Operating System

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Operating System

Microsoft Windows 2000 Windows Internet Service (WINS) Overview

White Paper


The Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system Internet Name Service (WINS) introduces new features and enhancements to the WINS server, WINS client, and WINS Manager. WINS provides a distributed database for registering and querying dynamic computer name-to-IP address mapping in a routed network environment.

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White Paper 1

Introduction 1

WINS Functional Description 3

New features of Windows 2000 WINS 3

Persistent Connections 3

Manual Tombstoning 4

Improved Management Tools 5

Enhanced Filtering and Record Searching 7

Dynamic Record Deletion and Multi-Select 8

Record Verification and Version Number Validation 8

Consistency Checking 9

Autodiscovery of WINS Partners 9

Monitoring 9

Export Function 9

Increased Fault Tolerance 9

Dynamic Re-registration 10

Summary 10

For More Information 11

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Operating System

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