Sample Business Plan Private Communications Corporation (pcc)

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Sample Business Plan

Private Communications Corporation (PCC)

Company Overview 2

Business Description 2

Product Description 3

Industry Background 4

Competitive Analysis 5

Direct competitors 5

Potential competitors 5

Internet telephony 5

Market Analysis 6

Market definition 6

Total market size 6

Proprietary online service usage 6

Target Segment of the Market 6

Market need 6

Estimated segment size 7

Marketing Plan 7

Positioning 7

Pricing 7

Customer value proposition 8

Distribution 8

Advertising and promotion 8

The Management 9

Financial Plan 12

Capital requirements 12

Summary financial projections 12

Assumptions 12

Financial Attachments 13

Sales: 13

Pricing: 13

Cost of Goods Sold: 13

Income Statement: 13

Balance Sheet: 14

Company Overview

Private Communications Corporation ("PCC") was incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida on November 8, 1996. Its headquarters are located in Berkeley, California. The Company was formed for the purpose of developing and marketing a unique phone service product, more specifically described below. The Company has filed a petition with the Internal Revenue Service seeking to qualify as an "S Corporation" for tax purposes, in accordance with relevant provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Although the Company anticipates that it will qualify, it has yet to receive confirmation of approval.

The Company was founded by Edward R. Defty and Andrew P. Laszlo who along with Paul Hoff and Ann Meceda are actively managing the Company. The management team, together with certain members of Cohen, Berke, Bernstein, Brodie & Kondell, P.A., a commercial law firm located in Miami, Florida, own 100% of the Company's issued and outstanding common stock.

The Company has developed a unique product (the "Product") which is designed to permit people to talk and socialize over an ordinary telephone, with complete anonymity and privacy. People can converse openly, yet without having to reveal their phone numbers, true identities or other personal information. The Product is being targeted initially at users of online chat rooms and online and off-line dating match services. Generally, it will be marketed through strategic alliances with proprietary on-line service providers (OSPs), Internet service providers (ISPs), chat rooms and dating match services. Additionally, the Company will promote the Product through targeted advertisements distributed over the Web and through more traditional print media.

The Company has scheduled the public launch of the Product for early April 1997, following the completion of a beta test, which is currently underway.

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Sample Business Plan Private Communications Corporation (pcc)

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