Piracy and the movie industry: change your business model now or end up like the music industry

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V. Conclusion

The challenge facing the movie industry is not going to be solved by this paper or any other paper written on this subject. Copyright law, the foundation on which the movie industry was built, is not going to save the day either. Piracy is only going to be solved by the movie industry adapting to present digital technologies and consumer demand; not one that holds on to a business model that is out-dated and has fallen second to piracy. The industry itself has even recognized that frustrated consumers will pirate movies.98

It will not be an easy task for the movie industry to make a radical change, however, especially with big players like Wal-Mart strongly opposing efforts in online distribution.99 The fact is, though, that the movie industry must follow its consumers, and its consumers are going online, fast. It is predicted that all televisions will be internet-enabled by 2015.100 Accenture has even advised the entertainment industry “not [to] be prissy about where people consume your content.”101

This paper is a wake-up call to the leaders of the movie industry who are still reluctant to change their business model to incorporate the Internet. The president of Disney-ABC has admitted that “[p]iracy is a business model…[i]t exists to serve a need in the market…[a]nd piracy competes for consumers, the same way we do: through quality, price, and availability.”102 She further stated that even though the industry does not “like the model…we realize it’s competitive enough to make it a major competitor going forward.”103 It is going to take a lot of time, experiment, and creativity to recapture all of their consumers they lost to piracy, but the movie industry has not been one of the biggest industries in the world without being able to defeat their competition. And piracy is just another word for competition.

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Piracy and the movie industry: change your business model now or end up like the music industry

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