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    6355 S Florence Way

    Englewood Colorado 80111


    Laura Reed

    Expertise in B2B marketing, sales, communications and PR -- producing visibility, branding, and results. Proven skills in market planning, social media, event management and internet marketing.

    Work Experience

    Bankrate-InsureMe Director of Marketing Denver, Colorado

    • Responsible for marketing online services to insurance agents

    • B2B focus as well as B2C marketing

    • Extensive use of internet and social media marketing techniques

    Am-Beo Vice President Marketing Galway, Ireland

    • Telecom software solutions company

    • Gained international recognition for company

    • Utilized internet sources to gain visibility and interest

    Jones Cyber Solutions


    Vice President of Marketing Englewood, Colorado

    • Managed initial product design (software application for cable billing system)

    • Responsible for initial implementations, marketing, and sales

    • Brought Jones companies onto the internet

    • Provided initial contract sales for JCS to move into sustainability

    Market Development Representative

    Advisory Client Representative

    Systems Engineer

    University of Colorado, MBA Boulder, Colorado

    Awarded “First in Class”; Perfect GPA (4.0)
    Macalester College, Geology, B.A Cum Laude St. Paul, Minnesota
    IBM Presidents Class – Harvard Business School Palisades, NY

    INSEAD Executive Marketing Seminar Graduate Fontainebleau, France


    PR for employers:

    • Garnered ‘Best Companies to Work For’ in the US award: - 4 years

    • Awarded numerous local awards and recognition: InsureMe

    • Obtained ‘Working Mother’ Magazine award: InsureMe

    • Awarded ‘Most Innovative Product’: Jones Cyber Solutions

    • Cited: Tornado’s ‘Top Ten List’: Jones Cyber Solutions


    • IBM National Technical Leadership Award

    • Five IBM Marketing Excellence

    • Awards; Numerous IBM regional awards

    • Profiled in the Denver Business Journal

    • Executive Council Member, GBA

    Board Experience


    Cherry Creek Farm

    Denver Waldorf School

    2005-2010 Board of Directors Fort Collins, Colorado

    2011-2013 HOA Board of Directors Englewood, Colorado

    • President 2012-2013

    2001-2003 Board of Directors Denver Colorado

    2012-Present Colorado Alumni Steering Committee Denver Colorado


    • “Internet Marketing: Friend or Foe?” Exclusivefocus, Summer 2009

    • “Introduction to Search Engine Optimization” Exclusivefocus, Winter 2008

    • “Reputation Management”, eInsurance Symposium, September 2008

    • “One Step Beyond: Billing for Digital Content”,

    European Communications, Summer 2004

    • “A Considered Cash Flow”,

    Customer 2001, Highbury House Communications.

    • “CRM and ROI: Mixing Oil and Water?”, Inside Billing, GBA, Fall 2000

    • “Winning Market Share with an Integrated Customer Care Solution” ,

    Vanilla Plus, February 2001

    • “On the Bill”, European Communications, Spring 2001

    • “A Billing Season”, European Communications, Summer 2000

    • “Billing Spectacles”, European Communications, Winter 2000

    • “Cable TV in the U.S.: History, and the Move toward Convergence”, CLEC Report 2001, NPGroup

    Download 29.5 Kb.

    Download 29.5 Kb.