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  • Windows CE 5.0 Includes
  • To develop with Windows CE 5.0, you need
  • Powering Devices Fueled By Your Imagination Quick Facts

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    Powering Devices Fueled By Your Imagination
    Quick Facts

    Windows CE integrates reliable, real time capabilities with advanced Windows technologies to rapidly build a wide range of innovative, small-footprint devices.
    With core operating system components and powerful development and testing tools, Windows CE provides embedded developers with a unified set of tools to build, debug, and deploy customized Windows CE-based devices. This fully integrated development environment (IDE) also includes emulation technology to enable simultaneous hardware and software development.

    For developers who create Web services and applications for Windows CE-based devices, it supports both familiar development tools: Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++® and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET. These tools provide a familiar development environment so developers can rapidly build next-generation XML Web services and applications on the latest hardware.

    Discover the technologies that are supported in Windows CE 5.0 and let Windows CE help you create the future.

    For More Information

    Please visit the Windows Embedded Web site at http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded


    Share the broad, knowledgeable partner base and comprehensive technical resources committed to supporting you in both technical and business development at minimal cost.

    • Low upfront capital investment through free evaluation tools and low cost licensing to reduce total cost of development

    • Extended support for up to 10 years

    • Worldwide partner base and community collaboration to assist in development efforts

    • Freedom to innovate through broad source access and flexibility to create commercial derivatives


    Increase development efficiencies by using familiar tools and proven Windows integration to significantly reduce time to market.

    • Unified development environment and design templates to simplify operating system customization

    • Native Windows integration to provide in-the-box support for the latest applications, such as Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, and Windows Messenger

    • Emulation environment for parallel software and hardware development to reduce design cycles

    • Powerful application development tools to enable rapid deployment of distributed XML Web services and applications


      Design powerful devices that are built on a reliable foundation to enable interoperability between devices, PCs, servers, and Web services.

    • Componentized, hard RTOS to enable low latency, bounded deterministic performance

    • System wide reliability and manageability through Windows CE error reporting and integrated test tools and scenarios

    • Flexibly connect smart devices with robust local and network security technologies for storing and transmitting data

    • Wide support for industry standards, such as XML, Bluetooth, and Universal Plug-n-Play

      Windows CE 5.0 Includes:

      New Features

      Embedded developers will find a broad range of new and enhanced features including: unified build environment, automated testing and servicing through Windows CE Test Kit enhancements and Windows CE error reporting, Direct3D Mobile, multimedia performance enhancements, extensive security technologies, and 25 percent more source with the ability to create commercial derivatives.

      Platform Development Tools

      Platform Builder is the integrated development environment (IDE) that enables you to build customized Windows CE-based embedded devices. It includes wizards and tools for designing platforms and features, a full set of resource editors and compilers, a kernel debugger, and add-in CPU configuration support.

      Application Development Tools

      To write applications for Windows CE, Microsoft offers a familiar set of programming languages that use managed or unmanaged code, including:

        • Visual Studio .NET takes full advantage of the .NET Compact Framework, which uses public Internet standards to enable integration with new and existing applications running on any platform. Supported languages include Visual C#®, and Visual Basic® .NET.

        • eMbedded Visual C++ is a standalone integrated development environment (IDE) that brings a new level of productivity to Windows CE development without compromising flexibility, performance, or control.

      Supported CPUs

      The following four 32-bit CPU architectures are supported: ARM, MIPS, SuperH, and x86.
      To develop with Windows CE 5.0, you need:

      • 266-MHz Pentium II or later processor; 500-MHz processor recommended

      • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 or Windows XP Professional with SP1

      • Microsoft .NET Framework, version 1.1

      • 128 MB of RAM; 192 MB of RAM required to run the Emulator

      • 1.7 GB of available hard disk space for a typical single microprocessor installation; approximately 17 GB for installation of the entire product, including the Platform Builder toolset

      • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

      • VGA or higher-resolution monitor; Super VGA recommended

      • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

      • Bidirectional parallel port to download an operating system image when not using an Ethernet connection

      • Serial port or Ethernet card for debugging support; a LAN hub is recommended


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    Download 19.61 Kb.

    Download 19.61 Kb.

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    Powering Devices Fueled By Your Imagination Quick Facts

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