP
    Database: MySQL
    Code Repository: SVN
    Search Engine: Apache SOLR

    Requires Apache Tomcat to be installed

    Quick Server Configuration Guideline

    A quick overview to install and configure a new server ready for the Joinup platform

    • Install server requirements as specified above and check working as expected

    • Install Drupal (must be version 6.x) and check working as expected

    • Install GDLibraries (required by Joinup)

    • Install Pear and Log4PHP (required by ADMS)

    • Run Linux updates to the latest patch levels

    Installing Application Components

    • Download Joinup from https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/svn/joinup/tags/V1.4.4/ into the sites drupal folder

    • Disconnect server from internet / mail servers / external gateways while the application is being setup and configured

    • Database setup

      • Import the database provided into MYSQL

      • Set the db_url and db_prefix in settings.php for the application to connect to the database

        • $db_url['default'] = 'mysqli://root:

        • $db_prefix = '';

      • Run MYSQL command to update the password from the admin user (uid=1)

      • Delete from accesslog; cache; watchdog


    Configuring the base application

    • Run \scripts\clean_database.php and check errors

      • This should remove files from the default directory as well

      • Check \default\files directory is clean from user based content

    • Run cron and check errors

    • Configure SOLR and test connection to SOLR service

      • NOTE: do not set the apachesolr_host, port, path in settings.php so they can be set in drupal admin console /admin/settings/apachesolr

    • Run cron and check errors

    • Check and configure the Captcha settings

      • user settings > CAPTCHA

      • When testing.. if there is an error in registration, remove the 'proxy_server' variable setting in settings.php (was set to 'www-proxy')

    • The application should be functioning now when not logged on (guest) or as the admin user

      • Check thoroughly

      • Flush drupal caches ; internet browser caches ; restart tomcat and apache regularly as changes are made to troubleshoot issues

    • Add a ‘Home Carousel’ image and an initial news item marked as editors choice and update the SOLR search index

    • The application Home page so now show the news item and the image

    • Now run full backups of all components in preparation for thematic / branding adjustments to suite your preferences

    Terminology / Branding Alternations

    Terminology Changes

    Generally the terminology from Joinup as the name of the platform to a new name – such as Openray or Openroad or ShareSA can be done through the Drupal Administration Console – ISA section.
    However the term ‘Joinup’ is hardcoded in a number of source files which are not incorporated back into the Joinup code base

    NOTE: this was discussed at Joinup workshops in October’13 and position was to leave it as if for the time being.
    To fix this:

    1. Create a variable called site_name and set to the required name ie Openray

    2. Go through the following files and where the string ‘Joinup’ is specified, replace with:

    variable_get('site_name', 'Joinup')
















    NOTE: For every new release of Joinup, each of these files need to be checked and the changes made manually.
    NOTE: There are some other alternations made to suite the needs of Openray which are not listed here ie moderated communities; SOLR index incorporating changes when editors choice is flagged etc...

    Branding Changes

    There are a number of images referenced in the source code and located in /sites/all/themes/joinup/images directory that need to be reviewed.

    • Reference to / images/commission

      • Contains the logo for the EC

    • Reference to / images/logo

      • Contains the logo for Joinup

    The images can be placed without a file name change and the application will work OR a new image created and a source code change (ie in template.php) to refer to a new image.

    Ie openray.png instead of joinup.png

    The footer section of the template page needs to be modified to reference correct Social Media external links

    The “Share On this” widget needs to be modified as some as specific to ISA or Joinup

    Final Checklist

    • Check permissions on drupal folders / files meet best practise advice - especially .htaccess and settings.php

    • ADMS can be difficult to initially configure to work

      • For troubleshooting do not set the base_url in settings.php or ADMS functionality may not work.

    • If access errors when accessing the application try this command:

      • 'drush dis -y isa_og_user_roles'

    • configure /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

      • recommend change total memory_limit from 256M to minimum 512M (at end of file)

    • Configure Google Analytics


    Joinup Installation Procedures

    The Joinup and SOLR Installation Procedures were used as a guide
    Some differences with our setup

    • We found php 5.3 is required, not 5.2 (page 3)

    • We do not use Pressflow – just the base Drupal 6.x installation.

    • We didn’t apply the patches (page 4), we let linux update manager handle this (as per our instructions above)

    • We do not specify the SOLR_host, port and path in settings.php (page 4), we prefer to configure using the drupal admin functionality

    • The settings_default.php file referenced on page 4 didnt exist. We have our own. We use a basic settings.php without pressflow configuration / reverse proxy configuration etc...

    Administrative Support Tools







    Download 20.62 Kb.

    Download 20.62 Kb.

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        Bosh sahifa

    Openray Installation and Setup

    Download 20.62 Kb.