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  • Appeal to the President of the Russian Federation by RAIPON

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    Letter from the Secretariat

    Contact us:

    Norwegian Polar Institute

    Polar Environmental Centre

    NO-9296 Tromsø, Norway

    Phone: +47 - 77 75 05 00

    Fax: +47 - 77 75 05 01

    E-mail: ANSIPRA@npolar.no

    Internet: http://npolar.no/ansipra/

    Members of the Secretariat:

    Winfried Dallmann

    Coordinator and editor

    E-mail: dallmann@npolar.no

    Phone: (+47)-77750648 / 77750500

    Fax: (+47)-77750501

    Galina Diachkova

    Assistant coordinator and editor

    E-mail: vaegi.gala.mayn@list.ru;


    Helle Goldman

    Assistant editor

    E-mail: goldman@npolar.no

    Phone: (+47)-77750618 / 77750500

    Fax: (+47)-77750501

    About this issue

    The previous volume of ANSIPRA Bulletin, No. 11, was only issued in Russian. The reason was that we have a reduced capacity of editing due to a leave of one of our secretariat members. However, English versions of the articles contained in No. 11 were posted on the Internet. The present English language edition of this issue contains relevant articles and information from No. 11, in addition to new articles.

    During the past year we have translated to English and published selected articles from RAIPON’s journal “Mir korennykh narodov – zhivaya arktika” No. 11-12 (ANSI­PRA Bull. No. 10a, January 2004) and No. 13 (ANSIPRA Bull. No. 10b, April 2004). The English languange edition of the present volume is accompanied by a special issue (ANSIPRA Bull. No. 12a) with translations from “Mir korennykh narodov – zhivaya arktika” No. 14.

    The Russian language edition of this issue follows up our series of contributions about indigenous peoples in other countries, now with a compilation of information about the Saami people of Norway. We are aware of the lack of such comparative information in many remote regions of Russia. We do not consider it necessary to print these articles in English, because sufficient material is available through the Internet and other sources of information. However, some of these contributions are posted on our Internet website also in their English version.

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    Appeal to the President of the Russian Federation by RAIPON

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