Research Paper Assignment (Due 6/22/04)

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Native American Film


Research Paper Assignment (Due 6/22/04):
For this assignment, you are to write a 5-10pp. research paper with at least THREE sources, and proper MLA documentation and bibliography on an Indian film that we have NOT watched/discussed this semester…
You are to select ONE film that depicts either an Indian character or an Indian culture (you must decide on your film by Thursday, 6/3/04). After having selected and examined your film, you must formulate your response around the three focal concerns that John O’Connor identifies in his essay, “The White Man’s Indian: An Institutional Approach” (dramatic, commercial, and political). Some of the issues you may wish to critically examine that both affect and effect the film’s representation of Indians are:

  • the historical time/context that the film depicts (i.e. the 1880’s west Texas cattle ranching; 1960’s mental institution)

  • the historical time/context of the film’s production/reception (out of what climate is the film born? The Great Depression? Post-war prosperity? Cold war skepticism?)

  • the film’s public and critical responses (box office revenues, awards, reviews, articles, etc.)

  • the film’s production history

  • the film’s adaptation (if any) from its original source

  • the (un)stereotypical treatment of Indians (intellectual, spiritual, sexual)

Please consult Timothy Corrigan’s Chapters 6 and 7 on “Researching the Movies” and “Manuscript Form” for proper citation and documentation techniques.

Some additional resources you may want to consider are:

  • The Internet Movie Database:

  • Native Celebrities Website:

  • UC Berkeley Native Film Bibliography:

  • American Indian Film Institute:

  • OU Library System and Resources:

Please consult with me about any questions/concerns you may have… DO WELL!
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    Bosh sahifa

Research Paper Assignment (Due 6/22/04)

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