• The Linux File System
  • The bash Shell
  • Red Hat Linux System Administration for Microsoft Administrators

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    File Access Permissions

    • Define Basic File Security Permissions

    • Understand The 3 Permission Groups

    • Learn How To Modify File Permissions

    • Understand How To Pre-Set New File Permission Settings

    • File Security, Examining Permissions on Files and Directories

    • File Permission Types

    • User Permission Categories

    • Default File Permissions

    • Changing Access Permissions

    • Displaying and Changing File Permissions On Any File

    • Using a GUI File Manager and Navigator To Change Permissions

    The Linux File System

    • Linux File Hierarchy Concepts

    • ext2/ext3 Filesystem Details

    • Creating and Managing Hard and Soft Links

    • Mounting Removable Media Like Floppies

    • Finding and Processing Files Any Where On The System

    • File Compression and Archiving Utilities zip, unzip and tar

    • Create links to bizarre binary files with better local names

    • Mount a floppy and copy some files to it

    • (OPTIONAL if a Floppy Drive Exists on PC) Unmount the floppy, trade with a

    neighbor and look at their floppy

    • Uncompress A Set of Lab Files

    • Find all large compressed html files and decompress them to local


    • Unzip a Windows created zipped archive

    The bash Shell

    • The bash Heritage is From The Bourne and C Shells

    • What are Shell and Environment Variables

    • Which Command is Executed?

    • How To Use Command Recall

    • Discover Command-Line Expansion

    • Protecting Command Line Arguments from Expansion

    • How To Deal With Command Return Values

    • Command Aliases

    • How To Create Shell Functions

    • Why Use The Startup and Shutdown Scripts

    • Determining The Login Shells Available

    • Command History Tricks

    • Command Completion and Editing Tricks

    • Configuring the bash Shell

    • Practice using command recall with and without editing

    • Practice using the command completion feature when working with long file


    Download 39.45 Kb.
    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   ...   14

    Download 39.45 Kb.

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    Red Hat Linux System Administration for Microsoft Administrators

    Download 39.45 Kb.